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Love of my Life
On the 24 April 2016 I met a guy I was talking to on Oasis.

I was not sure of how I felt about him due to my concerns from previous experiences on online dating but he his amazing and is now the love of my life.

I am so happy to have met him and thank Oasis for making this possible.
My Soul Mate, Best Friend & now Husband

I met Carl on Oasis in April 2013, after some really bad relationships and not much luck with online dating, I was just about to give up. He sent me a message and we hit it off straight away.

I was due an operation a couple days after we met online so we decided to swap numbers to keep chatting. After not much success I truly didn't expect to hear from him, but the day of my op he messaged me wishing me good luck, and again after to see how I got on. Then the messaged came everyday without fail, we could literally talk about anything.

In August 2013 we finally met up for a date, I was on crutches, but this didn't phase him at all. It was such a fun and relaxed date, we got on so well and knew there was something special.

We finally got together in September and fell madly in love.

Carl proposed on June 2014 after only a year but we knew we were soul mates.

After a few life struggles, and surviving life's elements we managed to move in together 2016 and married in October.

He truly is my best friend, and soul mate, my absolute world and I am so thankful to Oasis for being our meeting place.

We have 2 Dogs and are hoping to start a family soon.
Never thought
I chatted for a while to my Oasis partner before we met and now as they say rest history!

We are making plans for the future together. I have found my soul mate.
Happy ending
I came on here looking for friends but I met my partner on here we started talking and I finally met up with him and we hit it off that was in 2015 August.

After a week I moved in with him and on the 29th September we welcomed our beautiful daughter to the world and we are planning to marry next year.

Love does exist you have to find the right one but for now my search is over.
One Quiet Night
One quiet night, a light shone through my phone, Oasis lit up with a girl called Connie.

From first glance something wonderful occurred, two stars aligned as heavenly bodies. Although in its early stages, our path is one, and each day brings with it incredible joy.

From one chance meeting on oasis. Love can be found, for those of us who believe. Our journey is morphing every day, into something more beautiful than life itself.

Thank you Oasis
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