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sleo1974, Male 42
About Me
Why am I so sad I was always good but was treated real bad, hit in the head so much it made me so mad, which mad do you know so, the chemicals from your perfume say no, I want to smell your soul, your hart and all you are as a hole, you don't even no me, if you did you won't like me, I will vibrate a feeling stay that way so my future will last, its like angel eyes there is no past, if I fell in love I could melt, it could be dangers if I new you felt, for me I can mirror a mirror, but mirrors dont flex with waves, I'm like the water that time saves, god cant help me save my self I have to many like him, no body saves him, but sometimes I wish I could be, I save my self and I'm left to be, by my self for all time, wishing that girl that was locked in her room was with me some time, I played with my friends I had to many I imagined I could see, I made them me, thay mad me them we become one, but no female one, only a ghost from a lonely girl could have been the one, who she new I like some one, I can't be with her now, we just stay friends some how, I need to move on, space and time need some were to belong, so I'm writing in art form to understand my self, I make my on luck like a lepricorn or elf, just want to no nature itself, share my life with someone that is female and knows her self.
Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
North Hobart, Tasmania, Australia