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Almost given up..
I joined Oasis a while back now and I hadn't had the best luck with online dating. I'd gotten to the point where I was about to give up on it when one night I received a message from a member I’d added but we'd never spoken.

We chatted over the week, exchanged numbers and met up a week later (short time frame I know!)

We've been together for three months now! Couldn't be happier :)

Thank you Oasis for saving me when I’d just about given up!
True Love
When I first came to Oasis I was unsure that I would meet anyone worth dating, I have been on another dating site that seems to fail quite often so I thought to give here a try. A couple of weeks of being on Oasis I started talking to my now partner, we hit it off straight away, and after a month of chatting we finally met, we soon after got together.

I'm so glad I gave Oasis a chance, me and my Boyfriend will have been together for 1 year in two week’s time, and hopefully many more to come.

Hurrah for Oasis! Thank you for bringing us together, if I hadn't of came here I wouldn't have found the man I love today and who knows where I would be right now..
An Everlasting Love
It happened 3 months ago. I was searching through some profiles seeing if there were any decent men around, when I stumbled upon a guy’s profile. I had read all through his profile and checked our photos and thought he was just WOW!!! I saw he had South Australia as his state of living and thought that I'd have absolutely no chance with him whatsoever as I'm from Queensland.

Anyway, I sent a flirt, never thinking much of it and up pops a request from him wanting contact from me, so I confirmed it..... It wasn't long and we were chatting away and getting comfortable with each other, talking about past relationships and such and what we both want out of life, turns out we have similar things in common and some things we don't.

We eventually ended up exchanging numbers, which I sent him messages thinking I'd be a one hit wonder.... And one night out of the blue he tells me he's in love with me and that he adores me, thinks I'm beautiful etc. So plucking up the courage I called him and from then on I just felt like he's my life partner.....

Just this week I flew down to the city where he lives and we met for the first time, I only stayed 3 days but those days were magical. I plan on moving to be with him, marriage is on the cards of the future.... We're extremely happy together and are looking forward to an even longer, happier future!
the journey of love can be really funny sometimes
Just as I was about to click remove profile button, This profile picture of a guy pops up on my screen and I thought hmmm he looks interesting let’s give it the last go. I sent him a friend request but was very sceptical at first, thinking he would be after a casual fling like the rest...

to cut the story short for the first 20 minutes he sounded interesting ...we started talking via Facebook and then on phone and we decided to meet up. I was so shy but we clicked instantly calling each other and texting almost every day.

Then we decided to take it on to another level, we have been together since then.
I love him very much... but it’s quite amazing the way things have unfolded ... thank you Oasis!
Love, just around the corner
We started chatting on oasis and very quickly found out we lived so close to each other. It was so strange chatting knowing we were only a short distance away.

We decided to meet each other and from that day onwards we never looked back. We have so much in common and love each other so much. We wished we had met each other sooner but we still thank our lucky stars that we have.

Thank you oasis for bringing us together.
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