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Thank you!
I was just starting to give up looking for the right guy as I was having no luck before but then one day a guy added me on Oasis and although I had many requests nobody stood out like this one.

We started speaking on here and then he added me on facebook and after a while I went to meet him and we got on really well.

Now we are together and are really happy with each other and we love each other very much so thank you!
I met a great guy on Oasis
I met my boyfriend on the site, at 62 I never thought it was possible! Now I am dating a great guy and have been for five months. I take perseverance but if you want the right one.

We’re having our first holiday this week. I am really enjoying being part of something special. Nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain.

Thank you Oasis.
Best month of my life
I joined Oasis to meet new people and go on a few dates if I was lucky. I sent a flirt to a guy and we started chatting. After a while of messages and texts then facebook we decided to meet for a date.

We met outside a station and it was pouring with rain. We both ran to a coffee shop and got talking about life family and loads off different stuff. Then we was having such a good time we went to the cinema and ended up speeding the rest of the day together laughing and talking. From that day I knew I liked him.

We meet up a few more times and then we started going out. We have been together for a month now and it's the best month of my life. We have met each other’s families and friends and we are both so happy together. I am so glad I used Oasis to find him. I never knew that a single flirt could turn out to be what we are today.
I've had a lot of hurt in relationships in the past, so I was cautious when I joined Oasis, I wasn't hopeful that I would find someone I could trust or love…

But then I met a guy and he made me feel special, we began texting and talking on the phone, and after a couple of months we decided to meet. Our first date was amazing there was no awkwardness or silence we just clicked..

We've now been dating for 4 months and we've decided when he finishes his military training we are going to move in together. I'm so glad I decided to join Oasis I've found someone to spend my life with
3rd time lucky
I was about to cancel my membership because I hadn’t had any luck on Oasis till I was skimming through my matches one last time and came across a guy I had a lot in common with, so I sent him a flirt and said to myself ‘if he doesn’t reply I will delete my account’, luckily he did and we chatted for a couple of weeks before we first met and when we did we met it was great!

Let’s just say we are a family now with my daughter and planning to move in together and spend the rest of our lives with one another!

Never thought I be this happy ever again!
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