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lookingformyonenonly, Hombre 30
Acerca de Mí
Hello everyone I been living in Perth my whole life traveled over the years. I've decided to slow down Little In life lately had to many people family friends around me pass on, I live life that every minute could be our last, travel more less chasing them fifo dollars so I'm working back in Perth close to family friends more , ain't afraid tell it how it is I don't know if that's good quality or bad one time will tell but its got me where i am now. I spend random weekends in Bali or melbourne next stop over seas some where new, I like to During my time off like go out with my mates , I enjoy the beach in summer . I like going out to barbecues with friends & family . I like good restaurant enjoy good steak or seafood platter , I'm more into pubs or venue theses days where you can actually hear each other . over the club scene. I'm genuine looking for somebody to start future & happiness and share life one day at time :-) Just don't judge me by my cover as I'm always there for my friends and family and always out to treat people way I like to be treated in return . Good luck to everyone out there looking for friends or love. All the best and be safe ..
Cars, Cruises, Drags, holdens, festivals, gigs, concerts, Country road trips
Byford, Western Australia, Australia