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When you find the one who finally gets you
On Christmas Eve of 2012 I decided to try this online dating thing after having enough of the ridiculous people I had met previously. Finally a pop up on my screen then another than another but one kept my attention from the start we chatted a little and found out we had a bit in common he seemed different to anyone else I had spoken to.

We added each other on Facebook and texted each other non-stop through Christmas Day agreeing to meet Boxing Day. I didn't even feel nervous something about him calmed me something in me saw something in him I felt that I was always missing we talked so easily and get so comfortable, we were inseparable. I knew he was different the first time we met and I knew shortly after I wanted to marry this man.

We laugh so much we have so much fun together and I've never known a more compassionate loving supportive just genuinely nice guy. He compliments me in every way and before him I never believed soul mates existed.

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird and when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours we fall into mutual weirdness and call it love” -this was the quote we used yesterday at our WEDDING! He is defiantly my equal weirdo .thank you for bringing me to my soulmate.
The feeling is right
We both connected from our first chat, and haven't stopped chatting since. Our first phone call lasted 6 hours, so that was a good sign we had a great connection. After chatting every day for 4 days, we finally met in person.

We both had a good inkling that we would be attracted to each other, and sure enough we were. From that day 7 weeks ago, we have only spent one day/night apart. Everything seems so right - we both have the same passions, such as a love of the outdoors (camping, fishing, random drives and short bush walks), gardening, animal welfare and our pets, nightly walks and stopping for a swing at the playground.

Chatting until 2am every night about anything and everything. He LOVES to cook - I hate cooking - so perfect match: D We both motivate each other considering we are both procrastinators. We work well as a team, encouraging each other to keep working; most of the time it is working on each other’s gardens or house chores.

There is not a time in the day where we aren't thinking of each other. We both can talk about our concerns and issues and help each other through them. We both have the same dreams for the future, living in a cottage on our farm, living off the land with lots of animals. And eventually travelling around Australia in the Land Cruiser, towing the caravan and the boat. A match made in heaven!
Never give up
February 13th 2015 Friday the 13th even, I was just about to give up on finding my happy ending. Then out of the blue a notification saying brownangel was interested in me. I looked at what she had to say and took a leap of faith.

We started chatting at half 11pm there was a connection we both had a lot in common. The following morning the conversation resumed where it had left off and by that afternoon we decided to exchange numbers.

Our conversations got deeper and deeper, and we decided that we should meet up. I was a bundle of nerves so was she, we decided that a coffee, a bite to eat and a movie would be a nice way to start.

We hit it off and the spark turned into a flame, fast forward a year and we have never been so happy, right now we are planning to move in together. I'm not saying our year has been perfect it has had its ups and downs and it was in the middle of a medical crisis that really looked bleak for her and our future.

I spent an eternity looking for my soul mate and here she was right in front of me. I was not going to accept that she would face this alone so I took the plunge and proposed there and then she was speechless the silence was killing me then she said yes. So here we are now planning the rest of our lives, this would have never happened if it were not for this site.
Thank you
Almost gave up
It was around about early January that I was saying to myself “I should just give up” I felt like there was no one for me and that I was defiantly not going to find love on online. Then a glimmer of hope a new match.

We added each other and talked over a week and then took the leap and met up. We clicked instantly and the chemistry was evident. After grabbing a bite to eat we watched a movie and have been inseparable since.

Now we are living together and are looking forward to the rest of our lives together.
Success story
On the 7th of January I was contacted by causewaybay to which I responded with a yes.

We started chatting online then it proceeded to a phone call to which I thought here we go again and decided that this was going to be my last attempt at this online dating before I was pulling the plug so to speak, to my amazement it wasn't just another 'here we go again' conversation.

The phone call went for two and a half hours, and the only reason it ended was the time, and the fact it was a work day the next day. We decided to catch up for a drink the following night, being a Friday night and as they say the rest is history. Here we are 5 weeks later and madly in love with each other.

Thank you to Oasis
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