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TRT21, Mujer 39
Acerca de Mí
Hmmmm this part is hard.Ok here goes.....I'm an honest,fun loving,out doors type of woman.Ive never really been treated like I deserve but I haven't let past bad experiences allow me to degrade myself or leave me twisted,bitter or a foul taste in my mouth.I adore camping,fishing....yes you heard that right and motor bike riding.I work hard but I also play hard outside.I enjoy cleaning,cooking and romantic nights in or out.Seeing a live band is fun more so than night clubs but I also enjoy hip hop dancing.If your fascinated by novels,photography,Sky watching then I'm sure we will get on fine too.I plan to get my bike license within the next 6 months so if you have a Harley,hit me up and arrange a cruise with me soon 👍🏻.Ive never been one to accept money or looks over personality.Thats just not me or how I roll nor was raised that way.Tbh I'm a total sucker for real guys over wannabes,mummies boys,gym junkie,mirror staring I don't know what you call that but it ain't real nor attractive to me ahahahaha I'm more inclined to be attracted to men who enjoy Tatts,spirituality,good covos,debates,politics,musical instruments,both playing and writing,anyone that has a killer brain,enjoys bikes or playing outdoors... these are the type of guys that will win my heart.Im not looking for the best,I'm just searching for the best guy for me.If you think your genuine,straight up,fun loving guy then you know what to do 😊 May the best man win! Good luck 👊🏻 P.S sorry if any of my honesty offends you but I'm not looking for a young boy I'm looking for a real man only,and real men aren't intimidated easily 😂
Meeting new people, Photography, Doing up my dream car, Dancing/hiphop, Astrology, Boxing, Watching thunder storms, Moto, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia