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Northern Monkey steals Poshs' heart
I was on Oasis for over a year but despite meeting some lovely men, something was missing....The illusive spark. One day, casually browsing my matches I saw a picture that made my heart skip a beat. These Gorgeous piercing green eyes stared back at me. I read and re-read his profile until I plucked up the courage to send a contact request. After that I checked my account every few minutes, crossing my fingers hopping my request would be accepted. It was!

Green eyes and I chatted for ages hitting it off on every level and within hours we swapped numbers. Hearing his sexy Northern accent made my stomach do summersaults and he very quickly started calling me “Posh” as a pet name due to my southern accent and he quickly became known as my “Northern Monkey”.

On the evening of the date I was so nervous, checking and re checking my make-up, fiddling with my hair, and changing outfits at least eight times. As I drove to meet Northern Monkey I could barely hold the steering wheel as my hands were shaking with nerves.

Walking to the bar, my stomach was doing an Olympic style summersault routine, however the moment I saw my Northern Monkey my nerves melted away. As I gazed up into his amazing eyes I knew there was something different about this man!

The date was perfect. Everything he said and did caused funny feeling s to develop, feelings I couldn’t explain or understand. At the end of the date he was the perfect gentleman, walking me to my car, giving me a kiss on the cheek, assuring me he would text me when he got home. The next hour was torture as I kept checking my phone, but just after an hour my phone pinged with a text saying he had enjoyed himself very much and asked me out again the next weekend. I agreed immediately, forgetting all the rules about playing it cool and hard to get.

The weekend finally arrived and we had an amazing time. The more time I spent with my Northern Monkey, the more these strange feelings which had been niggling me all week got stronger, but I still had no idea what they meant.

The third weekend ended with us laid on the grass and Northern Monkey was playing with my cat. I exclaimed without even thinking ‘awwwww Tommy seems to love you, and he's not the only one’ I couldn’t believe what I had said, but it was like a light bulb suddenly went on in my head. I understood these strange feelings.....I WAS IN LOVE! The next few seconds seemed like as ages but Northern Monkey sat up and kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear I love you too and I have loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you.” That was it we were in love.

To cut a long story short a few weeks later Northern Monkey got down on one knee and proposed, making me the happiest woman alive. We have now been together 7 months and are planning the big day for next September.... The Church is booked and I am already finding out how much is involved in planning a wedding! I never thought Oasis would lead me to find The One or that love at first site actually existed, as I was very much a sceptic before. Thank you Oasis and for those of you still searching, don’t give up as the partner of your dreams could only be a click away! ; ).
My bestfriend and soulmate
I was just out of a relationship, and looking to socialise and make new friends when I tried my hand at Oasis… I figured either I’d make new friends or I’d explore 'internet dating'!

Because of my unique and unusual interests, I was unfortunately becoming used to the pattern of dating the usual 'generic' types...I did pray even fretted at times; that somehow, somewhere, someone as unique and similar to me existed, and I guess I hoped oasis would lead me to that person..

That same week, of checking my requests, I decided to take a friends advice, and look in my 'matches' column, I saw a face, and eyes, that urged me to read a very distinct and unique profile, that still sticks with me today.

I can't explain how excited and keen and dumbfounded I was to read a profile, and interests, that matched mine. That same night, we spoke all night long, until morning, covering every topic we were passionate about. Chatting wasn't enough until meeting… I had my doubts on whether he was even genuine, or just saying everything I wanted to hear!

Upon meeting, I discovered a very special, very unique and beautiful shy guy, who in-turn made me very shy and even awkward at times, it was a memorable date, and the best date I have ever had. There were sparks and electricity and amazing chemistry, and a lot in common. Somewhere along that amazing journey of discovering each other, I became more ill, with my ongoing health issues..

Our relationship/friendship was put under many daunting trials and there was so much to overcome. In times of hardship, he was my best friend and reassurance. And gave me hope when my own family were not there. He was my family, and even my career. With his help, dedication, devotion, and attention to my needs, he helped my condition pull through and I am the healthiest I’ve ever been thanks to him alone.

I look back often, and I see all the coincidences, things in common and how strong my bond is to this person, and I know we were always meant to meet. I could never meet this type of quality person in a bar or pub!

I have always believed in soul mates and finding one's counterpart… I don't believe it was meant to be easy either. Love can be a journey, sometimes a very painful one, but one worth taking, to find your other half, and become whole again… That is how this person makes me feel, and oasis certainly brought me the greatest gift in my life. And that's an eternal friendship.
Love of my life
I joined Oasis as I’d had no luck dating and decided to give it ago one night I came across this guy with the most amazing brown eyes and I messaged him within seconds he wanted to chat we exchanged numbers and the rest is history soul mates thanks oasis!
So I’d been on this site for a few months I’d spoken to a few people but never met up with anyone, I’d seen a guy’s profile on here an never thought to contact him as he didn't seem my type, I gave up after a while an stopped logging on but one day I came on an checked my emails..

The same guy had emailed me and I emailed him back with my phone number as I wasn’t on this much but didn’t expect a reply, a few days later I got a message from him and we started chatting from there. Eventually we met up after a few weeks of chatting I was unsure whether he was my type but everything went so well!

We've now been together just over a month his family like me and surprisingly mine like him!
He makes me feel so happy and for once I actually feel happy with myself in a relationship.

So I say to anyone here don't give up! There’s someone out there for you and don’t overlook someone because you never know you could be overlooking your soul mate!
North loves South
I started chatting online to my husband at the end of December 2012, although it didn't go smoothly as we kept missing each other, when we did speak we realised that we lived and worked so close to each other but had never met!

We got on so well, and arranged to meet in our local coffee shop on 6th January 2013, he did message me the night before saying he didn't think it would work, so I told him you can't say that until you try, I'm really grateful we did because as soon as we met it felt like we had known each other forever.

Within 3 months he had moved in and he proposed in April, life has been fantastic, funny and so, so special, and on November 5th 2013 we got married and had an amazing day. Thank you SO much Oasis for bringing us together xxx
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