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Found our happy ever after!

I was almost ready to give up on love, having come out of an abusive relationship and then I joined Oasis and within a few days I was talking to a wonderful guy.

We met for our first date on Father’s day last year and will be celebrating this Father’s day with our son who is due a month before our one year anniversary!

Thank you Oasis for bringing us together, even though we only lived 5 miles apart, I doubt we would have met without this site.


Married after meeting on Oasis!

Typical story to begin with, but please read on: I didn't ever want to use a dating site, but a girlfriend and I sat up late one night over a few wines and she talked me into it. I had quite a few conversations, some, shall we say were definitely forgettable, however, I met someone - who became (and still is) a genuinely good friend, and shortly afterwards - another guy, who became (over time) - a good friend, then a partner and now - my husband! We had the most romantic, elegant, intimate and stylish wedding overseas that you could possibly imagine.

I was one of those people who was never going to even live with someone again, let alone anything else and certainly didn't think online dating was very credible. However, since meeting my (now) husband, I couldn't believe how many of his friends had met their (now) long-term partners this way (another couple married a month after we did). If you think about it, it's no different to wartime days, when letter writing was the only way relationships developed and were committed to.

When we were single - we weren't interested in the club scene, most of our friends were in relationships (so no single friends), and we all work. Top that off with not really wanting to go through it all again so now I can see why online dating has its place in today's world.

My husband and I talk about how we are so incredibly blessed that we met (and both of us have enough life experience to know what's real). That doesn't mean we're not realists, it just means we believe there are some genuine people out there looking for something honest and good.

Now, I'm an advocate! Recently another friend became single and I set her up on Oasis. If nothing else I said, it's a feel-good distraction when life plateaus. So...we are an amazingly successful story, I hope yours is too.


Couldn’t be Happier

Having never been on a site like this before and to begin with being very sceptical, I cautiously entered details into my profile. I spoke with a few people and made some, what I hope to be long lasting friendships, however the main reason for entering this site was to find my perfect match..........
And I did!! We started chatting online, text messaging, even video calls, then that nerve racking day came...the meet!! It is still very early days, but I can honestly say I am very happy and we are without a doubt in love, we have so much in common and a lot that we don’t, but that’s good too.
We talk about the future and are both very excited about seeing it and experiencing it together. A Big thanks goes out to Oasis, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.....your perfect match really is out there......take it from someone who knows!!


Together, we are complete

I signed onto Oasis not expecting to find anyone suitable as I had been majorly disappointed that year. But one month later, after signing up, I went on a date with a very handsome and funny guy in August 2011. It was the best date EVER! Since then we have barely been apart. We now have a homely flat in Surrey and have recently got engaged.
Thank you Oasis for bringing us together, I have found my best friend, my missing piece, my love.


Seek and you shall find.

Have to admit this is the site to find the women of your dreams. My dream started on 11/09/2008.

I had been on a few dating sites looking for romance but later found out I should have been looking for a companion first. I had given up on romance, so I thought I would find a female companion who would like to go motorbike riding with. With the help of Oasis I found not only a companion but a beautiful lady that I have fell head over heels for. I think it was love at first site.

It has been 3 years and 7 months now and the love for this beautiful lady is getting stronger and stronger every day. Thanks Oasis active.

All the best to everybody looking for that somebody special.

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