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Young love
Me and a few mates signed up as a joke, but as I started to become more of an active member, I became hooked on talking to new people.

I didn't think anything of it until one person asked for my number. I wasn't sure what to do, so I said to myself why not?

Giving him my number was the best thing I've ever done. We are now in a relationship, and I haven't been this happy in ages. Thanks oasis!
Happily ever after!
I had been on Oasis since April and had met two men off here, but didn’t feel any spark. I didn’t ever think I would find my soul mate until I started speaking to a man who added me, we got on really well so he gave me his number and then we texted and chatted every day.

I knew then he was my soul mate, we then met he came to stay and I knew this was what love is.

We have moved in together and been together for 2 months, we are really really happy and soooo in love. Thanks to Oasis I have finally met my love of my life and soul mate thank you very much!
My Miracle
I wasn't searching for love and romance when I first joined Oasis. I simply just wanted to find people and make some friends. I was on it for approximately 2-3 weeks, and just as I was about to deactivate my account some random guy requests to chat to me.

I'm not one to judge people so I accepted him and gave him a chance to see what he was like and from day one; he still continues to surprise me. I've never met anyone so down to earth and who actually loves and respects me as a person. He's brought out the best in me in every way. I always thought this site was all lies and that it was impossible to find real true love out there, but I tell you now (ITS REAL) true love really does exist and I believe it because I've found him!

I couldn't be any more happier to have someone real and someone I can share my life with - who makes me feel like a real and better person. We have been together for almost 2 months now and I can see a real bright future for us :) (I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for their special someone because I believe there is a special someone out there for everyone! Thank you so much Oasis for bringing this man into my life. I can't imagine my life without him and he is my Miracle!
My future loving lady
When you lose your beloved lady nothing ever seems the same in life and all hope seems lost. I lost my beloved in 1999 and never thought my life would ever be the same, until recently my great niece said to me - aunty would love you to seek and find a new loving lady in your life to make two sweet people happy once again.

By Christmas time my sweet lady and I will be making our xmas gift just that by meeting for the first time and thanks to Oasis making a commitment to each other without ever meeting up beforehand.

It’s a romance sealed on oasis and never will we part, I am 75 and she is 67. Thank you Oasis for making our dreams come true.
Met my dream man on Oasis
I joined Oasis after being single for over a year as I waiting for my dream man to find me, but after the year passed I decided I wasn't going to find him in my local supermarket!

After a few weeks of having no luck I found my man on the 'matches' I saw his picture and fell in love instantly! After we sent a few messages back and forth we exchanged numbers and texted 24/7. After a few weeks passed we grew really close and decided that we would meet, it took us 4 and a half months to meet as I’m in Scotland he’s in England but when we did it was worth the wait.

We are now in a relationship and plan to see each other every weekend/second weekend and have planned trips away together. We are both early 20's but are 100% sure that we want to be together forever now! Just wanted to share our amazing story and hope that other people can be as lucky as I am to have found my dream man on this site.

Thanks Oasis
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