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craigy01, Hombre 25
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hi my name is craig and i live in grimsby, i am 5 ft 10, have blues eyes and i have blonde/brown hair which doesn't really show in the picture. I have a degree business management but I am currently working in retail. i am a massive football fan and sometimes play 5 aside football, i support Grimsby town football club and Manchester city. I have a very good sense of humour and i can make people laugh whether thats by telling a joke or doing something stupid. I like all comedians some better than others tho, mainly lee Evans and micheal McIntyre. I am very sarcastic and sometimes that annoys my friends because they dont know if am mean the things I say. I love my sleep but who doesn't I could sleep for England. i have my own dog which is a beagle she is fantastic and she keeps me occupied on my days off, i love long walks which tires both me and the dog out. i have a very good taste in music i will listen to anything other than heavy metal, opera and classical. i do like to watch a movie every night, and my tastes in films is very mixed and i will watch anything that has a good story line. My favourite genre has to be comedy but action films is close by my favourite film is the hobbit but I have many others. Please don't tell me to add more information to my profile otherwise there won't be much to talk about. Feel free to chat
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Scartho (North East Lincolnshire), England, Reino Unido