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CTBekoe, Mujer 22
Acerca de Mí
I'm very open-minded and my sense of thinking is definitely unique because I've had different life experiences that have helped me become the individual I am and has made me much older than my years but on the other hand, i'm always joking around as sometimes it's necessary not to take life too seriously. i've been generally described as a free spirit because no matter what I always keep upbeat and there's not much I take to heart...all of this is quite obvious once you talk to me. Writing and Music are both my greatest passions and i'm very focused on what i want to achieve in my life which is to become a Screenwriter and I am currently attending film school.I used to be a model but I stopped as I realised it didn't correlate to what I want to do with my life. My independence is important to me but i do know how to take time off and relax and just generally have fun however way possible lol I've rambled enough now, anything else you'd like to know just message me :) xxx
Working, Meeting New People, Writing, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
London (Greater London), England, Reino Unido