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sweetdiamond762, Male 59
About Me
I'm a 59 yr old man who is looking for a friendship that can grow into a deeper relationship. I want someone with compassion, integrity, patience, a sense of humor, loyal, trustworthy, someone who let's God work in their lives, protective yet not to quick on the draw, self confident, isn't afraid to speak up in a crowd. someone who can speak to me with a glance, who will single me out in a crowd to check on me. Not jealous, has a sense of humor an can laugh at themselves as well as others, considerate of others but not at their expense, has get up an go yet loves an opportunity to take advantage of down time. loves to travel, loves conversation an banter back an forth, gentleness at will, listens without feeling they have to fix situations, trustworthy, crafty, has a high intellect, someone whose not afraid, loves animals, children, and old people, volunteers.
Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
San Jose, California , United States