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A long way from home

I joined Oasis many years ago and went through the usual experiences for quite a while, and then I met her.

It has been a long journey in more ways than one. Months of torment and deep friendship without even a kiss. Followed by thousands of kilometres separating us for many months. Followed by me travelling half way across the country to be with her... Yes, a girl I had never even!

I was clever the second time though and brought her back with me, travelling for 3 days by road together. Not a moment that I regret.

We have now been living together for about 6 months and I can't believe I'm ready to propose to her..

Thank you Oasis!


Happily Ever After...

I was on Oasis for about a year before I met my perfect man. We met 2 and a half years ago, and we've now been happily married for about 8 months.

Wow, it actually does work... Good Luck!


Old souls meet

He was a widower; I was a long time single parent and just wanted someone to talk to. So I clicked on the search less than 10km away and he came up.

I sent him a message, we met for a drink the next day and he asked if I wanted to learn rock n roll. He found a place close by and we started attending classes. 2 years later now..We are engaged.


I have found the man of my dreams

I had only just joined when I met my guy, we started chatting within an hour of me joining, we exchanged numbers really quickly, met up and even before we met we knew we were just meant to be.

Now our profiles have been deleted as we no longer need this site, but thanks to Oasis we are a very happy couple!


I found love!

I went on Oasis after a mate suggested it to me. I was on there for 3 months and met a few girls but all were just (not right) so I was about to end it when I saw this eye catching girl, I decided to add her thinking ‘nah, she's way out of my range’ but sod it never know.

Next day I read my message from her saying she had accepted my request, so we started talking just as friends and got to know each other and shared deep secrets. One day she said ‘would you like to meet up?’ and the rest is history! We have now been dating for 1 month 1 day and I just want to say I'm the proudest guy ever to have her in my life and I know she feels the same.

Thank you Oasis for getting us together and I would ask everyone that wants to find love or just to date to use this, many thanks!

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