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TansyRavenwolf, Female 37
About Me
PLEASE NOTE I HAVE A DEBILITATING DISABILITY. I HAVE MUSCLE WASTAGE SO IM NOT LOOKING FOR ENERGETIC OR SEX MAD GUYS, JUST GUYS WHO ARE HAPPY TO CUDDLE ME AND DO RELAXED, FUN THINGS (SUCH AS WATCH DVDs). IF YOU ARE NOT A PAGAN OR A NON-PAGAN WHO IS NOT VERY OPEN MINDED THEN DONT BOTHER AS I'M FED UP OF GUYS MAKING FUN OF MY BELIEFS!!! I'm fed up with fakers and time wasters so unless you are genuine and willing to meet up to know the REAL me then DON'T bother!!! I am polyamorous but this does NOT mean I have more than one lover at once, it just means I love many people (and yes they are guys)!!! Due to having sleep apnoea I don't drive. I am a pagan and a novice energy healer!!! My fashion sense is totally unique (as I love wearing gothic/steam punk type clothes)... I have Aspergers Syndrome (a type of autism also known as an A S D *autism spectrum disorder*) but it DOESN'T mean I'm stupid, it just mean I am a bit of a social misfit that's all!!! I write poetry and short stories sometimes... I love listening to music (I attend gigs to see my favourite local rock band as and when I can get to them), watching movies, animals and nature, I love steam trains (anything from a bygone era such as classic cars, motorbikes, planes and absolutely anything steam powered or horse drawn), I also love taking photos of wildlife and steam trains plus I love mythology from around the world (e.g. Norse mythology)!!! I have recently tried my hand at fishing borrowing a friends rod and liked it so much that I now own my own rod but as yet to go out with my new rod to fish, I also follow Liverpool fc... I love the colours purple and black... I'm kind, caring, loving, giving, generous, passionate and genuine!!! Please give me a chance before you decide I'm not 'your type' as you might find me an interesting conversation once you get to know me!!! Anything else please feel free to ask :)
Nature and Animals also love photographing them, Steam Trains and other bygone era vehicles, I love watching James Bond, Doctor Who..., I love watching star trek DS9, voyager and TNG, I love watching Time Team and anything to do with, Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music
St Neots (Cambridgeshire), England, United Kingdom