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stephie800, Female 23
About Me
READ PROFILE BEFORE CONTACTING ME if ur 30+ I will not accept u, why u ask? BECAUSE IT'S CREEPY my hobbies: watching tv, movies, internet, sleep, meeting new people :) but looking for friends and see where it leads I like gaming, youtube, and going on the internet when I was kid and I still have it now, I have muscle Dyspraxia, look it up if u don't know what that means If u want to meet up; chats heaps, and will be willing if I can bring a friend or two because of my anxiety I like to take things slow if ur going to be rude to me I will just remove u from my contacts and maybe block u and most importantly I am NOT looking for fun/sex And u must have a photo and i will accept 20-28 year olds as friends to chat I'm not naughty so if u want fun, I'm not ur type I suffer from: Depression and anxiety
sleep, dogs, tv, internet, facebook, Vs Arashi, movies, youtube, gaming, anime
Tarro, New South Wales, Australia