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Happy being married
My Husband and I are very happy we met on and have now been married for one year.

We are together all day every day and love being in each other's company.

There is always someone out there for you just don't ever give up, many thanks from Mr and Mrs Samson!
Thank you oasis
Oasis does work, but it is important to be safe. I thought I met a keeper a while back; charming at first glance though warning signs did creep through early days, I mistook that as nerves. He proved very abusive, knocked my confidence over months and relieved me of a lor of my hard earned cash to feed his habits. I'm glad for friends, family and the police to help me see sense and get away.
I did not let that experience put me off trying again online as both nice and bad people can be found everywhere in life. I also learnt about Clare's law and recommend people use it if they are unsure of who they are dating.
I'm glad was not put off as now with my ideal partner.
Given my experience I was extra cautious, ensuring to take my time to know.
I remember shortly after our second date I panicked and told him I did not want to see him anymore. He was so great about it and offered me friendship if I ever wanted. I had a family bereavement at the time and was getting hassle from my ex. This has stopped now thankfully. I was comfortable with friends, but it's now turned into better.
He has been a rock: Kind, gentle, funny, patient, full of cuddles, not to mention tall, athletic and super handsome. I do my best to make him laugh, share, love and care and plan to be there as much as he has been for me when needed. We are getting on so well and live minutes away from each other so have been able to take time to really learn, build trust and respect for each other, love.
I truly could not be happier and am very glad I did not let a bad experience put me off meeting someone so special.
Thank you oasis.
Met my soulmate, now my husband
We met 26th August 2013, he had a free profile as did I. We had our first date in Sainsbury. To cut a long story short on 17th April 2017 we got married.
Happily married
JJ and I met on oasis in 2012 and were recently married beside a beautiful lake with close family
We have travelled the world and Australia together and are best friends and in love
Oasis is a great site to meet nice people
Living the Dream
I joined Oasis September 2012.

Within 5 minutes I found a match named and we instantly connected. We chatted for 5 Hours straight, then exchanged numbers before reluctantly coming offline.

3 days later we met in person at Warwick Castle.

3 years later in September 2015 we got married and are living the dream.
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