Success Stories
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Happy ending
I came on here looking for friends but I met my partner on here we started talking and I finally met up with him and we hit it off that was in 2015 August.

After a week I moved in with him and on the 29th September we welcomed our beautiful daughter to the world and we are planning to marry next year.

Love does exist you have to find the right one but for now my search is over.
One Quiet Night
One quiet night, a light shone through my phone, Oasis lit up with a girl called Connie.

From first glance something wonderful occurred, two stars aligned as heavenly bodies. Although in its early stages, our path is one, and each day brings with it incredible joy.

From one chance meeting on oasis. Love can be found, for those of us who believe. Our journey is morphing every day, into something more beautiful than life itself.

Thank you Oasis
A meeting of two minds and two hearts
I came from India; she came from England. We met on the Oasis site in May 2015; she was just about come off the dating site and I had only just joined. She was mad about animals, so was I. I was interested in charity work, she had been to India and she had already done charity work in my home city Kolkata. This is where the love story began.

This was the meeting of two minds and two hearts. It felt like there was a karmic connection right from the start between us. There were so many coincidences in both of our lives that couldn't have just been accidental. So, very early on, we both knew that this was a twin flame/soul mate connection. Things moved on very quickly and we both fell in love and we both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

Finally, we got engaged on Christmas day and with a date already set for our marriage in April 2017. I cannot imagine a day without her not being close to me and I look forward to our new chapter coming where we will spending our rest of the life together
After waiting a minute, I learnt something
Over 3 and a half years ago we started our journey - we have moved in together, started our life in Wales with all our animals and we are finally getting married in June 2017 after he popped the question in February 2015 while we were out horse riding near the Brecon Beacons!

I am so glad I gave him a chance and ignored everyone else negative comments about internet dating and him in general, I am glad he doesn't care his family hate me because at the end of the day, all that matters is that we found each other and have stuck to each other like glue.

I decided nearly 4 years ago he was for keeps and that’s the way I intend to live my life. With the man I took a gamble on which, payed off with something far more valuable than anything else on earth as what we have cannot be taken away by anyone.

Haters are going to hate but love is the glue that holds the world together.
Thank you Oasis!!!!!
To be honest I never thought I'd end up doing anything like this in my life but a few years ago a friend of mine who met his girlfriend on Oasis told me I should try this site out.

After pondering over the idea for a bit I did. I tried other dating websites out but this is the only one I stuck with. I chatted to plenty of girls and had a couple of dates but after sticking with it for a bit longer I saw this girl’s profile that instantly attracted me to her.

Well I added her twice on here think we must have missed each other the first time round but our conversations really picked up after the new year and then a few weeks later I asked her for her number.

After chatting for a bit longer, having had our first chat on the phone we decided that we should meet up. As shy and nervous as I was on our first date I didn't think it went too bad.

She really is a top woman in every way shape and form. She consistently fetches the best out of me as a person without fail. I personally couldn't ask for a better girlfriend.

Big thanks to this great site that I found her.
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