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Thank you Oasis, for helping me find my soul mate. I had chatted to a few guys on here but just didn’t click with any of them, I was thinking about deleting my profile when I got a contact request and thought why not!

I am so glad I accepted his request, he is the sweetest, kindest man I've ever met. We talked for hours and then exchanged numbers and haven't stopped talking since. Next year is going to be a great year for us as we plan to be together permanently. Once again, thank you!
I found love
My beautiful girl and I met on Oasis, we are proud to say we are now engaged and expected our baby girl on May 3rd 2014.

A big Thank you to the Oasis team!
I found a true friend and partner
All I can say is at first I was unsure about the site, I kept deleting my profile, I just couldn't find anyone to chat too for long, until this nice man added me.

We've been chatting for 3 weeks now and exchanged phone numbers and are about to meet in over a weeks’ time. Our friendship has gone from strength to strength, we have so much to say and learn about each other, so happy we want to thank you Oasis.
Only 2 streets apart!
Life’s not been easy and I had nearly given up until I heard about So I decided to join and was amazed at the large amount of response I received! It was a nice feeling!

Then one day a man came into my life and we talked for hours, a week later he asked where in Perth I was... I mentioned my town and he said he was in the same suburb! I mentioned my street and he lived 2 streets away!! So the next day he came to see me... And I walked to visit him...

5 years later, I now live on the same street and same house with the most amazing guy that loves me for me.. He took on my two beautiful children and now we’re engaged! Had to come say a BIG THANK YOU TO THE OASIS TEAM XX my life has totally change all because of this site!
Nearly lost hope
My year had started off pretty disappointing , I had chatted to many people and meet half, with no success and come to the conclusion I was going to end up being alone!

It had all just seemed too hard till one evening just as I was about to delete my profile this man sent me a request, in my mind all these thoughts lingered, wonder if he’s the one, or maybe just continue to delete oh bugger it I’ll accept see what happens.

With no high expectations I introduced myself, he was experiencing problems replying he’s excuse was he phone kept on shutting down so he decided to give me his number we chatted an haven't stopped chatting for 1 year.

I know it sounds far-fetched but it’s not! We have moved in together and I couldn't imagine my life without him, he’s been my best friend and lover. Good luck to everyone!
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