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rockitsigntist, Male 55
About Me
Hi like most I am looking for that special someone. I am wanting a lady that is gainfully employed, financially independent, and intelligent. Intelligence and mentally stimulating conversation is important to me, I also like to laugh, I will make you laugh !. I’m more into documentaries, world affairs and business ideas than soaps and reality TV – (disclaimer I am not a geek :) I want that elusive soul mate, where we help each other and care for each other. I am driven to succeed; we will motivate and bounce of each other in this common endeavour. I'm seeking someome fun and outgoing. Me I am honest, reliable and ethical. I have old school values. I am in to a healthy life style, I exercise and take care of my body. If you want a well balanced friend or more , with smarts, that is reliable and respectful and with a great sense of humour, message me. Oh one more thing, I do not particularly enjoy chatting on line endlessly; I would much prefer to meet face to face. Im not an ogre, on the contrary I'm a gem :0). I would much prefer to meet and greet real life.
Having a laugh and relaxing, Traveling, Psychology, Scuba Diving, Cryptic Crosswords, Prospecting, Human Behaviour, Psychic phenomena, Good company, Food & wine, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Music, Travel
Watsonia North, Victoria, Australia