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We are getting married!

My world came crashing down in 2011, and in April I took the courage to jump back into the dating game! The best thing I could have ever done.. From a request it went to a chat to SMS to phone call to coffee/dinner and may I say it was love at first sight!

With months now together I can say we laugh we understand and we have grown together we both have been hurt in the past and it seems we help each other through it! He became my rock my everything and on the 30th December 2011 he proposed to me!!!

Thanks to Oasis I now understand dreams do come true and my life has only just begun!!


Soul mates!

Thank you Oasis! I have been a widow for almost 5 years and never thought that I would love someone again but then I met my soul mate and we are very happy plus very much in love!


Love at last!

I've tried Oasis for about 8 months and had been on four or five dates with guys who were nice but just never clicked; it wasn't until I got a request from a guy who had similar interests and likes as me.
I added him and we spoke all night long and continued for three weeks until we decided to meet up for a date. He was much more handsome in person and made me laugh and complimented me the whole time.
We are now dating and have truly been happy ever since! It's been two amazing months. Thanks Oasis.


Our story

I met him on Oasis in July 2010, we spoke for hours and hours and met shortly after. I knew there was something special about him, he made me feel very safe and he treated me like a lady. We met up again the day after and have truly been inseparable since!

We got engaged in October 2010, and got married in March this year! We are so happy XX


Love at first sight!

I had been talking to a lady online and I thought what have I got to lose, we decided to swap numbers and we carried on texting and arranged to meet up, and I don't regret it one bit.

We ended up stopping in a hotel in London, and we went out which we had a lovely time, and now I’ve been stopping at her house, I’ve met her kids, and she's met my dog.

Everything is going great
Thanks Oasis

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