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First time success!

A friend of mine had success on Oasis a couple of years ago and I took her success as my motivation to try online dating. I had never tried any online dating before.

One week on I was chatting to local guy and we decided to meet almost straight away as neither of us seemed to be into playing games.

I don't know if there are any stats out there but my first ever online date has been a huge success.

We have so much in common and laugh all the time. Three months later our relationship is going strong as we both discover we have the same ethics and are keen to build a long term future.

Oasis has introduced me to a great person and we both can't believe our luck. Thank you Oasis.


True love

I meet my fiancé on this site, we first meet up on Valentine’s Day and we are now engaged to be married! I never thought it could happen to me, but it did and I thank Oasis for this opportunity. I have kissed a lot of frogs now I have truly found my prince.



I'm really happy that I found a very loving person genuine caring we have been seeing each other now for 6 weeks and the future is looking good, as we are planning on having a baby and setting up home together thank you Oasis!


love at first sight

I met a wonderful person on this site we have been together since we met in January 2012 and now we are very happily married!


Happiness is out there

After two years of loneliness and feeling as if the rest of my life was going to be one long single boring existence, a friend suggested that I try Oasis. After just three weeks I found a wonderful lady who can make me smile and laugh again.

I had tried other dating sites, but the women on there seemed more interested on what was in your wallet or what you could do for them, having been together nearly four months we are now happily engaged and looking forward to spending a long and happy life together.

It is true there is happiness out there if you are willing to give it a try

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