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Is it possible to love on the first date?

When I added my current girlfriend on Oasis as a friend, she didn't have a profile picture so I thought she would be ugly or have some mental problems. But I gave it a go because all of the other girls seemed fake to me. From the very first time we started to chat I thought that this girl was real and interesting, she was just really nice to talk to.

When I added her on a different social networking site, I saw her picture and thought Wow she is actually pretty! So after a few days I asked her out on a date and she said Yes, I would love to!

We arranged to meet each other in the town centre at a museum, I was so excited to meet her and I couldn't wait until the day I would see her in the flesh.

As I was walking to the museum, I was thinking ‘What if she doesn't like me! What if she sees me and walks away’ But she didn't, the first thing I noticed about her when we saw each other was her huge smile. She looked so innocent and cute, I was thinking ‘please brush your teeth, your teeth look disgusting’ But as I got closer, I realised it was the wrong girl. So I phoned her and she said she was inside, so she came outside and she was smiling, she looked way better than the other girl!

We went to a pub and had a couple of drinks, and then she invited me back to her place. At first I thought she was just another easy-to-get girl wanting only one thing from me, but when we were talking she was lovely so I said I would love to spend more time with her and go back to her place for coffee. The strange thing was that we did actually have coffee and not ‘coffee’. It was so nice. I think I fell in love with her right there and then. I ended up spending the night with her and we kissed after a lot of hesitation.

Since then we have built our relationship, we are even writing this together. We have so many laughs and jokes together that we are never bored. I hope it will last forever. Thank you Oasis for giving me a beautiful girl to love.


Amor Aves - (latin) Love Birds

I got a bit fed up with the amount of users that were requesting me to be contacts for only one purpose, I didn't want that and I wanted to meet someone who shared the same views as me, someone that wanted to hold a conversation with and put the world to rights with me. Neminis popped up in my searches one day, I thought he was cute, and after reading his profile I got the impression that he was gentle and sweet. I wasn't wrong. To begin with I thought he was just being courteous by talking to me, he's go away for days at a time (later I found that he worked a lot and hardly ever checked his Oasis account!).

We got talking one evening and decided to meet up the next day for a walk in the common near where I live. It was a beautiful and sunny day but windy, it didn't stop us, we walked and talked for hours. By the end I didn't want him to leave and when he suggested lunch I was more than over the moon, we went to a café near where I live and had lunch and talked some more. On the way back to the car we realised he had a parking ticket for going over the allocated time we had paid for, I felt awful but all he could say was ‘it's worth it spending the extra few minutes with you’. I grinned from ear to ear. Then he took me home and asked to give me a kiss on the cheek! I went away feeling happy and thinking I've actually found someone decent, one the guys that are impossible to find.

Our second date was incredible but disastrous at the same time. He picked me up from me home (opened the car door for me) and took me back to his place where there is a massive hill to walk up. He told me to wrap up warm as the top can be very cold. Bearing in mind I'm not the fittest of people, I had practically strip half way up because I was so hot! He kept promising it was ‘just a little further’ but to no avail the end never came! Or so it felt! By the time I got to the top I was red faced, sweaty and practically in cardiac arrest. While he looked as though he had walked from one end of a room to the other whereas I had looked as though I has run the marathon and back! I thought ‘great, I look atrocious, he's not going to kiss me up here when I look like this’, But I was wrong, we sat on a bench and looked at the incredible view (minus the view of the local dump that is nearby that he made a point of showing to me!) and he turns to me and says ‘you are the most beautiful girl in the world and I don't think you realise how beautiful you are’ and kisses me. At that point, nothing else existed in the world, just me and him. I wanted the moment to last forever.

From that moment we haven't looked back, being with him is like having all your Christmas's and birthdays in one go every single day. He's caring, considerate, has eyes that you can get lost in and I actually can't imagine my life without him. He wakes up at 6am (when I get up for work) to call me to see if I'm ok when I'm ill, to wish me luck on my first day at my new job and to wish me happy birthday. He takes care of me when I'm sick and he'll do anything to see me smile.

I never thought my knight in shining armour existed until 2 months ago, but he does and I'm so grateful for my friends for setting me up on Oasis! Without them and Oasis I wouldn't have found me sole mate! I found the other half of me that was missing for so many years, I can now honestly say I feel complete :)



I'm not the type of girl to actually go on a dating site. I wanted to meet someone and I knew it would happen in time but I thought this would be a good opportunity to give it a shot.

I had been on this site for 2 months or so, was about to give up, then on the day I was going to delete the account. A guy added me, we met up that night and have been together ever since.. He's amazing and we have been dating a month.

I'm really happy because I believe I've found my soul mate!


We are getting married!

One evening back in January 2012 I decided to have a go at online dating, Online dating had never really been my cup of tea as I was weary of it but I thought to myself, why not try something different and new, as you may be pleasantly surprised.

The first day I signed up on Oasis I was flicking through and started chatting to males, I was just about to get off the computer until I noticed there was a male I hadn't seen at the bottom of the page, so I clicked on his profile.

I thought to myself, he wouldn't be interested. To my surprise he wrote back, it then spiralled into texting every day. It took a while for us to meet, not only did we have busy lives but I didn't have the confidence at the time. After a long winded 6 months of texting and talking on the phone we finally met in my hometown.

I knew from the first day I laid eyes on him I knew he was the one. This year, he proposed to me and we are getting married next August. I highly recommend this website! Meeting someone through this site gave me the time to get to know someone, I am the happiest I have ever been. Thank you Oasis for giving me the most amazing love story!


Happily Ever After!

We met on Oasis at the beginning of 2012 and there was an instant connection. We had so much in common from the beginning even though at the time we lived 3,000kms away with him in Brisbane and myself in Darwin.

After talking for about a month he flew to Darwin and we met in person, I was expecting it to be awkward but it wasn't and we got along really well, deciding after that weekend to make our relationship official.

In April of 2012 I flew to Brisbane for a week and we spent more time together, deciding that the relationship was serious we began planning for me to move states. We ended up driving from Katherine to Brisbane, getting lost and stuck a couple of times in tiny towns but made it in the end and got our own place together.

Today we are living in a gorgeous house, engaged and expecting our first child, Lily, on the 14th of April, and planning to get married next year. It's been a roller coaster and hasn't been easy, everything happened really quickly but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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