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We are getting married!

One evening back in January 2012 I decided to have a go at online dating, Online dating had never really been my cup of tea as I was weary of it but I thought to myself, why not try something different and new, as you may be pleasantly surprised.

The first day I signed up on Oasis I was flicking through and started chatting to males, I was just about to get off the computer until I noticed there was a male I hadn't seen at the bottom of the page, so I clicked on his profile.

I thought to myself, he wouldn't be interested. To my surprise he wrote back, it then spiralled into texting every day. It took a while for us to meet, not only did we have busy lives but I didn't have the confidence at the time. After a long winded 6 months of texting and talking on the phone we finally met in my hometown.

I knew from the first day I laid eyes on him I knew he was the one. This year, he proposed to me and we are getting married next August. I highly recommend this website! Meeting someone through this site gave me the time to get to know someone, I am the happiest I have ever been. Thank you Oasis for giving me the most amazing love story!


Happily Ever After!

We met on Oasis at the beginning of 2012 and there was an instant connection. We had so much in common from the beginning even though at the time we lived 3,000kms away with him in Brisbane and myself in Darwin.

After talking for about a month he flew to Darwin and we met in person, I was expecting it to be awkward but it wasn't and we got along really well, deciding after that weekend to make our relationship official.

In April of 2012 I flew to Brisbane for a week and we spent more time together, deciding that the relationship was serious we began planning for me to move states. We ended up driving from Katherine to Brisbane, getting lost and stuck a couple of times in tiny towns but made it in the end and got our own place together.

Today we are living in a gorgeous house, engaged and expecting our first child, Lily, on the 14th of April, and planning to get married next year. It's been a roller coaster and hasn't been easy, everything happened really quickly but I wouldn't have it any other way.



I had been a long-time active member of Oasis (on-and-off since late 2009), and never thought I would become one of the success stories the site advertises, but I did. Thanks to the introduction of a paid membership, I quickly signed up for one month and was so relieved by the elimination of the annoying adverts!

It took many unsuccessful first-meets, dates and 3 week relationships before I finally met my soul mate. He had just the one profile photo with not much description but I clicked anyway, and later discovered the photo was three years old, but was not in the least phased.

We arranged to meet a park near the beach, which has since become ‘our spot’. We both knew right away that we were the one for each other. We have been together for nearly three months and there are rumours of marriage in the very near future. I am so very glad I stuck with Oasis thank you so very much!


Happy at last

I almost give up at the end of February this year; I just kept deleting my profile, and then not resisting temptation and opening it up again.

I had click on so many profiles and though this was hopeless! Then this one unbelievable night a guy wanted to chat with me and clicked straight away. After the first night he give me his number I was a bit reluctant to call, but glad I did. We later met up and things are going great!

Thank you Oasis. I would not have done it with you.


Getting married

We spoke on Oasis for 6 months off and on while both meeting other people, tried a few times to meet for coffee but timing was not right!

One day we manage to meet for that coffee and come this October 2013 will marry and have been together for 2 years , we have both been married before and have 5 children between us from 21 down to 10, its with our children and families support we move into the future as a blended family.

We both had, at times confusing and disheartning experiences on here but then we also met some nice people and made friends and in time it allowed us to cross paths and we are happy this site allowed us to do that.

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