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I finally found my other half!

I was starting to lose patience with the usual route of looking for a partner, out clubbing and pubbing, hoping I would randomly find ‘the one’, but always finding Mr Completely and Utterly Wrong!

I had tried other dating sites with no success, but saw the advert for Oasis, and decided to give it one last go. I started talking to my partner online, we quickly moved to texting, and spent two weeks sending the biggest text messages I've ever sent!

We shared everything, and by the time we met I felt like I'd known him forever already! A couple of weeks after meeting and we were inseparable, and we're now living together, blissfully happy, and I still can't believe I met the man of my dreams online. We have the same personality, likes and dislikes, dreams and aims in life, it's amazing! To anyone unsure about online dating, what have you got to lose?!

Just try it!


And it happened

I had decided to quit Oasis after being on and off for about 2yrs. The guys I really liked mostly didn't contact me. I had met some nice guys and even made a good friendship with one guy but I didn't find someone I really clicked with on a relationship level.

So I went on to close down my account and had one last look... I thought I might just send a hello to a new guy, not expecting a reply. He replied while I was on and we met and clicked and it’s great!


Thanks very much!

I met a young lady of 73yrs of age on your site about six months ago, we have been going steady ever since we have been together a couple of times and thinking of making it permanent, I love every minute with her.



I have a best friend who was already using this site and she told me to give it a go. But I was very unsure about it and I really didn't want to. In the end I just signed up to see what it was all about. I found myself a couple of guys but I was too nervous to try and talk to any of them and they lived quite far away from me. I also had a lot of guys trying to add my contact details but most of them weren't really my type.

However, I did eventually find my guy and I was immediately interested in adding him. I read his profile and he came across as very different to a lot of other boys on the site or guys I have ever met! Plus he lives quite close to me which was a bonus.

The next day I wasn't at college and finally accepted me....I started off the conversation and I could already tell he was a really friendly person. He was asking me loads of questions about myself and he also told me he was doing nursing at university...something I want to do as well! We added each other on facebook and browsed through his pictures and 'about me' section. I noticed that we have a lot in common!

We decided to meet for the first time in the Easter holidays at Nandos. He was exactly how I imagined him and I was so pleased to finally see him after chatting on the phone for a week.
We decided to walk to wicksteed park after Nandos so we could talk to each other and learn more about each other. It was also when we decided to be a proper couple because everything went so well.

We've been together for nearly a month now and every day I think ‘I'm so happy I met him’. He's very sweet, sensitive, caring and also very sentimental about where he's from - which is something that I find really cute! I can't wait for spending more time with him in the future! I know I probably will never find another guy like him in a million years :)


Our Love Story

I had joined Oasis to meet some new people and hope to find a great girl, and I did!
We chatted for a few days and decided to meet up, we had so much in common, and have been together for 6 months and never been happier.

We recently got engaged and looking into getting married next year. I am so in love with her, and wanted to share our love story and to let people reading this know that finding love online is possible.

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