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So happy together

Like every single girl out there I was over partying, one night stand and the boys that never call back. So a friend told me about Oasis, I went and had a look.
I’d gone on a few dates and talked to a few guys, no luck! Then I found my Mr. Right. In second I knew this was it. We became online best friends, I told him everything. Unlike meeting people face to face I wasn’t afraid to be myself around him.
We talked online for about 2 weeks before meeting each other, once we both felt it was right we met and went on our first date. Once we actually met, we couldn’t stay away from each other. For the next month, every weekend we planned a date, till finally 3 weeks before Christmas I went back to his place after our date where he finally asked me out! Of course I said yes! we will be having our 2 year anniversary December 12th.


So Grateful

I'd been on oasis a little while and met a few people but the spark I was looking for just wasn't there. I was going through a difficult patch in my life and was about to give up the search when I got a request from someone I wouldn't consider my usual type. But something told me to just give him a chance.
Within a day of accepting his request we had exchanged numbers and arranged to meet. I was cautious of how quickly it seemed to be happening but once again that little voice pushed me to take a risk. We did meet and the rest, as they say, is history.
It turned out that not only had we both grown up in the same town and frequented the same pubs etc we even knew the same people but yet had never met.
He has quickly become a huge part of my life, the friend, partner and rock I had been wishing for and we couldn't be happier together.
I find it amazing to think that he had been so close the whole time yet if it hadn't been for oasis we never would have met. I'm so glad I listened to that little voice and am looking forward to many happy years with the man I love.


Love at first sight

I started chatting to my now boyfriend in January on Oasis, and we both agree it was the best thing we could have ever done.

We chatted online for 2 weeks and then met a week later, it was just the most amazing date I have ever been on! We can honestly say it was love at first sight for both of us!!

we’ve been together ever since, and our love just gets stronger every day, love brings us many things in life, and it brought us two together, were both so much in love with each other words just can’t describe it!!

So from both of us, thank you Oasis from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful journey you have started us on.


Found Love

I Joined Oasis in late August 2010, Had a date arranged with an amazing guy in September and before you knew it we were planning a holiday together. He took me on my first overseas holiday in May 2011 and proposed to me on Phi Phi Island (Thailand). We recently got married on the 11.11.11. And the rest is history!


In love!

I’d just got out of a big relationship and was heartbroken I didn’t believe I was going to get over it then a friend said to me ‘Go on a dating site you don’t actually have to get into anything just look and you’ll see there is tonnes of guys out there, you’ve just got to find the right one’
I didn’t think I was going to get along with anyone but when I started chatting away with a few guys
I forget about my ex and got back to myself and my life. After a few nice guys there was one stand out, we had a connection and were chatting daily.
We exchanged numbers to plan our first date, I couldn't stop smiling it was great! We have only just started dating but I see this could be something really special, we are both so happy!

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