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Changed my life

Joining Oasis was a bit of a laugh to meet a big circle of friends talk to different people. I had no intentions of meeting people for dates or talking. I was very conscious of my safety. After about 3 days I was about to delete the account because sick men assumed I was a booty call. Then a quiet guy added me took him a while to inbox me and we got talking, after about 2 weeks of talking he plucked up the courage to ask me out.

We met and there was an instant attraction, for me anyway. We continued to talk and meet for a week until I felt confident to let him meet my son. Whilst in company of a close friend of course. My son (shockingly) warmed to him immediately and did something no friend, family member or stranger has experienced. He ran up to him arms in the air wanting a hug.

I remember that gushing feeling and I felt like a 16 year old girl again. My son had picked this man and I had a feeling I'd be writing a success story. I was very cautious about letting this man into my life seeing as my sons father ran off with another woman.

So after 1 month of talking, we decided to make a go of a relationship. We did everything a little quick I.e meeting parents.

But I'd like to thank Oasis because I've met a man that I love everything about. He treats me like a goddess and worships the ground I walk on. We're still going strong!


Met a guy

I came on Oasis without any expectations, and didn’t think I would meet anyone but it turns out I met the loveliest guy in the world! We spoke online, then texted and we met up for a few dates. We are both the happiest we have ever been.


True Love

Well 5 months ago I meet this guy on Oasis, we started talking and found out we had a connection and a lot of things in common, we started dating and have since found out we can no longer be apart from each other.
We have both found a soul mates and are looking at finding a place together so we never have to be apart thanks to Oasis I never thought I would find my soul mate.
I’ve never been so happy!


Unexpected love!

Where do I start? We have the funniest story to tell. End of 2011 I had come out of a 6 year relationship; I had been thought a lot and did not want another relationship for a very long time. After a month of moping around the house I clicked and thought to myself what am I doing? I deleted everyone negative in my phone and in man and decided just to get in chats and just chat to anyone for a laugh, I wasn't planning on adding anyone.

I saw the ad for Oasis and for a laugh I signed up. I had no profile picture and just put looking for friends in the option field. I thought nothing of it, just wanted to fill in some time.

Anyway, a few days later I see a name stand out, to my surprise my it was my brother in-laws name and I have always wanted a perfect guy to love me the way that he loves my sister. I clicked on this guy’s nickname and just wrote, ‘my bro in-law has the same name ‘ he quickly wrote back saying that was cool and he had to go to soccer practise. He was gone and I thought nothing of it, I clicked on the x button and went to bed. Next day he clicked on me and said ’Hi I'm sorry about yesterday but I have to go now too’; I didn't respond as I was not fussed. A day later he wrote, ‘Hi, sorry about the past two days I've been busy but I would like to chat so give me a text when you can’ he left his number and he mentioned he never does that but he liked my nickname as it had European in it.

I text him and it was on from then, we met on that Friday night the week after speaking on the phone. The funniest meet as I thought he was going to murder me! He took me to a view where we could see the city lights but it was so bushy and scary at first and it was midnight I yelled at him and said ‘ are you going to kill me?’; I belted in tears and took my phone out to call someone and then he said ‘ what? Look to your left’ I said ‘no!’ He then said ‘look at the lights silly!’ I turned my head and the lights of the city lit up! So romantic and I felt so stupid!!!!!

From that day on we haven’t left each other’s side, I went to his house every day before we then moved out together in 2012, bought two gorgeous dogs and now still living together 26 months later. I met his wonderful family and they met mine!!

We are practically married but I'm waiting for that proposal!!

Thank you Oasis for sending me the most amazing, genuine, kind, caring, respectable and funniest guy that makes me laugh till my tummy hurts!


Happy thanks to you!

I received a request from a handsome dark man and had 2nd thoughts about replying because he was over the other side of the world. I replied and am so happy I did as we have been together for a year now chatting on Facebook and Skyping every day.

Currently I am staying with him for the month. This morning he proposed to me and I accepted. Thanks to you Oasis.

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