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neens1, Mujer 47
Acerca de Mí
What brings me here..... I wish I knew.... Perhaps it is to look for the impossible... that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... that knight in shining armor.... but as neither pots of gold or knights in shining armor exist.. Perhaps it is all just a dream I am here to find new friends... someone to entice me out of my darkness... someone to catch a movie with... grab a meal... have a laugh get to know each other and see where life takes us. I may not be the most beautiful girl in the world.....but they say it is what’s on the inside that counts....well my insides are pure gold and my blood is worth bottling ( So I am told) I describe myself as the four “F’s" - fair, fat, in my forties and fugly as sin... I am quiet, a dag, a good friend, a shoulder to lean on, insecure, unsure, a dreamer, lazy at times, a little wacky and strange, very shy, sometimes vague, filled with self hatred, emotional mine field, lacking in self confidence, choosy, set in my ways, up and down like a yo-yo.. I am more an answer giver than a question asker... I only really speak when spoken to.... a follower not an initiator Trying to catch up with me is generally about as easy as catching a fly with a pair if broken toothpicks... it can be done but it takes a whole lot of patience I am not a door mat... I am not a secret... if "fun" is what you are looking for... move on... that is not my goal I am afraid.. been there... done that... have the scars.... Love my Australian baseball (GO BLUE SOX!) but most of all... I AM ME take it or leave.. but to leave it could mean you have missed out on something special..
Aussie baseball- playing/scoring/watching, totem tennis.., sleep and more sleep, good food, family, comedy movies, chick flicks, musicals, quiet days
Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia