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Proposed to on Valentine’s Day

We met on Oasis nearly three years ago. We liked each other’s profiles and had a fair bit in common. We chattered for a while and it was then we found out we actually lived 2 minutes away from each other.

We swapped phone numbers and then arranged to meet face to face. We have been together ever since. This Valentine’s Day he took me out to dinner and proposed 'We are getting married!'

Thank you Oasis Active!


Perfect Match

I initially went on Oasis to have a look, as have never been on a dating site before. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this site, but uploaded some pictures and thought what the hell give it a go!

After a few days this cheeky guy popped up and added him to my contacts, we started chatting which ended up an all-nighter. We texted and chatted for a while, which eventually lead to us meeting up.

Our personalities are spot on and seem to bounce off each other. 10 weeks and we are still going strong.


Destined To Be!

It was the 15th of December 2010 at 8PM where I was attending a function. I had recently broken up with my partner of two years, and was a bit down. Any who, Dinner was ready, and an attractive waiter caught my eye, I nudged my friend beside me and said "Hey, check out that waiter, he's hot!" and everyone on our table glanced. That was the last time I laid eyes on the attractive waiter for 2010.

Later on in mid-August 2011 I joined up for Oasis. I thought online dating was silly, until I searched the guy's in my area. To my surprise, I browsed a familiar profile. I’m good with faces and knew I had seen this beauty before. Just my luck, he accepted my request. It was a matter of time, before things took off positively.

Day after day was progression, Things sped up to skype and we knew more and more about each other. We later exchanged mobile numbers. It was clear we got along like fuel to fire.

It was a Thursday night, and we were texting one another, it was 7:45PM and out of the blue my crush asked "will you go out with me?" I got all tingly and jumpy. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and I couldn’t believe this was happening. I haven’t even met this guy yet, and he asked me to be in a relationship with him!

It was days later, and we had decided to meet at a local shopping centre. I called him to say, I’m on my way, I was nervous as hell! We kept on the phone and he asked were I was, and he said "Look up" To my surprise he was looking down at me from the top level.

We later on talked; he then said he remembered me from that function! I was amazed. Out of the hundreds of people who attended that occasion, he remembered me! Fate right? We continued sharing interests, cuddled and shared our first kiss! It was magical! It felt so right, but very much so, like a fairy tale.

It’s been now been 7 months and it’s definitely love, or something like it. Thank you Oasis and thank you fate!


Man of my dearms

I didn’t expect anything from a dating site; but I was on Oasis for less than a month before this amazing guy added me.

I accepted the contact request and we started chatting, I gave him my number as I had to go offline and we texted each other for the rest of that day.

He wanted to meet me, as he had a day off work coming up; we went to a public place, where we spent all day getting to know each other

I could not have asked for a better match, he is an awesome bloke and I am truly happy to have found him, I would never be this happy if it wasn’t for this site – Thank you Oasis.


Unlikely match!

I met an amazing guy in July 2009, and thought that he was nice enough but not my type of bloke as he was covered in tatts and body piercings! HOW WRONG I WAS!!!! He is the most gentle, genuine and adorable man I’ve ever met!

It's hard to find a guy with old-fashioned family values - something that he took very seriously! He'd open doors for me, send me romantic emails/texts and just want to show me off to the world! I WAS SMITTEN!! We engaged in February 2010, married in November 2010 and welcomed our gorgeous little girl into the world in July 2011!

I cannot thank you enough Oasis for your website! I had nearly given up looking after meeting some duds on other websites - am certainly glad I gave Oasis a go!!


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