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Meant to be
I got my profile put on here by well-meaning friends thinking I needed a husband. Stayed on through curiosity but wasn't really looking for anything. My standards were so high after two bad relationships and I wasn't going to settle for anything other than perfection. I needed someone like me!

One evening my phone beeped with a pic I recognised. He was a friend of an old friend I was at college with. We started chatting and he gave me his number, We never stopped chatting and laughing. Arranged to meet him and my old college friend and her husband etc. we had an amazing time, clicked and haven't looked back since.

I'm so lucky, but he's luckier!!! :) The same in every way. Likes dislikes the lot. Just total peace with each other and nothing's difficult apart from the hour drive to see him and him to see me. But it's working because we want it too. Fate I guess!!! Happy for us is not the word. Watch this space!
Happy beyond words!
My boyfriend and I met on Oasis a few months ago, I had been on for a while and had been on a few dates, but nothing compared to what I felt when I met my man for the first time.

We have an amazing time together and we've spoken about marriage in the near future, never give up guys and girls, Oasis enables you to meet people you'd never come across normally, and if you just keep positive about it all, you'll find happiness. Trust me - if I can do it, anyone can! Thank you so much Oasis :-)
Sparks from the start!
He is a divorced father of two; I'm single with a broken heart. Both are scared to love again... But love prevails and conquers all fears! We laugh, we joke and we have so much in common. We are soul mates I'm sure of it.

We think alike, for instance I'm thinking I want cheese on the beef casserole I just made for us and then he says he feels like cheese on the top too!!! His left foot hurts, my right foot hurts! We go to eat the same chip. We are both loud and love talking... We talk for hours before sleeping.

I'm so grateful I found this wonderful man, my happiness feels complete. I used to bag people out who would use online dating but I'd recommend people to give it a go! Really what have you got to lose!
I came on this site for a laugh originally, just to see what it was like. But I started talking to a guy and he was amazing!

We texted, talked on the phone and finally met up in Sept 2012, when we met I knew it was special; he was the one for me. I love every aspect of him, he always makes me smile. Now it's coming up to our year anniversary and I’m so glad I met him, he's my world, I can't imagine living without him.

Thank you
Happy ever after
Me and my guy got talking on here in October 2011. After a couple of months we finally spoke on the phone, we clicked straight away and had so much in common.

On January 31st 2012 we met for the first time and it was amazing! We talked and laughed all night!

He is my soul mate and best friend, I love him to bits, we have been together 19 months and we live together in our home and planning a family!

I have never been happier!!! thank you OASIS.COM
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