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Love at first sight

I met my man about a month ago now and from the first moment we started chatting I knew that this guy was for me. We started talking and met straight away.

We went for coffee and from when we saw each other we both knew that we had to give it a shot and so far it's been the best relationship we both have been in ever. I'm very lucky to have met him and I'm grateful for Oasis to be able to bring us together


True love!

I never knew that I would find my true love on an internet dating site, but I was lucky enough to.

Scrolling through profiles one day I came across an interesting one, he had a very out there profile. His profile was the complete opposite to mine. Not at all what I was looking for. However somehow I was drawn to him instantly. We began talking and he wasn’t at all like he laid out on his profile. He was very charming and a great talker.

We talked for weeks every day, talking to him was the highlight of my day. The first time he asked me to meet him I said no as I was weary to meet someone who I didn’t know, however he asked me again and I finally agreed. The day came for when we were to meet I was so nervous but excited at the same time. As I saw him all my nerves went away. We hit if off straight away talking and laughing for the entire afternoon.

After that date, came another where we shared our first kiss. We having been dating for 10 months now and in that time we have fallen deeply in love. He has made me a better person and changed my life in such a good way.

Sure we have our moments, but what couple doesn’t. My life would not be half as good as it is now, if he wasn’t in my life. I am so grateful and blessed that he loves me. I am so excited for what holds for us. We plan on getting married and having children and I cannot wait.

Thank-you oasis


Never give up

I did give up it was going to be my last day on Oasis, I was under the illusion and had the belief that I was not going to find a significant other in my life. I had chatted with and had some dates throughout my time on Oasis but they never amounted to anything. Feeling It was never meant to be and feeling a little too old for the dating game I was despondent.


I accepted a contact from someone who spiked some interest in me, I am so happy I did, I have met the most wonderful Man we have been dating only a short time but it really feels great and comfortable. I would encourage anyone to not give up but keep the faith, I certainly am happy that I took that few moments to have a go and I do believe someone is out there for each of us.

Thank you Oasis and thank you to the special man who makes it worthwhile waking up each and everyday.


What becomes of the broken hearted

Having been through a number of disastrous relationships I became very cautious about meeting people again. I was then told about Oasis by somebody and having then seen the TV advert I thought I would give it a try as I felt it was not like any other dating site I had ever heard of, it did not charge any membership fee. I initial thought was that I may simply make a friend or two.

I used the sight for a few months and had only spoken briefly with a couple of people. This led me towards feeling people can often be judgmental and reject a person simply by their profile picture. I particularly felt people were judging a book by it’s' cover, before getting to know a person by their personality.

However, persevering on off for a number of months I then came across a profile that instantly stood out. Reading through their profile page I was keen to find out some more. When the person instantly accepted my contact request I started to change my views; maybe there is somebody out there for everyone. We talked on a daily basis for some time and having decided to finally meet up for the first time at the beginning of the New Year I instantly knew something wonderful was to come of this. We clicked as soon as we met and having all of the same interests we got on like a house on fire. I haven't looked back since and we have continued to meet each week now for 3 months, whilst talking for hours on end when we are apart.

Without Oasis I would not have found happiness, true love and the one person I would consider my soul mate. For people that are currently still searching the site or questioning whether or not to join, perseverance is the key, as there is somebody out there for everyone. Additionally, do not limit yourself to people in your local area, as this only limits your possibilities. I found this to be the case and upon widening my search I of course met somebody who lives some distance from me. However this has not impacted upon the relationship one bit.

Wishing users all the best in their search!


So this is love!

Before I met my partner, I had been through bad relationship after bad relationship, all ending in some kind of messy, heartbreaking situation (Usually me the one getting hurt). After being single for a year, I heard about oasis over a TV ad and, as I sat there, laughing at myself, I signed up, not thinking anything would come of it.

Many months later, after many nights sat in front of the computer screen consuming many bottles of wine, many failed dates and many lonely nights cuddled in bed with my teddies, I received a request from a guy who had no profile picture. I was a little sceptical about adding him but I thought 'what the hell, what’s the worst that can happen?'

Well, all I can say was we clicked from the beginning. After seeing a photo of him on another social networking site I couldn't believe how sexy this man was! I was instantly attracted to him physically, as well as socially, and I couldn't believe that he might be attracted to me too!

We arranged to meet a week later and nerves were running through me like crazy! I didn't even think he'd show up, and when I got to the arranged place, he wasn't there. My heart sank and as I came to accept that he wasn't going to show. All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and when I turned round, he was stood there. He apologized for being late because of his train and then we just hit it off. At the end of the day, when we said goodbye, he kissed me and the spark was electric.

Since then, we've been inseparable, we’ve been dating 7 month now and are already engaged and planning on moving in together. All I would say to people is don’t judge a book by its cover, and if someone doesn’t have a profile picture it doesn’t mean they are a bad person. Another thing I would say is strongly exercise caution with who you’re speaking to and don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with...and if you’re meeting someone meet in a public place.

Keep your chin up, your fish is out there somewhere!!

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