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Oasis changed my life forever!

After about 3 years on oasis I was ready to throw in the towel and give up on ever finding love, but then I received a request from the most beautiful girl who just happened to be only 15 minutes away from me.

We are about to celebrate our 1 year anniversary and I couldn't be happier.
Thanks to Oasis, I have found my life partner, and I'm not even embarrassed to tell people that we met through online dating!


Love at first sight!

I had met many guys on Oasis before, no real romantic luck- but I had made some friends.
One night, I decided to meet a guy at a local poker game late one Friday night, we hit it off straight away. We have been inseparable, and it has been nearly a year now since we first met. We even live together now!
Thanks oasis, without you we never would've found each other!


I found love on Oasis

I found love!!

I was talking to a beautiful girl, for about 3 months, we decided to finally meet, which was the best decision of my life.

We fell in love instantly, It's been 4 months and we are still happy and couldn’t be more then love..
If it wasn’t for Oasis I would of never have found her.

Thank you oasis!!

I believe there is someone on this site for everyone; you just have to look hard enough!


What a perfect match!

I had been on and off Oasis for a few months. I thought I’d give it one last try, and I’m very glad I did!

I was on for a short time before making contact with my now girlfriend, she is caring, kind, loving and gorgeous!

I thank my lucky stars every day for meeting someone so special, I have never felt so strongly in love with another person in my life we are now planning on getting married!

Thank you Oasis for giving me a perfect match, I am now a very happy man.


After my heart was dropped and broken, he picked it up and kissed it better!

After too many failed relationships, I was logged into Oasis on Jan 3rd 2012 with the intention to delete my account. I'd had enough of relationships and getting hurt.

Then...up he popped. Thinking he was probably another dud, I thought it best to ignore him. But something inside told me to stop being so judgmental and give him a chance.

Straight away we swapped numbers and photos, and he asked me if I wanted to meet him on my way home from Melbourne the following day. For some bizarre reason, I agreed, and met him on the 4th.

Greeted with a kiss on the cheek and a cuddle, and him taking my bag, my heart melted, and I fell for him right then and there, as much as I didn't want to let myself: D

son Jan 7th, we met each other’s families, only 3 days after meeting, and we made it official.

We couldn't get enough of each other, and the short weekend visits became 4 times a week. I lived alone in a 3 bedroom house, and I hated it. We missed each other so much it hurt. So 2 weeks ago he moved in with me.

Approaching 3 months, we love each other so much, and he does so much for me. We spend every second possible together. He means the world to me, and my heart skips a beat every time I see him.

Without this site, my life would never have taken this miraculous turn!

So thank you so much Oasis Active!

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