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Oasis did it for me

I had many meetings and many hours spent chatting thinking it will never happen, then A-PRESTO, this perfect stranger walked into my life... she was a stranger for all of a few seconds, because it truly was an instant attraction and the train has yet to stop rolling for us both

I’m not letting this babe go, she has everything I desire and more. Thank you Oasis.



Oasis has enabled me to meet and fall in love with a truly amazing guy. Having never had a bf before, my confidence has massively improved as a result of Oasis.

Great site, Would recommend.


Found my one and only

So I was I bit sceptical to the whole 'online dating' thing but a friend got me interested and thought I'd give it a go, turned out I started talking to this guy and hit it off straight away.

We met two days later and he couldn't be more perfect! A week and a half later we went out to dinner and he asked me out, I said maybe (I didn't think he was being serious).. Turns out he was and we've been together ever since, best 2 months of my life and he pretty much lives with me now.

Always give things a go and take chances, true love does exist and you can actually find your one and only online.


Happy endings

I have been on Oasis for a little while hoping to meet someone honest and genuine and I did! He sounded and looked nice on his profile, I sent him a contact request and we chatted for a week before we met. He is so lovely it was instant attraction and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him and him with me!

Thank you Oasis, I just want to say to other people don’t give up.


2 months to find my soulmate!

I was on here for about two months before I found my now fiancée! We met last year on the 28th of June, and I have gained an awesome stepson out of it too, it was like a package deal!

He is so much what I have been looking for and can hardly believe how close we have been to each other the whole time… We lived in the same areas for years; he was always driving his mate to one of my girl’s places, he used to fish where I used to, we went to the same Sunday session at the local pub!

I just am so glad we have finally met and nothing will ever brake us apart, we are a very strong couple! Thanks Oasis for bringing us together!

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