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angeleyez9, Mujer 39
Acerca de Mí
weird n wonderfull being.....looking4the same>>>>>>>>>>... GET ON BOARD OR DUCK OFF!!!!!13.😈😈😇😇😈😈😈😈😆beauty is life when life unveils her holy face...but you are life and you are the is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror...but you are eternity and you are the mirror>>>>>> :}..........take a look dear friend take a deep look inside,,and while you are there please try not2run please try not2hide..4the light that you are 4the light that you be..remain wide open infinite 4the whole world 2see//////////:}////////i sai wat i mean and mean wat i true2mi word at the end of the dai...they sai that actions speak louder than ani word evr should...but im one thats here2change that...and sho u y they most certainli could....:]///////////...i am one with divine self.. i am the goddess of love..i am clear wisdom..i am in the center of infinite power..i am abundance.....i am that i am. x...............dont go thinkin4one second that all witch lays infront of u will b a leisurely stroll in the park..gaia knows it has never been that way always having thrown yourself in the DEEP END never once taken the easy road infinitely knowing TRUTH and forseeing LIGHT outshining the DARK....crazee is as crazee does bipolar need a new follower de pressed or pressed the illness has mentally prescription pilled u undressed..///😊
meditation, CRYSTALS, peace love unity equality, 1love, OBE, PHILOSOPHY, deep insight in2the human condition :}, in depth astrology/numerology...etc, filthy dirty handz
Berwick, Victoria, Australia