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Perfect Match!

I had spent about 18 months on and off this site, waiting for the perfect man. He came to me with a contact request last August!

We talked about our families, our countries and politics which we shared a lot of the same views. After a few weeks of chatting, and our bond growing, he told me he wanted to come meet me face to face.

On the 27th December he turned up at my door step, it was a heart stopping moment! He stayed with me for a week, where I took him to meet family and friends, everything was going so well!

It was then time for him to go back to Australia, and within 48 hours he was on the plane back to New Zealand to meet with me again!

I went to meet him at the airport on his arrival he proposed to me, we are now married, on the 18th February 2012 and are planning a trip back to South Africa to his home town.

Thank you Oasis for bringing us together!


Love found me!

Going on Oasis I wasn’t ready for a relationship, just casual dating. However, 4 weeks passed by and I met an amazing man, we spent hours talking, he was gentle, he listened and he was honest, everything I was looking for.

After a week of talking on the site, he asked me out for a date, at first I was a little nervous but knew I couldn't pass up the chance. Our first date was amazing, the connection I had felt whilst talking to him on the site was there in person.

I happily say 8 months later, my partner proposed on Valentine’s Day and I said ‘Yes’!

I have now convinced all my friends to try the internet for dating. Yes, there are some weird people but like my partner there are some amazing people

Thank you oasis


Found the most amazing girl in the world

I saw this on here and I thought I should say thank you for having the site Oasis. I have recently met up with a girl after some chatting on your site, decided to meet up and go to the cinema the day after Valentines Day.

She is absolutely amazing, I am the luckiest guy in the world to have found her and I could not have done it without this site.

Even although our relationship is near enough brand new and in its early stages, it already has such strength to it, it already feels unbreakable. We are open and honest with each other, no secrets, both want the same things in life and finally a chance of real happiness for both of us.

Thanks Oasis.


No longer a sceptic!

When I first joined Oasis I wasn't expecting anything positive to happen! As far as I was concerned, the only reason people were on this site was for quick and easy 'hook ups'. My friend was the one who convinced me to give it a try.

I was on and off it for about a year when I finally decided to give it a real go!

Lucky I did!

In June 2011 I got connected with a guy that seemed different to the rest. He wasn’t only interested in one thing (in fact - it never got brought up in conversation) and he seemed genuine about Getting to know ME.

I'm quite a hard person to get to agree to meet up with and he constantly asked me to meet with him. I had added him on FB and I was chatting to him one day on there and discovered we had a mutual friend in common. To my surprise - it was the most random friend in common! One we were both very close to but knew in two very different ways. I just straight on the phone to my friend and got as much info from him as possible about this guy that had me intrigued!!

After that conversation - I was sold on a catch up!

Lucky me!! We are now engaged and getting married in March 2013 and I can honestly say - I have never been this happy in my life!


Meant to be...

After chatting for a while we decided to meet at our local dog park and had an instant connection. We had both been hurt from previous relationships so wanted to take it slow, but fate had another story in mind.

We feel madly in love with each other after a couple of short months! From the day we first met in September 2011 we have been totally inseparable and are now engaged for the first times in both our lives! We couldn't be any happier or in love!

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