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Just meant to be
I started talking to this girl on Oasis. She lived interstate but I didn’t care. We were talking every day and getting to know a lot about each. We really clicked and never ran out of things to talk about.

After about 5 months of nonstop talking she flew down to see me and stay for a week with me. It was the best week of that year! We had so much fun and so many laughs together.

About a month after that we made it official and I have a girlfriend. She is planning to move down here to be with me as soon as she can and I can't wait!
Met my match
An innocent chat that went so far. Simply starting to talk about common interests we quickly grew very fond of each other, even though we were over 100 miles apart we met up and have been together ever since, close to celebrating our 1 year anniversary and looking at our entire future and lives together.
Thank you Oasis.
I joined Oasis Dating back in 2011 I chatted with a few people, but nothing serious. I was about to quit on love, I left and came back a few times over the years and then around 2014 I met someone nice but something happened and we didn’t speak to each other for some time.

Then we decided to talk again after months of not talking, it was July when we met face to face then stayed friends and see what happened. As things got better we got together and things are now Wonderful.
Happiness found, Thanks Oasis
2 and half years ago, me and my partner found ourselves logging in to Oasis dating, after having long term relationships failing, we were both back on the market. Neither of us really liked the pub/club scene and were worried about how we would find love.

It was actually my mum that told me to try online dating, I'm so glad she advise me to do this (never would of thought of it myself).

We spoke online for a few weeks using your amazing services, we decided to meet up, then I was diagnosed with appendicitis and the date was put on hold, after being in hospital for a few days and having an Op, my partner decided to meet me the evening I was sent home.. I looked terrible in my pjs and feeling very sorry for myself. He was very sweet and kind (even though I looked awful) from then on we was pretty much inseparable.

2 and half years later, we live together and have 2 kitty cats and extremely happy, we have become better people because of we have each other. We are planning on having a forever relationship, Thanks to Oasis dating!
I have now got my best friend on Oasis, to find love as I was so successful. You can find the one ONLINE!
Found love on the first page
I joined Oasis and started looking though my matches, only 5 or 6 profiles down I saw him!

I clicked on his profile and added him straight away, half an hour later he messaged me and we talked for hours. We have been inseparable since.

He is so beautiful and I adore him. We are really happy and planning our future together.
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