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faz82, Hombre 33
Acerca de Mí
G'day g'day...I'm benny...thanks for stopping by!! Travelled a bit...been all over USA and experienced a bit of Mexico...South America up next with drop-in trips to Singapore, NZ and Dubai around the corner...gradually ticking off my bucket list... Bit of a foodie (you MUST like EAT ST MARKETS!!) with the obvious adventures out and about with drinks and good most, I aspire to a healthy and active lifestyle but in saying that, there's always room for a bit of endulging! So then, a bit about, educated, switched-on, clean and mature... Love a good roadie (Byron!!) up or down the coasts...also happy to chill with a movie and a favourite dessert...white chocolate is where it's really at!! ;)
Newwwww Yoooorrrrkkkkk!!, NBA, cricket, tennis, formula 1!, Nights Out & In, Road trips, The beach, BBQs, Shopping, Exploring new places, Cars and Motoring, Eat St Markets
Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia