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Thank you

When I joined Oasis I didn't really expect anything to come out of it, I chatted to loads of lads but none of them were what I was really looking for. One interesting name popped up on the screen, I clicked and started chatting and we got on really well and as a bonus he only lived 5 minutes away from me.

Now we are engaged to be married and have a gorgeous baby girl thank you Oasis.


Getting married

After having been in a long term relationship where I had been hurt really bad it took a lot for me to decide to look at online dating. I finally made the decision to look at Oasis and did my profile.

After being on Oasis a couple of days I started to chat to a nice guy, we hit it off straight away, we spoke online for a while then decided to speak on the phone. We then decided to meet up and go on a date, we got on really well and have now moved in together and we are engaged and planning our wedding for 14 June 2014!


He holds the key to my heart..

Not long ago joined Oasis and thought I'd give it a go as my friends had mentioned to me previously how good it was. Within a day of joining I found someone within a 5ml radius from where I was living.

I sent him a contact request. I was so worried because of my bipolar I assumed it would put him off. But it all started from there. We were talking constantly via the chat and started to get to know one another. By the end of a week we swapped numbers and used FaceTime. It was fab. Things couldn't get any better. I can't wait for what the future holds for us both..


The perfect date!

After joining Oasis, I had a few messaging contacts who just kind of fizzled out without us ever meeting up. What I would say here is don't let this sort of thing put you off. I did meet a couple of nice women for a date but nothing came of them and there were no second dates, sometimes there just isn't the chemistry.

I was about to cancel my membership and look at meeting people in other ways, it didn't feel like this was for me. At this stage I had been in contact with messages via the site with a really nice sounding lady who had no picture or very much written in her profile so I wasn't expecting a date or for the messages to continue.

We agreed on her sending her pictures to me via email, messaged via email a few times and finally after a couple more weeks we arranged to meet at a nice place of her choosing. Something clicked within each of us and we were chatting, laughing and joking straight away, it was as if we had known one another for years.

Since that day we met twice more on dates and now spend our weekends and time off together and the bond between us just gets stronger and stronger all the time. It is truly amazing, nothing like this has happened to me before and I have never been happier.

It really can happen! This sounds like a promotion for Oasis but give it a go and give it time.
Good luck.


Love at first sight

I met my man about a month ago now and from the first moment we started chatting I knew that this guy was for me. We started talking and met straight away.

We went for coffee and from when we saw each other we both knew that we had to give it a shot and so far it's been the best relationship we both have been in ever. I'm very lucky to have met him and I'm grateful for Oasis to be able to bring us together

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