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denny828, Hombre 34
Acerca de Mí
Denny- technically Dennis , but I kinda got over the 'menace' jokes pretty quickly so only people at work and or people i don't like get to call me Dennis :-) . Early 30's, employed , have travelled a little, naturally quite a lot of life experience, however I've never been to a concert!! Yes seriously! I am mature and do try to be a gentleman, however I can be rather cheeky, sarcastic, and light hearted. I guess my biggest downfall is that I'm not the most sociable person in the world. I don't seek attention and or approval from anybody... People say I fly under the radar, and don't fit a typical stereotype..... I'd have to agree. As you can see from my use of grammar I'm not a complete dumbarse :-), however I am 'technically' uneducated! LOVES- my border collie Parker, the coast, drives to anywhere, money I can spend guilt free, fishing, NBA basketball, footy, movies. DISLIKES- people that can't drive, arrogance, bogans, shifty bastards, and politics. Also as a guy, yes I can appreciate a nice car , however I don't care about cars, and if you saw mine you would understand why! Sadly my hair is mainly gone, so I'm no pretty boy! Yes my dreams of being the face of Calvin Klein are dashed! :-( but if you happen to be a hairdresser at least you know I won't ask for a haircut!
afl, basketball, drawing, fishing, trying to be a handy man, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music
Melton West, Victoria, Australia