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True love
I meet someone on this site and we are getting on and going strong, looking to have kids and get married. We are both very happy!
Happy ever after
We meet up on Oasis in 2011 and was chatting on and off a year. In 2012 we exchanged phone numbers. Then we up for real on 22-10-12 for the first time.

We got on so well as we were chatting for over three hours and both wanted to see each other again. We have been meeting up ever since then. We moved in together last year, 11-02-2015. Next year we are going to get married, 04-02-2017.

We are a gay couple and we are both happy ever after. Thanks to Oasis.
Happily ever after
After seeing a gorgeous man check out my profile I headed over to look at his but didn't want to seem to keen and make the first contact. Lucky for me he did and we began talking.

After 3 days we had exchanged phone numbers and had organized our first date for the next weekend. (Not something I would normally do so quickly).

We met on a 40 degree day in the botanical gardens and had a beer then a walk around. This is where we also shared our first kiss on a lookout in the gardens.

We both wanted to continue the date but had plans so we organized a date the next day! He picked me up and took me to the beach in the late afternoon which continued into pizza on the beach in the dark. From then we have seen each other every single day.

We moved in together after 4 months and were engaged after 15 months. Now 3 years after Oasis we have just got married and bought our own home to starts family! Thanks Oasis!!!
I met a guy on Oasis and all is going well. We have been seeing each other for a few months now and he is really a wonderful man and I am sure things will keep progressing beautifully.
Love at 3rd sight
It took Mr P. a few attempts to catch my eye, as I had a heap of other guys talking to me. One day I added him, and our lives haven't been the same we have been together now for 4.5 yrs and we wouldn't want it any other way!
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