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The love of my life
I never in the past added or sent flirts to guy but one day I came across this drop dead gorgeous guy. I had to check out his profile, then I noticed he only wanted friends :( boo. So I sent a flirt and he added me yay!

We started talking every day until one day he wanted to meet, I get really nervous when I meet people but I was like what the hay let's do it, so we planned to go to the movies and like always I'm late lol he waited for an hour for me! But when I met him for the first time I was in love.

I could not stop looking and giggling at his lame jokes but then I realized he only wanted to be friends, the hang out was so great we started to hang out more, he stayed at my place a few times and then one night we were bored so we went to a look out. It was so cold and he offered to give me his jacket, we sat down and just looked at each other then out of nowhere he said you can kiss me if you like! So I did and when our lips touched for the first time I knew he was the one.

From there we started dating, now 4 months later we are going strong and truly happy!
I didn't know I was looking for love until I found it!
We were just two quirky people just hanging out trying online dating sites for the first time in our lives. Not really expecting anything to come out of it. And then we hit it off!

I’d say it’s like a whirlwind sort of love story. I went to meet him in Australia for a holiday, 3 days later I was down on my knees, asking him to marry me. (Leap year sort of thing, it was February 29 When I proposed.)

Details? We didn't really chat much. But whenever I need someone to talk to, he would always be around. So came my time to visit Australia, we decided to meet each other at central station. And I was in love at first sight. I just laid my eyes on him and I instantly knew he was the man id spend the rest of my life with. Thankfully he was thinking the same thing.

February 29th, he said yes. April 20th, he put a ring on my finger. November 29th I gave birth to our beautiful son.

Now more than a year later, I'm just waiting for the day when he will meet me up at the end of the aisle. We love each other. We are our own family now.

Had it not been for Oasis, I wouldn't have the chance to meet this wonderful man and fall in love. Who would have thought the day I said “hi” would change my life forever!
My dream come true!
29-Oct-2013 made my dreams come true as I met my future wife!

I searched for my preferences and was able to talk to girls I wanted to get to know and also who fitted well in common...

I met my girlfriend on here and we started talking and getting to know each other thanks to the instant messaging on Oasis... We were able to exchange information and also meet up for our first date after only talking for a few weeks!

Talking to my girlfriend made me want to log in all the time and share my day with what I felt was the best person in my life now and in the future!

We have been together for over a year and I could not be happier! We both Love each other and I one day want to be the proudest person to call her my wife! So please try out Oasis as this does work and I hope one day your dream comes true like mine did!
My perfect guy
I started talking to the man of my dreams we have been together a month now and it’s going great!
We love each other more than anything.

I am so glad I joined Oasis and found this amazing guy!
Wasn't looking for love, but found it!
I was on Oasis. Had some good and some bad dates, before I met a girl that changed a lot of my views. We had a quiet drink and then just clicked. We have been seeing each other for a while now and I have been happy ever since.

No more lonely nights and being lost. Keep looking. There is hope and a chance to find love. Oasis just heightens your chances.
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