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Found My Match!
Last year I started talking to a girl I would have never thought I would have been in a relationship with. Now a year later we are happily living together and with a baby only a few weeks away and plans for marriage next year.

Thank you Oasis you found me my match.
In love!
In August 2012 After a failed 2 year relationship, I thought I would give Oasis a try. After being on the site for around 8 months and exchanging numbers with a lot of other men, that’s where the contact ended. I gave up and thought I would let nature take its course and deactivated my account.

One night in late October I messaged every guy in my phone that I had because I was that bored and a few replied here and there but there was one that kept going back and forth, at the end of the week we decided to meet up and we have been together ever since.

It was officially 6 months last week, 2 months ago I had a health problem which scared me terribly and he has stood by my the entire time! He is such an amazing man! I love him to bits and am so happy, and all thanks to Oasis!
Happiest Ending ever
After spending two years on Oasis, going on many dates and having mediocre relationships from it I decided to delete my account. I thought I might just wait until the right man comes along. I had kept in contact with quite a few people from the site on Facebook, as friends, but there was one guy I never really had the courage to ask on a date although we'd been talking so much on Oasis for around a year. I thought he might have been too good for me to even think about!

After waiting and waiting I just got fed up, and I plucked up the courage finally to meet him! We met and it was honestly the best date I've ever been on! I wasn't at all shy like other dates I've had, we just clicked. Since then we've been together 10 months and It’s the best relationship I've had. We've been to gigs together, been on holiday together, we're in the same University now and were planning on moving in together soon.

All the searching and waiting, and my dream man was under my nose the whole time! I love him so much, I'm so grateful that I found Oasis!
He's the love of my life
I met my partner on here a year ago and we have been together ever since. He is the love of my life, so kind and caring were hoping to move in together soon, and bonus that our children get on famously!

We love each other so much and its thanks to Oasis that we met.
He’s the love of my life!
He’s the love of my life! We met on here a year ago and we have been very happy ever since.
We are now talking about moving in together and spending our lives together. I love him so much he is the man of my dreams.

Thanks to Oasis, I would definitely recommend this site to searching people!
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