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Toothy76, Hombre 40
Acerca de Mí
Relaxed, quiet but somewhat outgoing, love music and sport. Primary school teacher. Would still love to make my own music some day. Looking for someone to share interests and time. Love seeing live original bands and live sport. Enjoy a good day or night out with friends, watching a good band, hitting the dance floor, or just having a quiet afternoon session of drinks and banter. I spend most of my down time reading music biographies. I love learning about the lives of those who make the music that has enriched my life. It usually leads me to buy a CD or ten by the artists I read about, sometimes making it an expensive process. And, yes, I still buy CDs (and physical copies of books to put on my shelves). I prefer a copy of the original, and will always do that over downloading. For those who don't maintain a CD (or vinyl) collection, I ask you: what will you hand down to the next generation? A hard drive? It's not the same. I want my children to have the discovery experiences I had when I dug through my dad's record collection. To be totally honest, because I have children, I would prefer not to have any more. That may sound selfish, and in some ways it is, but my children are my number one priority. However, I also know that I have no right to tell someone they can't have children, and would never expect someone to give up a life long desire to be a mother. Realistically, I know I may have to compromise this, and probably would for the right person. Also, during the colder months, I spend a lot of time watching the AFL, and am a Sydney supporter. I would love to find someone who supports the same team but, as I know that'd be difficult to find, as long as you don't support Essendon we should be fine (I'm not joking - if you mention being a Bombers fan on your profile, chances are I stopped reading at that point and looked at someone else). Actually, all but one girlfriend I've ever had have supported Collingwood, so if I could avoid that again I'd be happy.
Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports
Mooroolbark, Victoria, Australia