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New year, love story

I went onto Oasis not expecting to find my Mr Right but how wrong was I!!

I sent a flirt on the 24/12/12 to which they replied with a friend request. We chatted a couple of times on Oasis and then swapped numbers, hitting it off straight away.

On the 1/1/13 he decided to drive 4 and a half hours to meet me. On arriving it took me all of two seconds as he put the window down to know I was very happy! He also, feeling the same. Meeting my family and staying two days we then headed to his home spending nearly two weeks together.

Within the month we were living together as he moved to my town!!! We wanted to share our story as we think we could possibly be the quickest couple ever on Oasis to meet, fall in love and live together.

Thank you Oasis from the both of us, for helping us find our soul mate, best friend and love of each other’s lives.


My Once in a Lifetime Love!

I had honestly given up on any thought of a relationship. The guys I met through friends and school all treated me badly. So I thought I'd give online dating a go (with absolute no thought of actually meeting someone decent).

There was this one guy who sent me a flirt and I sent one back, we started talking and getting to know each other online, then we exchanged phone numbers and started talking through text. Then something happened and we stopped talking for a few months and then one day I get a text from him.

We started talking through text again and I figured it was time to meet. We met at my work and he looked even better than his profile picture. Went on a few amazing dates and 5 months later we are still as happy as we were when we met.

I can most definitely say I've found the man of my dreams, I love him more than life itself. I owe all this to Oasis. Without you I would never have found my once in a lifetime love, so thank you for changing my life :D


Found love

I was messaged by a guy about a month before Christmas and he was nice and polite but I remember thinking he wasn't really my type but I have nothing to lose by talking. We got on really well and started texting and talking over the phone.

He asked if we could meet but every date I said he would say he couldn't do or would cancel and I was starting to lose hope so went on a date with this other guy, this date went badly and once again I got the line 'your nice but not really for me'.

I decided to give up for a bit but after New Year’s came and went but one day in early January I noticed an email from the first guy saying I can do this Friday can you? I accepted in one last bid at something. That Wednesday night I was taken into the royal Surrey county hospital and spent the next day in intensive care. I remember texting him saying where I was and how it was insanely unlikely if I could meet that Friday and explained briefly where I was and a bit about why.

I remember the response was nice and made me smile but also sad at the same time. He replied 'I could come and visit you in intensive care if you would like me to? And if not to which I understand this is my last day off until a month and a half from now, but I will leave it up to you and if you're up for meeting if only for an hour I'd love to see you.'

Luckily I was discharged late that Thursday evening and even though I felt like I'd just be hit by a bus I just thought there was nothing too lose in going to meet him. So we met, got coffee and chatted for hours and it was great and for the first time I didn't have to pretend to be someone else, he was just caring and understanding and made me smile, and it just grew from that.

We've spoken on the phone at least once a day every day since that first date in January, and he recently met my son, and as all lone parents know the biggest fear is protecting your child(ren) because a mistake you make will also affect them but he's great with him and my son likes him a lot too and actually has taken to him better than anyone else he's ever met, which is great.

So we're happy and in love and have become the best part of each other :) So never thought I'd be saying this but there really is someone out there just for you and Internet dating really does work!!


I finally found my true love!

After a year of online dating, a string of dates that went wrong and a few guys who broke my heart, I happened to come across this guy who actually lived in the same town as me.

We chatted online for a month and then met on Christmas eve. We then spent the whole evening just talking for several hours! We saw each other every day since then, and on New Year’s Eve, I decided that I liked this guy and I was ready to see how we'd go.

Almost 3 months later and I've fallen in love with him and we're so crazy about each other. He is my match and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Oasis for giving us the chance to meet :)


Distance no problem!

As a girl growing up in the country I’d near given up on finding true love. After 1 horrible relationship that ended badly, I thought what are my chances of finding true love close by? The before I knew it I had met an amazing gentle man from Sydney!

They talked and talked until finally on Oct 16th 2011 the 2 people finally met. They instantly clicked and after 1 month apart the young gentle man came back for the weekend in November. Then they both declared their love for each other and have been inseparable ever since!

After 5 months of doing long distance the young girl finally decided to move to Sydney. Now they are planning the rest of their lives together. Thank you Oasis for giving us the opportunity to meet each other!

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