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After coming out of a 6 year relationship, being a single mother was hard. Finding time to get out into the world with my studying, children and having no time a few of my girlfriends told me about

I joined up!

With a few potentials I kept my mind open.

Then popped up a little Greek man.. Not my usual type in looks which was ok as I knew online dating would give me a chance to know him for him and not his looks.

We started chatting eventually exchanged number and spoke on the phone! At one stage we spoke for 5 hours about everything.

I knew this guy was something special. 1 year on.. We are engaged and extremely happy!

Thanks to Oasis!
Brilliant Site!
I met my Partner on here in May 2011. We had our first date after only 7 days of constant emails.

We immediately felt great with each other. We have now known each other 13 months and have a beautiful baby boy.

We are getting married in 5 months time and could not be happier. Thank You Oasis.
Happily Married
I met Svetlana on Oasis Active a couple of years ago. She lived in Russia, and I in Adelaide.

In 2010, Svetlana came to Australia for a holiday. Things just clicked for us, and I proposed to her after about 6 weeks. Unfortunately her holiday ended, and she had to return to Russia. We communicated online almost every day and went through the arduous immigration process. Finally in March this year Svetlana was granted a visa and came to live with me in mid-April. The good news is we were married last Saturday [June 16th 2012] and are now settling in for the rest of our lives.

I am a mature person [62] and never thought I would meet somebody online. Svetlana is 53, and Oasis was almost the first thing she learned to do on a computer.

Just goes to show that there is hope for all of us...

Thank you Oasis Active!!
I would never have met you had it not been for Oasis.
We met on Oasis 4 years ago, after my partner saw the photo I had on my profile and contacted me to ask if the photo was real (and not of someone else) - I drove to meet him at Randwick and I never looked back.

The reason he was online was because he is a tower crane driver and was working on a crane in Queensland and had no chance of meeting anyone whilst working 7 days. The reason I was online was I was saving to buy my house and quite frankly couldn’t afford to go to bars and look for Mr Right.

Online seemed like the best option for both of us, and lucky it was as we are now getting married on the 7th of July 2012!!

I just want to tell you how thankful I am that you helped me to find him - sincerest thank you.
True love
I met an amazing guy on Oasis, he give me my life back. I wasn't sure how this all worked but the first day I joined I started chatting to him, it was too good to be true, but I went for it anyway!

Everything he said to me gave me butterflies; I knew we had to meet! A month later we did and it was perfect, we are happily together. Big thanks to Oasis...
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