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talleulah, Female 46
About Me
Please save me from becoming a crazy cat lady...describe me...bubbly, warm with a cheeky nature, a bit shy to start of with, a bit quirky, doesn't take things seriously (well knows when and where to act seriously and silly!) Enjoys either partying at a pub or staying home with a good glass of wine and fabulous intelligent conversation...... did I also say down to earth (isn't that what they all say!)... I have been a belly dancer for about 10 years and perform at festivals around the place.. if you can handle a lot of sequins, beads and fabric around the place and are not camp.. whoo hoo! And no, I dont know the dance of the seven veils, and apart from the occasional wardrobe malfunction, the costumes do stay on... I dont have kids, but do like them.. its just one of those things that I have never had them but dont feel that my life is any less important or satisfying by not having them.. The biological clock batteries are flat so I cant hear the ticking.. nor do I want to replace them either.. As I said, I dont mind kids, and if you have kids, thats fine with me.. they are apart of you. We all have baggage... some have carry on, some have a suitcase.. others have a shipping container..mine fits into a handbag! I do have two cats.. sorry they are part of the package.. they keep me from going insane and also contribute to the crazy cat lady status. My idol is not the cat lady from the Simpsons but can understand the need to have plenty (just not throwing them at people)
Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel, Dancing, Travelling, Shopping, Boxing - am learning at the moment, Roller Derby, Festivals, Books, Good Food and Good Wine, Being able to be challenged, Good conversations, Love the french language, want to learn it one day
Springfield, Queensland, Australia