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Pommygirl17, Mujer 37
Acerca de Mí
Free girlfriend to a good home! I'll clarify that, free to an absolute kick ass awesome home. I suppose I'm a pretty balanced person, that does not mean I'm boring, I can use my common sense & be serious when the need arises. Other times I can be wild, unpredictable & spontaneous. I'm adventurous, although money has made recent travel harder, but I'm well traveled and love experiencing new places and people. Even better when you have a partner in crime to do so. I speak my mind and like to have challenging conversations, but in a playful way. I don't do rudeness or disrespect. I like to be treated the way I treat others. I've worked hard to be in my current professional field and I'm always updating my future goals. I have in past been a nurse and an investment banker, jack of all trades, master of none! Although don't tell my students that! I'm currently back in academia getting a post grad qualification so that I can change career again! I'm a very caring person, I love giving & receiving affection. I have a great sense of humour & I am known to be the joker in my group of friends. When I'm on a roll, people should not drink beverages round me, my assistant recently spat her coffee in my ear after my comedy conversation. The next week, I donned a bin liner and held an umbrella before telling her I had something funny to say... That's me! I have been called a dark horse at times, a rebel, but only because I got caught! I am many different people rolled into one and could never ever ever be described as boring! You have been warned! Which is probably why I'm so hard to buy gifts for... I only let a select few truly know me. I value trust, respect & honesty in relationships. I will always try to resolve conflict through compromise. I try to be as open minded as possible. Once in a relationship I like to have independence and my partner to be the same, so I'm not clingy! Oh & I'm from the UK, with an accent! I am a curvy lady, with big boobs, bum and hips, something to hang onto! I like being curvy and sassy with it. I'm a bit of tom boy especially with my film and music taste. I love the horror, comedy, action and sci-fi genres in film, musically I love lots of acoustic guitar stuff, rock, indie, alternative, but my cd collection is rather eclectic. I'm definitely not a girlie girl unless I'm going out somewhere special then I make the effort to look stunning!
Concerts / Gigs, Photography / Alternative Art, Comedy, Landscape Design, Dining Out, Tennis / Rugby / Swimming, Socialising with friends, Random drives, Star gazing & Thunder/Lightning, Walking My Dog, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Deer Park, Victoria, Australia