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Two years and counting
After a few months on Oasis without success, I was beginning to have doubts that I would ever meet anyone. I had been chatting to a few people, but that was about it.

Then one night, I had a message that changed my life from an amazing woman. We clicked straight away, and used to chat online for hours at a time about everything and anything. It didn't matter what it was, as long as we talked or left messages for each other. It was silly, but it was the first thing I did when going online....checking my messages from her.

After about 5 or so months of talking on here, and getting the courage to ask for phone numbers, we agreed to meet up. I still remember the day of our first date.

She has changed my life completely, her (or should that be our) girls call me 'Daddy' and we are a proper family now. I have never been happier and this July I proposed....She said YES!!! We are hopefully getting married within the next few years.

Thank you so much Oasis for introducing us!

Being a single mum and working full time it was difficult to find time for me so I decided after much deliberation to join oasis. After talking to some let’s say not normal people I was going to delete my profile. One last look through my matches and I saw what appeared to be a lovely, caring, generous man so I sent a request. The rest as they say is history we are now a family and getting married next year. Thanks Oasis.
The Perfect Match
I met my perfect match on this website and we have been together for three months now.

He was the one who added me on the website and I liked his page and a couple of weekends later we met up on the 19th April and he asked me out.

We have been happily together since then and he wants to change only one thing about me... My last name!
The man who changed my life
It was Christmas 2012 when I set up a profile on Oasis, within 10 minutes of being on there I meet the man of my dreams! We chatted for a few days and exchanged numbers and then arranged to meet up in Brighton a few days later. I was so Nervous and excited at the same time and was scared he wouldn’t show up!

Well he did turn up and he was the sweetest guy I have ever met! We talked about each other and what we were into and about our lives. I knew I was going to like him and there was chemistry between us. When we were walking around the town he held my hand which was really nice and romantic.

The weeks went by and we talked every day and night for hours, we spent every weekend together. Now 7 months into our relationship we are both really happy and very much in love with each other and are getting ready to move into our own place in Brighton together and looking forward to our future.
True love!
On March 6th 2013 my contact request was accepted and we didn't stop chatting almost all night. After work the next day we chatted again then exchanged phone numbers and started texting.

About 10pm I did something out of the ordinary and invited him over to my place...he was very gentlemanly, double and triple checked it was ok. When he arrived I felt at ease like I never have with any man before on a first date.

He stayed the night and we have not spent a night apart since except for recently when he had a couple of seizures and was unfortunately diagnosed with brain tumours and terminal lung cancer which he has had to spend some time in hospital.

We may not have a lifetime together but my life will be changed forever because of this funny affectionate caring beautiful man, I can honestly say I have never been happier and more in love with anyone! He is my soulmate, the love of my life!

Thank you Oasis for bringing us together.
Thank you!
I was just starting to give up looking for the right guy as I was having no luck before but then one day a guy added me on Oasis and although I had many requests nobody stood out like this one.

We started speaking on here and then he added me on facebook and after a while I went to meet him and we got on really well.

Now we are together and are really happy with each other and we love each other very much so thank you!
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