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Me and my Clark Kent
I had been on Oasis Dating for about 6 month's met a few guy's but didn't work out, I was about to give up when I thought to myself, what the hell, I’ll search one more time and there he was.

This dark hired guy reminded me of Clark Kent! We got talking and soon after met. That was it a year later we got engaged, we have been together nearly 3 year’s!
Third time lucky
Have been on and off this site a few times with meeting two guys and not being successful. After 6 months I gave it another shot and a month later found my soul mate. After accepting his request we connected as if we knew each other. From liking the same tv shows on netflix to songs, food and was nonstop.

We chatted for 4 hours and he gained bits of my phone number with a game we played and towards the end realized he couldn’t scroll up to the first part of my number!

Next day was nonstop texting in the morning and night with butterflies in my stomach. Few days later I worked up the courage to meet him after work and we ended up going to a place we both love... The connection was amazing with me not wanting him to leave my car.

Our second date was even better...till a family tragedy happened and he is now grieving.

Hoping I don't lose my soul mate even if it means we just stay good friends. Missing him heaps and always thinking of him.
Magnify the Lord together
I had been divorced for over 3 years and relocated to another state. As a committed Christian, I was taking time alone to heal and wait for God's direction in my life.

About 6 months ago, I felt it was time to start praying about a man who would be my lifetime love. I began praying for a specific kind of man, also for another committed Christian and was not encountering that man in my everyday life so I took a chance and signed up for amorenlinea.

With so many members, I was hopeful. After several unsuccessful communications, I spotted a very handsome man in another country who seemed to have much of what I was praying for so I sent him a hello. Little did I know that he was a new member and I was the first to contact him....and the last.

We clicked very quickly, I have visited him in his country and we plan to marry close to the end of the year. Thank you amorenlinea for being the avenue that God used to bring me the love of my life!
I found love
After chatting with and meeting several guys on Oasis, that turned out to be duds, I found someone wonderful. Being a single mum at my age with a 3 year old son was difficult matching with guys who understood my situation.

But eventually I found someone who did. He's a great guy and understands my situation. We are very happy together.
My Love
On the last week of April 2015 I signed up on Oasis with the hopes of meeting a Filipina. I have to admit that I didn’t believe that real love could come from such a site and I didn't put much faith in it.

I'm an American and have many friends who are from the Philippines. I wanted to experience the same culture and family values as I have seen while visiting them. I talked with a couple Filipinas on Oasis and found no connection but within a very short time that changed and so did my life.

I read the profile of the most beautiful loving and caring person to ever enter my life. I messaged her and she wrote back to me and we discovered that we had so much in common.

We both had been married in the past. We both were close in age and had kids in college. Those were only a few of the many things that brought us together. After endless conversation I knew this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

We planned to meet in September 2015. I scheduled two weeks to visit her in the Philippines. When I arrived I found that she was everything and more than I had ever hoped for. After a week in the Philippines I proposed to her, she cried and said yes to being my wife. We hope to be married before the end of 2016. Thank you Oasis for my amazing bride to be and my love.
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