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Tlc600, Hombre 55
Acerca de Mí
READ MY PROFILE I AM MOVING BACK TO TASSIE AT THE END OF THE YEAR. SO I AM LOOKING FOR SOME ONE TO COME WITH ME OR TO MEET SOMEONE DOWN THERE. I am a very open and honest person. I Have a very caring nature and prefer the simple things in life. I have a great sense of humour and can be a bit wicked at times. I do like going for drives to any where or just sitting back listening to some music. I do not judge and i do not like being judged. So to all you ladies out there if you want to get to know the real me come and talk to me. Ladies you just might like me. To me i think its the only way of really getting to know someone is by talking to that person first. So message me ladies and give me a try. To me no two people are the same and no one is perfect. Its not all about looks the inside counts too. I do have respect for people and i expect the same back. So why not come and give me a try. I do not like people who lie and cheat. I do not like game players. Honesty means a lot to me. To me age distance and hieght should not matter as long as you are happy seeing the person. I do like seeing people smiling and laughing. Just having some good old fun. I am not the only one that has been hurt and used. I do like showing affection towards the person i am with. I Have not been camping in a long time thats something i would like to do again with some one and just go off road. There a lot of nice hidden places in tassie. I am trying to give up the smokes not easy but getting there. I am looking to be in a relationship but friends first. I am a very loyal person. I am so over the crap on here too many woman judge with out wanting to get to know the real person. I DO NOT JUDGE. I can not get over the fact on here so many of you woman out there say message me. Please explain how is a person meant to message someone if that person does not accept my contact first pretty dumb to say that. When i mean any where in australia i mean it including Tassie. I have nothing to hide. TASMANIA IS PART OF AUSTRALIA BEST PLACE ON EARTH
Boats, cars v8's, cooking, picnics weekends away, FWD camping, seeing new places, markets, good times, travel, music movies, Cars and Motoring, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music
Margate, Queensland, Australia