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So I’d been on this site for a few months I’d spoken to a few people but never met up with anyone, I’d seen a guy’s profile on here an never thought to contact him as he didn't seem my type, I gave up after a while an stopped logging on but one day I came on an checked my emails..

The same guy had emailed me and I emailed him back with my phone number as I wasn’t on this much but didn’t expect a reply, a few days later I got a message from him and we started chatting from there. Eventually we met up after a few weeks of chatting I was unsure whether he was my type but everything went so well!

We've now been together just over a month his family like me and surprisingly mine like him!
He makes me feel so happy and for once I actually feel happy with myself in a relationship.

So I say to anyone here don't give up! There’s someone out there for you and don’t overlook someone because you never know you could be overlooking your soul mate!
North loves South
I started chatting online to my husband at the end of December 2012, although it didn't go smoothly as we kept missing each other, when we did speak we realised that we lived and worked so close to each other but had never met!

We got on so well, and arranged to meet in our local coffee shop on 6th January 2013, he did message me the night before saying he didn't think it would work, so I told him you can't say that until you try, I'm really grateful we did because as soon as we met it felt like we had known each other forever.

Within 3 months he had moved in and he proposed in April, life has been fantastic, funny and so, so special, and on November 5th 2013 we got married and had an amazing day. Thank you SO much Oasis for bringing us together xxx
True love
I had not been on Oasis for long when I met my guy on there. He was sweet, loving and we talked for hours on the phone. Soon after we both decided to meet. He does have a child and I love them both very much!

We are still together now and it is great!
Love of my life
I met my partner on Oasis in October 2012 and we recently got engaged! We are planning on getting married in 2015.

We love each other very much, we see each other every day and I’m moving in with him august 2014. We are very happy and my children like him also he as a daughter we get on so well, so thank you Oasis it’s because of you found my love of my life xxx
The love of my life
I never in the past added or sent flirts to guy but one day I came across this drop dead gorgeous guy. I had to check out his profile, then I noticed he only wanted friends :( boo. So I sent a flirt and he added me yay!

We started talking every day until one day he wanted to meet, I get really nervous when I meet people but I was like what the hay let's do it, so we planned to go to the movies and like always I'm late lol he waited for an hour for me! But when I met him for the first time I was in love.

I could not stop looking and giggling at his lame jokes but then I realized he only wanted to be friends, the hang out was so great we started to hang out more, he stayed at my place a few times and then one night we were bored so we went to a look out. It was so cold and he offered to give me his jacket, we sat down and just looked at each other then out of nowhere he said you can kiss me if you like! So I did and when our lips touched for the first time I knew he was the one.

From there we started dating, now 4 months later we are going strong and truly happy!
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