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True love
I was on Oasis for a while when I started texting a guy off of here.
I had kept brushing him off then eventually I decided to meet him near where he lived with a group of friends, but when we met I felt an instant connection!

Now we are really in love and are planning a family and a wedding together!
Love of my life
I had been on Oasis for about a year and gone on a few good dates but nothing serious until 5 months ago on a Sunday I met my now partner for a coffee date and from the minute I saw her I knew there was something special!

I just want to thank Oasis for helping me find the girl of my dreams. So to anyone else trying to find true love don't give up, it might not happen straight away but there is someone out there for you! Good luck to everyone!
My one and only!
I met an awesome girl on who I think is the one! We are so much alike and I love her so much!

Thanks Oasis for being here, so we could find each other and good luck to everyone else!
Geek Story
I joined Oasis to try and meet new people because my social anxiety was so bad that I couldn't even face people in public. I met only three people before I met my geek and even though the others didn't work out because I knew straight off the bat that they weren't right for me each of them helped me a little bit in becoming just a little bit more human and capable of dealing with people.

I wasn't going to even add my Geek Boy. I was over at my mother's house with her fiancée and my best friend who then spilled the beans to my mother that I was on Oasis. So my mother immediately had to get onto my profile and play 'Who is allowed to date my daughter.'

I had 20 or so pending requests. And he was in those requests. I must have looked at his profile over a dozen times thinking 'nope he is way way too cute for me.' Mother rejected every single request and only accepted his. It really seems like mother really did know best.

I think we talked for nearly 2 months before actually meeting in person. When I met my Geek Boy that first night, I knew from the second he touched me that he was the right one for me.

It has been over three months now and honestly I hope I get to be with him for three more, three years, thirty years because he makes me a better and more confident, less negative person.

I would never have met him in public as we are both so socially awkward when it comes to the other sex that we would never have met any other way so thanks Oasis for bringing together two absolute geeks!
We found love on Oasis !!!
I was already 36 years old and didn't think I would ever find a girlfriend that I could really fall in love with, let alone find my soulmate!!!

However, I gave Oasis a go (nothing to lose right!). I had a chat to a few people and I ended up meeting a lovely lady and we went out on a couple of dates. We didn't end up being together (though we are still Facebook friends), but the experience made me more confident and made me realise that there are women out there, looking for ME!!! (And I was looking for them).

I gave myself a rule though..... NEVER to get involved with anyone on Oasis without them having a Picture.... I thought to myself, if I can have my picture up, why can't they???

Well, that went out the door when one lady messaged me… I thought I would give her a chance, even though I couldn't see what she looked like. We started chatting and we just clicked! At first, she asked me the HARDEST Ethical Questions you could ever ask anyone, but I realised she was testing me. I answered all her questions right (thank God!!!) and we continued chatting, EVERY chance we could!!!

Over a few days, she realised I was a good guy and she showed me her Picture, well I was astounded, she was so beautiful! No wonder she wanted to keep her identity a secret!!! A week or so later, we met face to face, she brought me a Satay Stick (my Favourite!!!), as she thought I may be hungry (so nice of her). We went out on a date, held hands like little kids and chatted away underneath the Perth Belltower, not long afterwards, we officially became a couple.

Now 3 years later..... We have just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!! Thank you Oasis Active for being there and for giving us all a chance at love!!!
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