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Happily ever after
I met someone on Oasis in July, we started talking and fell in love. Now we are going to get married. Thanks Oasis for finding me the man of my dreams!
Online dating??? You bet!
I had trouble going onto an online dating site, but a friend said it was the best way to go! After two years of not meeting anyone new, well, my friends tried, but it’s like a needle in a haystack! You can find things in common with guys on here before you even enter into a conversation!

I met a few people, and everyone has their good points. I had a lot of fun, and met some very interesting guys. But I found my life partner here and now we are both so happy!

Thank you Oasis, we both had a blast but now we have found what we have always longed for.. family, home, comfort...and some hot times!!!!
April fools Wedding!
I just want to thank Oasis so much, I joined not ever thinking I would find the one and had almost given up!

I had received a lot of interested from other members but never felt that connection until I contacted a guy on the 5th of September last year. We first met on the 12th of September, by bonfire night he had moved in and on April fool’s day we were married!

Thank you Oasis, without your site I would still be single and lonely!
Married life is fantastic!
We met on Oasis nearly 4 years ago now, we then found out we lived only 2 minutes away from each other so the decision to meet face to face was an easy one! From there we started dating, the relationship grew and grew.

On Valentine’s day last year he proposed, and on march 23rd this year we got married. The most beautiful day of our lives! Thank you Oasis, we owe it all to you.
Found My Match!
Last year I started talking to a girl I would have never thought I would have been in a relationship with. Now a year later we are happily living together and with a baby only a few weeks away and plans for marriage next year.

Thank you Oasis you found me my match.
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