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A twist of fate
Me and my now husband met via Oasis, we both lived in different countries so we would have never met if it was not for this site!

I’m so glad we both joined; since we met it’s been like we have known each other for years. I love him so much and feel very lucky to have found someone so special, my soul mate.

Good luck to fellow members don’t give up!
Swept off my feet!
I met the love of my life through Oasis and have never looked back.. I felt a little hesitant meeting someone off the Internet but after a few cancelled dates I finally agreed to dinner.

After picking me up and taking me out for dinner and wine I knew he was who I was meant to be with and I just couldn't take my eyes off him.

Two years on and we own our own home, have adopted a beautiful fur baby and are engaged to be married the 28th of March 2015! he literally swept me off my feet...
Marriage and Children!
I meet my husband in 2011, we went out for lunch had an instant connection and haven’t been apart since that day!

6 month later we both knew we wanted a baby and soon after I fell pregnant, we got married in-between all this and soon after gave birth to our beautiful little girl!

Now in late 2013 we welcomed addition number two to our home, we are truly so happy and can’t thank Oasis enough!
Thank you Oasis, I have found my soul mate, an absolute diamond!

Hopefully there will be marriage in our future. Something to look forward to, I going to have a wonderful life with him, so any body looking for a partner, just keep searching, I did and I am so happy now!
Joined at the hip!
I met my girl in September last year. Our first date started off extremely nervous but after a pizza and a beer she agreed to come along to bowling with me and meet six of my mates!

I was focusing on her more than the game and thought she must be a keeper to come bowling. Three months later and we are happily engaged.

I wish more people could be as lucky as I feel right now. Thank you oasis, I would love to meet you guys and share my story.
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