Success Stories
Met the man of my dreams
I joined in February 2017, after wasting 5 years in a dead end relationship. I didn't hold out much hope of finding my soulmate, because my faith in love had been badly dented.

One night I got a notification that a guy with username Afowler85 liked me, I checked his profile, liked him back, but so very nearly hit the No. We started messaging back and forth, never seemed to be online at the same time.

We met for the first date in March 2017 and on our 3rd date a few weeks later I met his parents (usually done after a couple get together officially but the usual had not worked for me before, so I agreed. We all got on luckily.

Fast forward to October 2017 Andrew proposed, we started planning our wedding last August, and we got married a few weeks ago!!

I'm so glad that I didn't click on No, because he turned out to be my perfect match. He makes me happier than I have ever been!!