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Best friend, lover and soulmate
I started on Oasis in about May 2012. I met a few nice guys and some not so nice ones, but no one that I really felt the spark with, until I met this one guy. We got on really well at first, but after a while I found that he wasn't completely happy like I was so we went our separate ways. I was pretty upset but continued on.

Probably about a month or a bit longer we got back I'm contact and he said he had made huge mistake breaking up with me. I was a bit taken back at first and a bit wary, but as time went on he proved that he was in it for the long hall and was serious about us.

He made me laugh, knew exactly when I was upset and told me I made him want to be a better man. I couldn't be happier with this man. Until he asked me to marry him in May 2013. He is the most amazing person and we have so much in common because we got together on this site.

I am a huge advocate for Oasis, I loudly and proudly tell my friends when they complain about all the crap guys out there, I say try Oasis! I love my fiancé and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

Thank you oasis for finding me the man that completes me!
Found love!
I was recently separated in May 2012, after 19 years with my ex-wife, I did not ever expect to find love again but then a friend suggested I try Oasis.

I logged online on the 3rd June 2012 and got chatting to a women, we talked for 10 hours that day and arranged to meet up the following day for lunch, all went well and we arranged that night that she would come back to my home, we had a bottle of wine talked for hours and really hit it off.

As a result of this, what I call fate meeting we have now been dating 1 year and got engaged in November 2012, we are planning on moving in with each other in the next couple of weeks and we are now planning our wedding for 2014, so thanks Oasis it does work!
First Time Lucky
After signing up to Oasis during the middle of June last year, mainly through intrigue, I started casually talking to a certain girl. We instantly hit it off and decided to meet on the 11th August after many months of skyping.

I travelled north to Liverpool from South Wales feeling both excited and extremely nervous. Was I wearing the right clothes? Did I look my best? Did I have a stray piece of cabbage lodged between my teeth? All these stupid things were racing through my head. Luckily I don't eat cabbage so I was lucky on that front.

When I arrived at the station I was even more petrified. I noticed a stunningly beautiful girl wander through the entrance of the station and I recognised her straight away. As soon as we first spoke my fears went away. We hit it off instantly and 10 months on we're as happy as ever and plans to move to the same location are already in place. She is the love of my life.

All in all joining Oasis was probably the best decision I've ever made and cannot recommend it enough!
Happily Married!
We had both been searching for love for a long time. We had both given up. But we found each other on Oasis, and now we are happily married!

We chatted for about a month before the first date. It allowed us to get to know each other. It made our first date seem more like catching up with a friend than a blind date. Of course we were both nervous, but there was comfort in knowing that we already knew so much about one another.

Thank you Oasis for your service. We are now looking forward to the rest of our lives!
We registered with Oasis to find each other in May 2010 and were on the site for a couple of weeks only. We got married on the 12.12.12!

Thank you Oasis!!!! Good luck to people looking for their soul mate!!
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