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savloys, Hombre 63
Acerca de Mí
I'm just over 60. I have 4 independent adult children. My appearance belies my age and am young at heart. I enjoy trash and treasure markets, music from late 60's through to late 70's, Rock, R&B, Soul. I'm shy, but engaging. I can occasionally be a bit intense and inquisitive and this tends to overshadow who I really am and what I can offer into a relationship. I'm resourceful and conserve and recycle. Not much shocks me and I try not to take the high moral ground or be too judgemental. I'm not a party animal; Pubs and Bars are consigned to history. But a late night coffee is a restful way to close the day and watch the madding crowd. I'm articulate, logical and can write reasonably clearly. I'm reasonably knowledgeable and can chat about lots and a bit of nonsense. If I don't know; I'll stay silent or inquire. I have a sharp sense of humour. I DON'T do celebrities, cars, sport, racing or fashion,(except Jewellery). I don't do retail therapy but know of it. I'm not too clingy or needy but can provide real support. I am content with my life and what it offers me. I have a small studio where I make or refurbish jewellery. I live in S Richmond so am spoiled not having to travel to be near what Melbourne has to offer. I'm financially secure and independent, I can be generous and will share, if that generosity is reciprocated. I lean Left and have a spot for social justice and equity. I am attuned to discriminatory chatter and will not tolerate racist sentiment. My TV/radio is generally tuned to ABC, I can't tolerate the mindlessness of commercial media.
Walking, Late night coffee, Trash & Treasure, Good Film & Doco's, Good Conversation, Jewellery, Politics, Financial News, Human interaction
Richmond South, Victoria, Australia