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sparkleysparkles, Male 41
About Me
Time-travelling hero sent back to the early 21st century.... I've been sent back in time to right various wrongs, and honk various boobs. Extremely happy to meet a new female human in a Subway or footy oval or a super-posh restaurant,...or please please please I want a smart girl to take to the symphony...could be Chinese and 19yo or Scottish and 67 y.o....I think I am a special fun silly happy man to be around, and my life gets so much better if I meet a hot woman who buys my racket, and...
physical skills, unknown mysteries, making money, making love, mucking around, a beautiful woman on my arm, prawns, roast pork, real butter, working out like a dog, pretending that employment is any sort of blessing, plenty of time for your favourite thing, people you just click with., Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Perth, Western Australia, Australia