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True Love is out there
At first I met up with a few guys before meeting the man of my dreams we have been going out now or about 2 months.

It was like magic when we met we just clicked and ever since then we have been inseparable. It’s like the gods were on my side when we met. So for the young and more mature people out there looking for their Mr or Miss right, true love is out there just keep looking!

Thanks Oasis for helping me find my soul mate and true love.
Found my mate
Thank you Oasis I have found my soul mate!

I hadn’t been on the site for long before I found this wonderful man. He has made me very happy and I cannot thank you enough.

All I can say is all you single lady’s, get on Oasis and start looking, you will find that someone special just like I did!
7 months late.. we finally met!
We first started chatting online in March 2011 and didn’t meet until October!

He wanted to meet me sooner but life dealt us another story so October it was. We talked 5 days a week for 4 or more hours a day. The emotional level was there after all that time yet I was still apprehensive, as I wasn’t too sure if we had the physical side of things. It was a risk, but it was the best decision for us that it had taken so long to meet. Our foundation was planted so it was only uphill from there.

Nearly 2years we have been together and when we met it was like we had known each other for years. Don’t get me wrong, times have been hard but that connection we made has helped us through mostly every scenario.

Thank you Oasis for helping our journey! I fully encourage my friends and family that Oasis is the place to be, one just never knows!
Nothing is impossible with love!
I would like to thank Oasis for giving me the opportunity to meet the most wonderful woman the world had ever known. She is wonder in and out; humble, kind, patience.

We live far apart, but we have got to know each other more than people that live together. I will like to advise others to date in similar ways because it enables you to know your partner, it will test your endurance and compatibility and if u can pass all those obstacles, I am sure you will have a successful marriage.

Ours is an example of spiritual connection. We hope to marry soon this year and live in Africa. Thanks for the opportunity to meet my perfect half.
Found my boy!
I would like to thank Oasis for this amazing site, I found a wonderful guy on here and we have been together for nearly 2 months now.

We are very happy together, he is an incredible guy and I am so lucky to have him! Once again thank you!
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