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One in a million
I had been on Oasis for only a few months when I sent a contact request to an eye catching young man. We then started chatting on Oasis and swapped email address and mobile numbers. We met up on the 11th of April and he finally asked me out on the 19th of April! We are getting on great. We seem to have the same interests from cooking, gardening, movies and the same music tastes.

He is one in a million and I wouldn't be without him. He gets on great with my kids too which is a bonus!

I would recommend Oasis to anyone it really works. Thanks again we started off with a good friendship now he’s my perfect soul mate, lover, best friend and a fantastic boyfriend...
A happy ending!
I joined 5 months ago and got talking to an amazing man from my home town, I know it is still early days but we are so happy together!
Love can be found on Oasis!
29th October 2011, I nearly gave up after several weeks on Oasis, met a couple of men on there, but they turned out to be what I wasn't looking for.

I was about to log off for good when an invitation for contact came through. I read his profile liked what I read and I liked his smile, so made contact. That night we first chatted on Oasis, and then we exchanged numbers that same night and spoke for hours.

The following week we went out on our first date and it went well, we did hit it off well. We started seeing each other and things were fine until Christmas we briefly broke up, but not for long, within a month we were talking again and then we realized we both cannot live without each other.

Since getting back together we're even stronger than before we recently got back from our first holiday abroad and it made us even stronger. Now after 6 months we are building a life together. Thanks so much Oasis for putting us love birds together!
In love!
I had been on Oasis for over two years, although I did meet someone last year, it didn't go anywhere. Then out of a blue I met through this site a wonderful, kind, honest, genuine, caring and funny woman.

Thank you so much I knew one day that if I had faith in this website that I would be rewarded Thank you so much and we are now so much in love I hope it will last.
Met the woman of my dreams!
I went onto Oasis and a box came up to tell me that she was looking at my profile. Then, a contact request popped up from her. I checked out her profile and liked what I saw, and agreed to her contact request.

We chatted and finally agreed to meet at a place appropriately called the ‘Rendevous’ and got along so well we went to dinner that very evening. Soon it became clear that we were an ideal match. She was everything I wanted in a Life partner, and I had almost given up hope of ever finding Miss Right.

I never dreamed it possible, but apparently dreams do come true. Thank you Oasis - couldn't have done it without you.
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