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haiyuwle, Mujer 29
Acerca de Mí
I live in Qingdao,China.My major is Business English.After gaduation,I run a shoes shop together with my family.I like singing very much,and sometimes play piano to have fun.I love swimming.I am a traditional Chinese woman.I dont accept premarital sex.and my first time is important to me.I want ture love,not a game.And no cybersex.Someone divorced or having children doesnt contact me pls.My aunt live in Perth,I m going to there to study and live .I m looking for my future husband here. 我居住在青岛 我商务英语专科毕业后 一直跟家人一起打理外贸鞋 服饰店铺 我喜欢唱歌 游泳 弹钢琴 学过并打算进一步学一些技能 趁年轻开阔眼界 掌握点生活技能 为将来工作和美好幸福的生活打好基础 我为人诚挚 品德优良 随和 知情达理 虽不曾体验爱为何物 但决不结交轻浮之徒 非诚勿扰
旅游, 烹饪, 电影, 音乐
山东 (Shandong), China