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I have a best friend who was already using this site and she told me to give it a go. But I was very unsure about it and I really didn't want to. In the end I just signed up to see what it was all about. I found myself a couple of guys but I was too nervous to try and talk to any of them and they lived quite far away from me. I also had a lot of guys trying to add my contact details but most of them weren't really my type.

However, I did eventually find my guy and I was immediately interested in adding him. I read his profile and he came across as very different to a lot of other boys on the site or guys I have ever met! Plus he lives quite close to me which was a bonus.

The next day I wasn't at college and finally accepted me....I started off the conversation and I could already tell he was a really friendly person. He was asking me loads of questions about myself and he also told me he was doing nursing at university...something I want to do as well! We added each other on facebook and browsed through his pictures and 'about me' section. I noticed that we have a lot in common!

We decided to meet for the first time in the Easter holidays at Nandos. He was exactly how I imagined him and I was so pleased to finally see him after chatting on the phone for a week.
We decided to walk to wicksteed park after Nandos so we could talk to each other and learn more about each other. It was also when we decided to be a proper couple because everything went so well.

We've been together for nearly a month now and every day I think ‘I'm so happy I met him’. He's very sweet, sensitive, caring and also very sentimental about where he's from - which is something that I find really cute! I can't wait for spending more time with him in the future! I know I probably will never find another guy like him in a million years :)


Our Love Story

I had joined Oasis to meet some new people and hope to find a great girl, and I did!
We chatted for a few days and decided to meet up, we had so much in common, and have been together for 6 months and never been happier.

We recently got engaged and looking into getting married next year. I am so in love with her, and wanted to share our love story and to let people reading this know that finding love online is possible.


My new man!

I found a great guy on here, we got chatting on Oasis at first then I gave him my mobile number and we texted each other.

We then decided to meet for coffee at a cafe and when I saw him I knew straight away I liked him a lot more than I did. We are officially a couple!



I hadn't been on the site for long until I met my partner, after literally just a few hours of looking around and I instantly found him he's everything I could ever want in a guy; we have EVERYTHING in common!

We're now a very happy couple and have been going out for just over a month, and both him and I see a very happy and successful future for the both of us.

If you're thinking of giving the site a try, I would definitely recommend it!


A tattoo brought us together!

I was browsing Oasis and I came across a rather attractive girl. What caught my eye was the spider tattoo she has on her chest.

When I was a teenager, I used to listen to a band called Cold, they got me through some tough times. When I checked out her profile and saw she liked guys with long hair and I noticed she had a similar music taste to mine, I was interested. I then saw that she lived literally 5-10 minutes away from me and I started to wonder WHAT HOLE HAS SHE BEEN HIDING IN!

We arranged a meetup together for a chat at a local pub, I then drove us to another pub. The night was rather awkward, but we decided to give things another chance, this time we went to Costa and sat on a sofa together. Much better than sitting across from each other at a table!

That date resulted in us cuddling up on the sofa, kissing a couple of times, and me leaving feeling good. I went back to her place a few days later, which was rather...interesting.

On my way out, I asked her what she was looking for, whether it be fun or a relationship. She retorted ‘Have you got a problem with being faithful’ to which I said ‘Hell no, I'm glad you feel the same way!’. It's been official since then; going strong since the 22nd of February (it's 19th of April now).

Thanks Oasis! And to all of the people who do not upload a profile picture, believe me, you should rethink your decision! People are not as judgemental as you think, just the people who aren't worth it!

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