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Broken heart healed by love

After splitting up with my boyfriend after 3 years together, I decided to join the Oasis website to see if any nice handsome men on there, I was on Oasis for 5 weeks, looking for the one, but some of them weren’t my type or style, some of the men were too young for me.

Then on the 12th February 2012 (Two days before Valentine’s Day) I had a request from a handsome man from London (I’m from Manchester by the way). He is everything that I was looking for and I accepted his request. When I did accepted his request he had a cute picture on his profile as he was gorgeous as well. We started to talk for three-five hours online for 14 weeks then we started texting each other as well. On June 10th 2012 he wrote me letters and telling me about himself and his past relationships (which didn’t bother me at all) and He was totally honest with me in his letter.

We been sending each other letters back and forth for months and between us we had 1239 letters which was amazing. The one thing about my boyfriend that he is laid back and honest (which I like in a GOOD man).

We had our first date when I came to London to stay with a friend for the Easter holidays and I texted him to say that I’m in London and would you like to meet up, he reply saying that’s he’s free and will come and see me. I was 2 minutes late and we met in the local park. He was wearing a nice outfit and he had a little gift for me as well which was really sweet too. We hit off straight away and we chatted for two hours in the cold and we notice that we had loads in common as well.

In early May 2013 I came to London again to stay with him for 6 days, he bought me chocolates which were romantic as I never had chocolates from a man before, the day after I came to London he took me shopping and bought me nice clothes too. I can’t believe that I met my Boyfriend on this website I can’t believe its 15 months we been together and we love each other like mad.

We can’t wait for what our beautiful future holds for us. My broken heart has been healed by love at Last!


I finally found my Mr Right

I want to thank Oasis for putting me in the arms of what I believe is my Soul Mate !!

I had been on and off Oasis for about nearly 2 years , had met a few guys but nothing that was right for me, I was just about to give up on the whole situation and just stay single when I decided to give it one last go !!

And what do you know I noticed this nice man so I sent him a flirt and he then sent me a request.We chatted for a while on Oasis then became friends on Facebook then gave out each other’s phone numbers.

We had 4-5 hour chats on the phone, it was like I had known him for years, when we finally met up and I have never looked back plus never been happier!!

We have big plans together and I know we will be happy for the rest of our lives! So thank you Oasis!


True love, worth waiting for!

I first started using Oasis about a year ago after having just come back from 15 years working in Africa for various charities. I had been married before in 1995 but that was a short lived story due to a cheating partner.

I never thought I will really trust another woman again. I had a couple of good dates with Oasis ladies but the spark was just not there. I forgot about the site for about 3 months and then went back just for a chat one night after a good time out with the boys lol. They all had their wives or girlfriends I was the only single person.

I saw a lady of African descent online and we started to chat for about 2 hours and then we spoke on the phone, so quick and so good. We met at a restaurant in London the following day and had a great romantic time and I forgot all my past as it faded in 30 seconds.

There was only one problem and that I was about 18 years older than her. I told her the truth and she just laughed and loved me even more. We have been together 6 months now and she has just moved in with me this May 2013. Her parents have already visit UK just this month and met me.

We have planned our wedding for Easter next year with a honeymoon in her home country of Tanzania.

Oasis darting website is worth visiting and worth staying with until you find your true love.

Thank you


I met I great guy on Oasis

I met a lovely man on your site. We are currently dating and have decided to be exclusive to each other I'm very happy.

We are discussing a future, Thank you Oasis!


I found my prince!

I registered with this site after months of playing with the idea, I felt that I wasn’t brave enough to do something like this. I met my ex husband at the age of 18 and we were together up till 2011, 15 years all of my adult life basically.

After meeting a few people from the site I knew straight away after meeting face to face that they were not for me. I was getting a little sick of time wasters and I was losing interest, the same people within a 30 mile radius kept coming up.

The day I decided to search for one last time until I cancel my registration with Oasis I found a fresh faced gentleman with a sincere photo, his profile spoke out to me it was from his heart, he was separated (just like me) and had children also. I was instantly attracted to him and his profile was a bonus I decided to request contact and the next day he replied.

We wasted no time chatting virtually he gave me his number apologising if this is the wrong thing to do! Which was exactly my thoughts didn’t want to waste time and effort virtually. We met a week later and 4 months later still together and I hope very happy....he hasn’t told me otherwise!

We are planning our first night away together at a plush hotel. All I want to say to those people out their looking for someone special to share their life with is when it happens you will know at least you have started the journey, keep smiling!

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