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Tlc600, Hombre 54
Acerca de Mí
READ MY PROFILE.I am a fun loving, caring, honest easy going sort of guy. I am a bit of a romantic too and i do like holding someone's hand. I do like giving lots of hugs and showing affection to the person i am with. To me on the inside from the heart that counts too showing someone you do care. I do like going for picnics too some where near a waterfall or a running stream out in the country some where. I do like to see a live band with good company. I like doing many things like walks drives watching a good movie or listening to some music 60's to 80's cranked up. I would like to go camping again and fishing have not done those things in a long time. It would be nice to do these things again with someone in the great out doors nature maybe even some bush walking down in tassie far south west thats real nature. I am not here to play stupid mind games. I can be very open minded and very cheeky at times. I do have a very wicked sense of humour. To me age should not matter as long as you are happy and having fun. I take a person for what they are and i do have respect for other people. I am trying to quit the smokes not easy. I am not married. I want someone to accept me for what i am. I am not here to hurt or use no one because i know how it feels to be hurt and let down. LET ME MAKE IT QUIET CLEAR ON HERE I AM NOT AFTER ONE NIGHT STANDS AND ITS NOT ALL ABOUT SEX. A GOOD HONEST FRIENDSHIP TO START WITH. TAKE THINGS SLOWLY. I am so over the B S on here. I am honest kind and gentle. I do have a very caring nature and lot of love to give to the right person and must admit i like giving someone lots of hugs. I will not make promises that i can not keep i can only do my best. I might not be perfect but who is. I like making some one laugh and putting a smile on someone's face. I like it also when someone makes me laugh and puts a big smile on my face. TO ME HONESTY AND TRUST ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ME THAT'S SOMETHING I AM REALLY LOOKING FOR IN A PERSON AND TO BE ACCEPTED FOR WHAT I AM. BECAUSE TO ME NO ONE IS PERFECT WE ALL HAVE OUR FAULTS. I have a very kind heart and a gentle soul. To me its not all about looks the inside counts too. I would relocate for the right person. I am not out to change no one. All i really want is to be loved for what i am. MAYBE i have put to much down in my profile but this is how i feel. Maybe i have said too much but I AM OVER IT. I am looking for the real deal and real honest love. The thing i most hate is being compared to other men its so wrong because i do not compare people. I HAVE FEELING'S TOO. T L C STANDS FOR TENDER LOVING CARE. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A HOOK UP OR A F B. TO ALL WHO DO READ MY PROFILE AND WANTS TO GET TO KNOW THE REAL ME I AM LOOKING FOR REAL HONEST LOVE AND TRUST SOMEONE TO TAKE ME FOR WHAT I AM. SOME ONE TO SPEND TIME WITH ME AND CUDDLE. I WANT TO GET TO KNOW THE REAL PERSON NOT JUST ON A PHOTO AND PROFILE OF SOME ONE. I am a very easy person to get on with i just do not want any drama's in my life. I am looking for that special someone. I HATE LIARS AND FAKE PEOPLE. NO F W B. I DO NOT SMOKE INSIDE AND I DO NOT SMOKE AROUND OTHER PEOPLE WHO DO NOT SMOKE. REMEMBER I DO NOT JUDGE SO WHY JUDGE ME ALL YOU LADIES OUT THERE VERY UNFAIR TO DO THAT TO SOME ONE YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT THE PERSON. DO YOU SEE ME JUDGING YOU LADIES OUT THERE. I have been lied to cheated and put up with mental and verbal abuse i never want them things in my life ever again. I want someone to share my life with. ANY ONE IS WELCOME TO ASK ME ANYTHING THEY LIKE. I want someone to open up my heart and show me real love. I do have a big soft spot. I HATE FAKE PEOPLE
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Caboolture, Queensland, Australia