Success Stories
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A connection straight away
I was sick in bed and couldn't sleep, it was 5am I decided to go on Oasis, I had a contact request from this one guy, I read his profile and he was looking for the same things as I was so added him.

We started chatting non-stop, The more we chatted the more we found out we had a lot in common, the next day I went online again to see if he was online and he was we started chatting once again, the day went by and we exchanged numbers, then we started texting each other a lot.

We met up 4 days later and got on very well, we text every day and we are really into each other. He’s everything I want in a man and more we are so happy together now.

Thank you Oasis you have saved us!
Happiest we've ever been
I met my partner on Oasis 19 months ago and we hit it off really well. Started talking online for hours and hours with no awkward pauses. We decided to meet up a week later and again, absolutely no awkward silences. We got along, and still do, really really well.

We decided to move in together 6 months later and are now saving for our own house! I love this guy and he is absolutely perfect for me! We talk about the future and when we have the money, plan on getting married (he says hopefully within the next couple of years).

We are both really happy and both love each other very much :)
Last minute request
I was about to leave oasis, when I got a request asking me to add him now and take a chance, I was very reluctant but also curious, thank goodness I accepted!

We chatted for a bit then we met up, and hit it off so well... we got along and have mad chemistry, he is beautiful inside and out, we drive each other nuts but I'd wouldn't have it any other way, I've found my future, and it certainly looks like a good one.

Good luck to all those out there!
True Love
After many months and many dates I have finally found my true love and soul mate. We first met on here January 12th 2013 and my life changed forever as not quite 6 months later he proposed and we are now engaged, planning a wedding for April 2014!

Thanks Oasis!
Miracles do happen
After a month on Oasis I met a beautiful man. After lots of chatting on here we then moved onto skype where we could see each other. We have now met and I can tell you enough, it was a dream come true!

We have so much in common and like everything the same which is wild hard to find. I would like to thank Oasis for without this site we would not have found each other.

For everyone who is looking for their soul mate just keep trying there is good people here just keep trying.
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