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Happy at last

I almost give up at the end of February this year; I just kept deleting my profile, and then not resisting temptation and opening it up again.

I had click on so many profiles and though this was hopeless! Then this one unbelievable night a guy wanted to chat with me and clicked straight away. After the first night he give me his number I was a bit reluctant to call, but glad I did. We later met up and things are going great!

Thank you Oasis. I would not have done it with you.


Getting married

We spoke on Oasis for 6 months off and on while both meeting other people, tried a few times to meet for coffee but timing was not right!

One day we manage to meet for that coffee and come this October 2013 will marry and have been together for 2 years , we have both been married before and have 5 children between us from 21 down to 10, its with our children and families support we move into the future as a blended family.

We both had, at times confusing and disheartning experiences on here but then we also met some nice people and made friends and in time it allowed us to cross paths and we are happy this site allowed us to do that.


1 in a million

We started chatting in April of 2012, and after a few long sessions decided to go on a date. We really clicked from there, and have been going strong for the last year now.

I never thought I would meet such an amazing, funny, witty, sweet, caring, loving, charming woman through an online dating website.

She really is my true love and soul mate, and we have had so many amazing adventures, laughs and great times together.


Changed my life

Joining Oasis was a bit of a laugh to meet a big circle of friends talk to different people. I had no intentions of meeting people for dates or talking. I was very conscious of my safety. After about 3 days I was about to delete the account because sick men assumed I was a booty call. Then a quiet guy added me took him a while to inbox me and we got talking, after about 2 weeks of talking he plucked up the courage to ask me out.

We met and there was an instant attraction, for me anyway. We continued to talk and meet for a week until I felt confident to let him meet my son. Whilst in company of a close friend of course. My son (shockingly) warmed to him immediately and did something no friend, family member or stranger has experienced. He ran up to him arms in the air wanting a hug.

I remember that gushing feeling and I felt like a 16 year old girl again. My son had picked this man and I had a feeling I'd be writing a success story. I was very cautious about letting this man into my life seeing as my sons father ran off with another woman.

So after 1 month of talking, we decided to make a go of a relationship. We did everything a little quick I.e meeting parents.

But I'd like to thank Oasis because I've met a man that I love everything about. He treats me like a goddess and worships the ground I walk on. We're still going strong!


Met a guy

I came on Oasis without any expectations, and didn’t think I would meet anyone but it turns out I met the loveliest guy in the world! We spoke online, then texted and we met up for a few dates. We are both the happiest we have ever been.

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