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squishysquirrel, Male 36
About Me
Hi, I work as a rocket scientist (always wanted to say that) Ok, not really... I work as an Solution Architect in an IT firm... in short ... a 'geek'! If that doesn't turn you on, don't know what will! I do also run my own business with a friend but it's early days. I'm independent and financially stable, always been quite career focused and quite ambitious for the next challenge/goal to work towards in life. My next ambition being, making you happy ;) If you're lucky you'll find me playing the guitar the odd day, but for some reason it depends on the weather what genre I play! I have been in a band and have done a few concerts. I listen to anything that's audible ... from NIN to Elbow, from Buddha Bar to Slipknot and from Damien Rice to mind numbing Rave. The same goes for films too, I like anything from Transformers to Shawshank Redemption and from Finding Nemo to any Ghibli animated film. I try to go to the theatre every month or so but struggle to on my own ... I recently saw Woman in Black, Stomp and Wicked! Travelling wise, I have ticked off Dubai, Malaysia, Bucharest and Thailand over the last couple of years. Next would be Egypt or Africa (if you care to join me). So if anything above makes you go 'hmmm' ... just press Like ;)
Cinema, Playing guitar, Theater, Travelling, Exhibitions, Driving, Castles, Music
London (Greater London), England, United Kingdom