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My first day!
My first day was over whelming, I didn't really understand what I should be doing to find love. However on that very day I met the man I am meant to be with for the rest of my life.

He was kind to me, different. In fact the first time I spoke to him he gave me advice on how to use the app successfully. He was so kind and like no other man I've ever met. I'm so happy now 2 years later and an engagement ring sitting on my finger.

Thank you!
Get back on your bike
I’d like to submit my story because people should know how successful Oasis is and give it a try.

I only joined Oasis because I wasn't meeting guys and my hours in work restricted me from going out. A friend suggested dating websites to me which at first I was unsure about but I thought why not it may be my only chance of meeting someone.

My partner sent me a request and we exchanged numbers after months of chatting on Oasis we started texting. We had been texting for months and never once met so I gave up. One of my closest friends asked me if I fell off my bike would I get back on it? Obviously I said yes so they said we'll get back on Oasis and find yourself a prince.

I found myself another man that I really liked and we met up but I never knew where I stood with him and out of the blue the first guy messaged wanting to meet up.

We met up and now I'm happy to say we have been married for almost 2 years and we have a beautiful baby girl.

Thank you Oasis for helping me find my prince. For all you single people joining never give up until you find your soulmate. If you fall off the bike don't give up and get right back on
This is OUR story!
This is our story to the people who are sometimes disillusioned with their efforts to find their perfect partner.

It was in our case, 6 years of waiting for me, and for my partner 3 weeks on the dating site. Some people say that long distance relationships does not work and so the combination of me waiting 6 years and finally found the woman of my dreams who was only on Oasis site for 3 weeks, shows you that it is possible to find a partner.

I am from England and my partner is from Philippines and LDR works for us. I have been to Philippines twice in the last few months and we plan to tie the knot in early February 2016.

Our best wishes go out to the members who are still searching to find their true happiness.
The waiting has been worth it
Hadn't been on Oasis for over 2 years, had given up however I felt that I had to give it just one last chance.

Set up an account with only a 10 km radius and started to put up some recent photos when a guy in-boxed me. We chattered that night and I really enjoyed talking to him. He gave me his mobile number however I didn't want to seem to keen and waited until the next night to talk. His voice was amazing, deep and sexy, I think I fell for his voice in an instant.

The following night was Friday and he asked me to meet at our local pub, usually I would be hesitant however I threw caution to the wind and accepted. As soon as we saw each other, there was an undeniable chemistry, and we couldn't stop smiling and talking.

The next 9 days we met each day as we only lived 5 streets away and it was incredible to finally find someone who I loved being with, enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Still early days yet however I can see a real future for us, we both feel we were fated to meet on Oasis.
True love
My life was going downhill, before this guy liked my profile. I liked him back after he said he was looking for specific star signs and one was a Scorpio. I told him when my birthday is and his is the day after. We were so amazed by how much we have in common.

After 2 days he asked me to move in. So I drove 5hrs and haven't looked back. We have been together 5weeks and still going strong. It’s like a fairy tale and waiting for someone to pinch me to wake me up.

He is the best thing that has happened to me in 26yrs
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