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My perfect guy
I started talking to the man of my dreams we have been together a month now and it’s going great!
We love each other more than anything.

I am so glad I joined Oasis and found this amazing guy!
Wasn't looking for love, but found it!
I was on Oasis. Had some good and some bad dates, before I met a girl that changed a lot of my views. We had a quiet drink and then just clicked. We have been seeing each other for a while now and I have been happy ever since.

No more lonely nights and being lost. Keep looking. There is hope and a chance to find love. Oasis just heightens your chances.
The love of my life
Well next month will be 3 years since I joined Oasis and met the man of my dreams! I had been separated for 5 years and not dating at all when I decided to give it a go.

After only a month or so I had my first meeting that went well but there were no real sparks but a good coffee date, then my life changed so quickly that I still can’t believe I really met my love of my life. From that day till now I have honestly never been happier and I know he feels the same.

So do it! Put yourself out there I did and my life is now complete! There are so many people to meet so why not? You never know what can happen. I never dreamt that I could have what I have now!
Country Love
I received a request from a guy and we started chatting just over 5 and half months ago, being both locals without realizing it and country people, we hit it off with a few common interests.

When we met we seemed to hit it off the conversations flowed and he was easy going and relaxed we didn't rush into anything. We are a strong couple and so alike it's not funny for the first 3.5 months of our relationship we spent doing long distance seeing each other every second weekend which made us appreciate our time together.

Now it's 5 months on since we officially got together and I'd be lost without him and we definitely can't wait to share our future together and without Oasis I would never of met the love of my life.
Found love
I was on Oasis for a year and I wasn't having any luck finding anyone decent that would treat me with respect and love me for me, then I began chatting with my guy.

We chatted for a month before we decided to meet and things went really well and now we have been together for 6 months and are so much in love...thanks to Oasis I found the love of my life when I thought that I would never find someone to love me for me and now I have.
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