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Getting married - Thanks Oasis!
I had been on Oasis for about 8 months in 2010 and had numerous dates with a number of nice men. The problem was there was just no attraction or spark for me!

I then met my now fiance for a drink and decided that if this date was another waste of time then I would quit the online dating thing. Well we met for drinks and bowling and it was a great date! I knew he was different to all the others the moment I met him.

Now, nearly three years on, we are engaged and getting married in December. Thank you Oasis. I would never have met my fiance and soon to be husband with out your help. Don't give up, I was just about to, and met the love of my life!
I joined Oasis 1 year ago, not having much faith, when I started chatting to a wonderful young lady. We met up 2 weeks later and started dating from then.

We’ve shared some wonderful times together now one year on exactly we got engaged and are looking forward to getting married! So I’d like to say a big Thank you to Oasis for bringing us together.
6 months ago I signed up out of curiosity. I had no real expectations and wasn’t looking for anything specific and definitely nothing serious. I didn’t include a picture and wasn’t sure about it at all.

After less than a week I saw a photo that caught my attention and messaged him. He replied straight away and I sent a photo. As we chatted all by text we had quite a bit in common and we clicked. It was an interesting first few weeks to say the least but everything changed in the space of a week.

We turned each other’s lives upside down and I have never been happier. We have just bought a house and I love him to bits. We have never missed a day chatting and he is my other half that makes me complete.
Girl of my Dreams
In December last year I started talking to this great girl, we then met for the first time in June and she blew me away, the nicest and most beautiful girl I have ever met!

It's officially been a month and it's been the greatest month of my life I couldn't be happier!
Love at long last!
We are both here and eager to share our story…

We were both on Oasis for about 3 month, after chatting to various people we were both beginning to lose hope that we would find the one, however within about 15 minutes of us chatting we had exchanged phone numbers. Within a few days we met and have been inseparable since, we are very much in love and 6 months later we are now engaged.

Thanks to you all at Oasis!
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