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True love
In April 2011 me and my now wife started talking on her one night, after a few days/night of talking we decided to meet, little did I know she lived with her mum and snuck me into the granny flat that she lived in, and after a few hours she decided to come back to mine, from there we spent 3 full days and nights together! Before meeting my family while she was there, we learnt so much about each other and every feeling was just new and amazing.

After a few weeks it was sure that we were meant to be together and I introduced her as my girlfriend. To my mates, (the ones she hadn't already met). A few months passed and we celebrated her 18th birthday (which I was sure she was turning 21) but nothing changed my feeling were still there, I turned 23 not much later and things were just so perfect, we spent a lot of time together, and she stayed at mine, in August I asked her too move in after spending a week in Queensland together.

A little of a month later September 16th we went to a club and I got on stage and down on one knee in front of hundreds of people and asked her to marry me, her shaking in her knees, she smiled spoke into the mic and said yes of cause, I put the beautiful ring on her finger and kissed her gorgeous lips.

On our anniversary of April 2012 we celebrated our engagement party in front of family and friends and had a blast of a time! We have been going string since the day we met.

October 15th 2012 we said our vowels, on our wedding day. It was magical and we are renewing our vowels in front if friends and family in 2014.

I am currently in the Army, and my wife is amazing and supportive. It is magical we are so happy together and never regret anything we have done.

I love her so much.
Opposites Attract!
We met 10 months ago on this site and although he supported the team which my dad had sworn me off of, somehow he managed to sweep me off my feet!

We were engaged after two months and are now looking forward to a wedding in June 2013, not saying we don’t have our arguments but doesn't every couple!

If it hadn’t been for Oasis we would never have met, so stick at it and if your serious you will find someone on this site, we were both on it a few months before we met. xx
Perfect Match!
It’s now been over a year since we first met on this site. We still debate over who added who but it doesn't really matter. We were both having trouble finding that special someone and decided to try something new.

In November 2011 we both signed up and talked to a few people before we found each other. After that we spoke for three months via oasis and text message as I was living in Sydney and he is Wagga. We agreed to meet when I moved to Wagga in February and we have an amazing first date.

Ever since that day we have been inseparable. I love him so much and I would have never met him if I didn't take the chance of online dating. We are still young so we aren't planning anything long term but I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be the man that I spend the rest of my life with. We are just perfect together.

Thanks Oasis :)
Soul Mates
In November 2010 I met my soul mate on Oasis, we were chatting to each other for 4 months before he came to Fiji to visit me. We spent two weeks together before he went back to Australia.

November 2011 he came back to Fiji we stayed together for 6 months till May 2012, when I came with him to Australia, we got married in August 2012 in Australia and we are expecting our first child! He loves me so much and I do the same.
Found true love!
I joined Oasis this time 2 years ago and after a couple of disastrous dates, I got chatting to a lovely guy in January 2010, after a couple of months of chatting and being overwhelmed by the amount of things we had in common.

We decided to meet and got on just as great in person, we started dating and officially became an item on the 7th march, and after 4 months we moved in together. November last year he popped the question on our first romantic holiday together and we are now getting married on the 7th march next year!

I have found my true soul mate and am happier than I ever thought I could be, we have a life long journey to share together and I am enjoying every moment of it! Thank you oasis!
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