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We hope you enjoy reading our member stories. If you have met someone on Oasis and would like to share your success story then Submit your Story.

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Found that special someone!!

Right from the very beginning we hit it off. We always manage to have fun on our dates. We share common interests. Things are going so good and our feelings are getting stronger as time goes by.

We love each other’s company. I have never felt more comfortable with anyone than I do now. I would just like to thank Oasis for helping me find that someone special.


Cinderella and the prince charming

I’d just about given up on the idea of love and finding happiness with someone and was determined to focus on my career. After seeing the Oasis ads I thought, what do I have to lose? When I read his profile I liked him instantly and thought ‘wow, maybe there are decent guys out there looking for love’. We started getting to know each other and since that first day we haven't stopped talking.

When we first met I was so excited and nervous but in a totally awesome way. I will never forget the smile on his face when he first saw me. We went to Chocolateria San Churro, I couldn't hardly eat I was so nervous/excited.

We started talking and honestly have never really stopped since the first day we met we have an amazing connection. When I first told family and friends that I met someone on Oasis, they were all a bit hesitant but then when they saw us together and how happy we were they said we needed to contact Oasis to be a success couple because it really works!

He is my best friend; he has shown me what it is to have a soul mate. He makes me smile every day and I now know what it means to be truly loved and to love. Oasis changed my life and I am so happy, as I finally found my best friend, and I am looking for a good future together. Thanks a lot Oasis.


I'm getting married in the Philippines

I was only on the site about a month and I liked a girl and she liked me back. We started chatting and discovered that we had a lot in common and that we really liked each other.

She does live abroad but we are now engaged to be married and that will take place soon! I didn't really think internet dating was the answer but I'm glad I have been proved wrong.

I have found Oasis to be better than any other dating site that I've been on so its thanks to Oasis that I have found a wonderful girl.


Our success story

I have been on so many different sites and sure I met guys but nothing ever came of it.

I finally have met someone who not only accepted me as a single parent but took my daughter under his wing and she adores him.

He took us away on a family holiday last year and proposed to me on mother’s day.

We now have an 8 week old son and have been together for 3 years this year.

I say give it a try because I gave it a chance and responded to his message and I am so happy I met such a caring man who is a great partner and father.


Friendship and Love

I have a very close friend from Oasis, I met her a few years ago and we have become more like family then friends and I thank Oasis for that.

If it wasn’t for me being on this site I would have never met her! To watch her and her partner make me believe there is still love out there somewhere as they also met on Oasis, fell in love and got married… WELL DONE OASIS!

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