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Thank you
I was a single Dad, working every day of the week and I did not enjoy the pub/club scene.”

It was my family that asked if I'd tried online dating, and I hadn't even thought of it. After a few conversations with a few different people, I accepted a request from another and began chatting. This one was different. We just seemed to click.

We agreed to go on a date. I was thinking coffee, she was thinking dinner and a movie! We did dinner and a movie, and I'm so glad we did.

Long story short, we have relived the same date a few times over the 4 years we've been together. We live together and we got married in October. We are so very happy, and my kids love her.

We cannot thank Oasis enough for providing the service that brought us together.
True love found
After being single for 18 months I decide to try out a dating site and a friend suggested Oasis, so I gave it a go with very little confidence.

For a week I had no responses, then someone liked me back, it was a girl who I liked but had no idea why, I had just clicked on it subconsciously, then she sent a message, a simple hello. I had no intention of replying, I was nervous, but before I knew it I was replying. From those first few words it was evident that there was a connection, and a long distance relationship blossomed.

Now, only 5 weeks after those first words, she is leaving her country to come and live with me, even without meeting physically we fell in love and look forward to a wonderful future together. Without Oasis this would not have been possible, so I thank the team at Oasis.
It's never to late to find love
Hi I just wanted to thank Oasis for running this amazing site and giving people like myself a chance of finding love.

It's happened to me about a month ago now and the lady I met is amazing in every way and I never dreamed I would have been so fortunate to have found such a precious gem like her.

We are going out and talking about future plans together, we both are very much alike in personality traits with very similar views about life.

I am 61 years of age never imagined finding Love as strong as ours it is totally amazing, I believe there is a special someone out there for everyone, so put yourself out there and make it happen this site has enabled us both to have a wonderful new future together.

So the people who run Oasis we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this amazing connection happen.
Love at first sight
We fell in love on the spot. She is the love of my life and I am the love of her life. We plan to marry soon. She makes me so happy and just gets me. We do everything together and plan to spend the rest of our life's together.

Oasis works guys give it a go. Thank you so much Oasis I have never been so happy.
Real love
Met a wonderful man on here 2 months ago and we hit it off straight away. He is the perfect gentleman and we really like each other.

Never thought I would meet someone so nice and that likes me for me and never wants to change anything about me.

We have had the best 2 months and we are looking forward to our first holiday together
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