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I Found My Prince Charming!
I had been online too many times to count and had often given up, thinking there's no one out there for me. After 3 years of trying numerous sites as well as oasis, I decided to stick it out in a last attempt. A lot of my friends were quickly becoming either engaged, married, had kids or were in relationships.

I wasn't quite sure how to meet single people and decided if I'm online looking to meet a man who wants a serious relationship, surely there's on one there who wants the same right? So in 2012 in the New Year, I decided to update my profile and pretty much start fresh and give it as much effort as I wanted to receive from it in return.

I went on a few dates but nothing ever came of them and by the end of 2012 I was beginning to think that maybe I'd reached the end of my search. That year I also moved away for work which a huge adjustment was being away from all my friends and family. I still kept my oasis search going and thought if nothing else, it kept me company chatting to people when I was so homesick.

Then one night, I randomly decided to search for other matches in different states. I thought if I couldn't find anyone near me; why not see if things change looking abroad. I remember scrolling through the profiles and stopped when I found one. I read it and thought ‘He sounds like my type of guy’ I hesitated for a while and thought I should take the risk, nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say.

So I sent the request, to which he accepted. We talked and immediately got on well, keeping conversation going was not an issue at all, which was great. But with him in New South Wales and Myself in Queensland, I never thought in my wildest dreams that'd anything would eventuate let alone the fact he'd be interested in me.

We had phone conversations, oasis chats, and texts. I felt so at ease and comfortable with this man who I had never met, he seemed to really get me in a way no one had before. After 5 months of talking constantly, he told me he was making the 2,200km drive up from New South Wales to Queensland and asked if I wanted to meet him.

I remember the morning of our first date feeling so sick with nerves, and yet at the same time excited to meet him as we'd already felt like we knew each other a fair bit after talking for so long. Still I was worried there'd be a chance we wouldn't click well in person like we did over the phone (which seemed to happen to me a lot on previous dates).

I'll never forget the first time he looked at me and smiled, I immediately felt all my nerves disappear and began to feel at ease. Since then, we've started dating and although it's hard being a long distance relationship, we're both willing to make it work and it makes the time we are together even more special. I wouldn't change my choice for anything in world. He's everything I've ever wanted and more, I didn't think I'd ever find my prince but I'm so thankful I took the risk and clicked on his profile. He's changed my life for the better and I can't wait to see where things go, he makes me happier than I've ever been! I finally got my happy ending.
Oasis changed my life!
I'm back to publish my success story of how me and my husband met on Oasis!
I was a full-time teacher in the Philippines and because of this I never had time to go out and find my special someone, so my friend suggested online dating. She sent me to the Oasis site and kept nagging me to join. Eventually after many months of her persistence, I joined.

Not using the site that religiously, I decided to log in late one night check what's going on, when a new face popped up wanting to chat. After a few hours of chatting we exchanged skype details to see each other, we were getting on really well and after 3 days he asked me to be his girlfriend.
After months of chatting on and off line we go engaged! He came over on the 29th of July and in August 2012 we were married! By September, we got the good news that I was 7 weeks pregnant with our first child.

In April 2013 my husband was by my side when I gave birth to our first angel, a healthy little girl.
We are now in the process of moving to Australia as a family to start our amazing lives together!

Good luck to all those out there!
Found my soulmate
On the 18 of October 2013 I joined this site and I had been talking to people but they didn't really suit what I was looking for.

A few days later this amazing guy added me and we have been together for a month now. We have so much in common! I would recommend Oasis to my friends and to everyone its free and it works!!!
Thank you Oasis
After talking to each other for over a month on your dating site, me and my beautiful girl went on our 1st date. We chose a meal and cinema at a half-way point between where we lived.

After a couple more months of dating we both realised we were meant to be. Everything couldn't be better, we are the happiest we've ever been! We have known each other for 16 months now and living together for a year.

We've met each other’s family's which we both get on with which is a bonus. We recently went on our 1st holiday together to Barcelona and had an amazing time there.

I told my brother about the site and after a couple of unsuccessful dates he nearly gave up but I told him to try it one more time. He now is dating a girl perfect for him we've been on a couple of double dates and they are very happy. I hope if you are reading this we've given you confidence in the site and online dating.

It really works my dad has also used online dating and is happily married now, as is one of my cousins and they have a child together. Another cousin is dating and happy after meeting his girlfriend online. All the best and hope you find the love of your life like me!
Northern Monkey steals Poshs' heart
I was on Oasis for over a year but despite meeting some lovely men, something was missing....The illusive spark. One day, casually browsing my matches I saw a picture that made my heart skip a beat. These Gorgeous piercing green eyes stared back at me. I read and re-read his profile until I plucked up the courage to send a contact request. After that I checked my account every few minutes, crossing my fingers hopping my request would be accepted. It was!

Green eyes and I chatted for ages hitting it off on every level and within hours we swapped numbers. Hearing his sexy Northern accent made my stomach do summersaults and he very quickly started calling me “Posh” as a pet name due to my southern accent and he quickly became known as my “Northern Monkey”.

On the evening of the date I was so nervous, checking and re checking my make-up, fiddling with my hair, and changing outfits at least eight times. As I drove to meet Northern Monkey I could barely hold the steering wheel as my hands were shaking with nerves.

Walking to the bar, my stomach was doing an Olympic style summersault routine, however the moment I saw my Northern Monkey my nerves melted away. As I gazed up into his amazing eyes I knew there was something different about this man!

The date was perfect. Everything he said and did caused funny feeling s to develop, feelings I couldn’t explain or understand. At the end of the date he was the perfect gentleman, walking me to my car, giving me a kiss on the cheek, assuring me he would text me when he got home. The next hour was torture as I kept checking my phone, but just after an hour my phone pinged with a text saying he had enjoyed himself very much and asked me out again the next weekend. I agreed immediately, forgetting all the rules about playing it cool and hard to get.

The weekend finally arrived and we had an amazing time. The more time I spent with my Northern Monkey, the more these strange feelings which had been niggling me all week got stronger, but I still had no idea what they meant.

The third weekend ended with us laid on the grass and Northern Monkey was playing with my cat. I exclaimed without even thinking ‘awwwww Tommy seems to love you, and he's not the only one’ I couldn’t believe what I had said, but it was like a light bulb suddenly went on in my head. I understood these strange feelings.....I WAS IN LOVE! The next few seconds seemed like as ages but Northern Monkey sat up and kissed me on the lips and whispered in my ear I love you too and I have loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you.” That was it we were in love.

To cut a long story short a few weeks later Northern Monkey got down on one knee and proposed, making me the happiest woman alive. We have now been together 7 months and are planning the big day for next September.... The Church is booked and I am already finding out how much is involved in planning a wedding! I never thought Oasis would lead me to find The One or that love at first site actually existed, as I was very much a sceptic before. Thank you Oasis and for those of you still searching, don’t give up as the partner of your dreams could only be a click away! ; ).
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