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Love at first sight

I met my partner on and we had been chatting online for a while before we met in person. We met up in a public place and right from the start we were talking as if we had known each other for ages.

She opened up to me and felt relaxed in my company, we have seen a lot of each other since including a few days in Bournemouth. We make each other laugh and enjoy spending time together when we can.

It has been over a month now since we became a couple and both very happy. Once of the things that attracted me to her was her red hair which I'm fond of but she also has lovely eyes with a personality to boot.



I meet the most wonderful man about 7 weeks ago and he has asked me to marry him! He is my world, I wouldn't know what to do without him!

I have had a lot of problems in the past 7 weeks we have been together and he has stood by me all the way even when I was in hospital.

We haven't set a date for our wedding people might think it far to soon for us to be engaged but we talk about everything and he my soul mate life wouldn't be the same without him in it.



Thanks for giving us the opportunity to meet, we have recently gotten married and are very happy together.


It's Love

Me and my partner met on Oasis and have never looked back. We are a perfect match for each other and are going to get married very soon and my to wife be is moving in with me thanks to Oasis!


My Soulmate

I went onto Oasis after my marriage of 10 years had gone sour. My friend suggested to try the site, so I laughed and said 'dating sites are for losers!'.

Later that night I decided to have a look, to see what all the fuss was about. Sure enough, I found him!! He is the most beautiful person I have ever met, and we plan to grow old together... for the next 50 years, at least!!

I love him with all my heart!! THANK YOU OASIS SO SO MUCH!!

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