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Believe in Fate
I have to admit, I almost gave up on the idea of finding a match online. It was always my rule not to accept a contact if they didn't have a profile picture but for some inexplicable reason, I did accept a request from R29.

We chatted online and discovered we had quite a lot in common. Then there were long conversations on the phone - we talked for a total of 10 hours before our first date. We had both come out of bad relationships but we found a lot to laugh about.

We have been together now for 15 months, we live together and are planning a trip overseas later this year. I have always believed in fate, we are amazingly happy together and we are looking forward to the future.
Happy Family
I am very thankful to Oasis.

After being on here for a few months I was losing hope in finding my soulmate. I had enough of meeting men that were not for me, when a handsome man asked me for contact so I decided 'just this last one'.

Luckily I contacted him because we have now been married for 4 years with a 5 year old daughter and he has fathered my 12 year old. A true happy family!
Thank you Oasis
Without Oasis, I would have never met the love of my life.

Living on opposite sides of the state with no mutual connections, I have only Oasis to thank for having the life my partner and I now have.

In October 2015, on the verge of taking a break from dating, I met someone who would change my life forever in the most wonderful way. After many messages on Oasis, we exchanged phone numbers and talked for 2 hours a day every day for a week before he had the courage to ask me out for a coffee.

Fast forward over 2 years and we are happily in love, own a house together, have a beautiful puppy together, and have a happy future ahead with marriage and children in sight. Going on Oasis was by far the best decision of our lives.
He did never let me down
I came from the Philippines, and he came from Australia. We met on the Oasis Dating in March 2014. He was about to delete his account and I had just joined. But before he canceled his account, he messages me to make linked up via email and skype.

We chatted on Oasis, email and on skype for a couple of months. He always assured me that He will never let me down, then he decided to visit me in my country that was January 25, 2015.

After a short period of his stay, we get married on March 16, 2015. Now we are living together in Australia and we are looking forward to the rest of our lives.
true Love at First Word
I was sitting at my computer midnight had just turned and I had to work next day.

I had been looking on Oasis at the men but was feeling a bit deflated feeling I would give up and be alone forever. All of a sudden there was a ping on the comp with a request to talk, I looked thinking he's cute should I it is late but what have I got to loose, he might be worth it.

Peter had been sitting scrolling through Oasis and he came across mine, he too thought it's late and I have to get up early for work but it can't hurt to send a request maybe she'll talk tomorrow when he got the response to chat.

We began general chatting finding the more questions we asked the more we had in common. We started answering questions between each other before they'd been asked feeling more and more excited the longer the chat went on.

Peter was a one finger typer I was a trained receptionist laughing out loud because he took ssoo long to respond and I'd put a 'lol' or an 'omg' at his slow rate of talking.

After a couple of hours of laughing a lot and the breaking of ice without even trying we both decided we had to get some sleep. I was so excited after the chat I danced up my passage singing I FOUND HIM - I FOUND HIM and it took at least another hour to settle and go to sleep looking forward to tomorrow as we'd promised to talk again after work.

We talked and talked for days before he had the courage to ask what LOL and OMG meant, I nearly fell off my chair in laughter thinking he must have thought all sorts of things about those abbreviations once I explained he said he felt like a goose for not knowing because I had been putting these all over the place, but Peter had a wicked sense of humour and laughed at himself with me.

We began talking about meeting somehow, I lived way down south and Peter was in the city a 6 hour drive to either one though we were determined nothing would put us off we Just HAD to meet. So the plan was made since I had more time off than he I would travel to him, and again as I got closer to the end of my journey the butterflies got larger and my heart beat faster. I have a shocking sense of direction but eventually found where I was meant to be with a little time to spare I rang to ask how long he was from getting to his home so I could get a coffee to try and calm my nerves and after buying a Mega Cup I continued trying to get to his house, we were on speaker phone directing me. Almost straight away he'd just gone through the same intersection I had to, my nerves jumped into overdrive and I went round and round the roundabout with Peter watching and smiling.....oh God there he is he looks so beautiful in person I jumped out of the car and threw my arms around his neck saying 'Finally I get to hold you' with a lovely kiss we went inside.

After 9 years this year we have worked out all our history's problems and grown more and more in love. We even worked out a few years earlier we had lived only streets apart but just not meant to meet at that time.

I'm 7 years older than Peter and thought that was going to be a big issue but this man has a heart of GOLD, he opens doors for me always holds my hand, tells me constantly every day How Much He Loves Me and how beautiful I look even when I know I don't. We cook, clean, love each other always, and most importantly say Sorry when harsh words are spoken.

Thank you so much Oasis for bringing Peter and I together we proudly tell how we met when we're asked and will be forever grateful to
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