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My new man!

I found a great guy on here, we got chatting on Oasis at first then I gave him my mobile number and we texted each other.

We then decided to meet for coffee at a cafe and when I saw him I knew straight away I liked him a lot more than I did. We are officially a couple!



I hadn't been on the site for long until I met my partner, after literally just a few hours of looking around and I instantly found him he's everything I could ever want in a guy; we have EVERYTHING in common!

We're now a very happy couple and have been going out for just over a month, and both him and I see a very happy and successful future for the both of us.

If you're thinking of giving the site a try, I would definitely recommend it!


A tattoo brought us together!

I was browsing Oasis and I came across a rather attractive girl. What caught my eye was the spider tattoo she has on her chest.

When I was a teenager, I used to listen to a band called Cold, they got me through some tough times. When I checked out her profile and saw she liked guys with long hair and I noticed she had a similar music taste to mine, I was interested. I then saw that she lived literally 5-10 minutes away from me and I started to wonder WHAT HOLE HAS SHE BEEN HIDING IN!

We arranged a meetup together for a chat at a local pub, I then drove us to another pub. The night was rather awkward, but we decided to give things another chance, this time we went to Costa and sat on a sofa together. Much better than sitting across from each other at a table!

That date resulted in us cuddling up on the sofa, kissing a couple of times, and me leaving feeling good. I went back to her place a few days later, which was rather...interesting.

On my way out, I asked her what she was looking for, whether it be fun or a relationship. She retorted ‘Have you got a problem with being faithful’ to which I said ‘Hell no, I'm glad you feel the same way!’. It's been official since then; going strong since the 22nd of February (it's 19th of April now).

Thanks Oasis! And to all of the people who do not upload a profile picture, believe me, you should rethink your decision! People are not as judgemental as you think, just the people who aren't worth it!


Reflections and Music

We met on and we hit it off instantly. We both shared an absolute love of music which reflected in both of our profiles, and we decided to meet in London.”

When we met it was instant attraction, both physically and emotionally. We walked across Hyde Park and generally had a relaxed day with no pressure at all. I felt so at ease with him. We agreed to go on a second date the following week.

The second date we met up in London again and as a Scare Actor I was dying to see the new London Dungeons so he took me as a little surprise as well as Madame Tussaud's which was my kind of thing as I love attractions and theme parks!

After a few weeks of dating we made it official and we are now in the process of moving in together! We also feel we are a reflection of each other and we have Oasis to thank for that!

Honestly I tries other dating sites before Oasis and yes I had to kiss a few frogs before I found my mirror but Oasis is such a great site!


Nurse meets Fireman

My patients put me up to it. Online dating that is. So on and off I would give it a go. After a string of first dates with no sparks, I was again going to deactivate my account and then he appeared. Sceptical, I studied his pic. He didn't look the age he had stated. I didn't believe he was in my age bracket. So usually I wouldn't have accepted his contact request but lucky I did. I never normally offered my number either but again, lucky I did.

Our first date was not like my past experiences either. There were no nerves or nausea as I made my way to meet him for a drink at midday. I didn't have to scan the room. My eyes instantly found him. 6 hours later, we found it difficult to end our conversation and laughter. There was definitely an instant attraction and connection. Chemistry, sparks, all of that.

Since then (both being shift workers) we spend as much time as we can together and are really enjoying getting to really know plus fall more and more in love with each other. Now I'm not only excited about my future, but for our future we are planning together. Simply put, he's my everything & I'm the luckiest woman.

So how do you say thanks Oasis when thank you doesn't seem enough for finding me my soul mate? Current Oasis members, your other half is out there. Just don't give up.

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