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richbloke1972, Male 44
About Me
This is me wearing my new Homer Simpson jammis! Don'tcha just love 'em? I got them for 20 bucks on ebay. Pretty awesome, hey?! Oh but, I suppose you'd rather read about me than my jammis, right? Ok well, I'm a fairly typical Virgo. That means I'm a thinking person who is practical, reliable and occasionally quite brilliant! (Yes, I have an interest in astrology). I'm a third generation Aussie of English and Scottish heritage. I'm passionate about history, especially European history. I have a particular fascination with sailing ships and anything to do with them. Another passion is music. I'm a singer/songwriter/composer. I love to play guitar. I believe we are all here for a reason - to learn and to grow. I practice no religion, but describe myself as spiritual. My other interests include computers, sports (love Aussie Rules, gridiron, ice hockey, Mixed Martial Arts, a bit of soccer - I'm a keen Liverpool fan) Also politics and current affairs, and learning about famous people. I like birds and love animals, especially cats. The Foxtel documentary channels get a fair work-out on my TV. Aussie Rules is a life-long passion, so if you're a "footy chick", I bet we could talk up a storm! (Regardless of who you support. I support Port Adelaide). Brought up in the country, I've done my share of horse riding and fishing, and I reckon I've got a few snake stories I could share with you. I take no illicit drugs. I have no body piercings or bodily graffiti (aka tattoos), nor will I ever be getting one. (Perhaps that makes me a new kind of rebel nowadays?) I reckon you'll find me friendly, perceptive, and easy to talk to. I'm patient, sincere, and a good listener. According to personality tests, I'm a Director/Builder type. Archetypally, I am a Seeker, an Advocate and a Knight. I'm not someone who easily fits into stereotypes. I am NOT a sheep. I'm independent-minded, non-conformist, and politically incorrect and I consider these noble attributes! Do you enjoy intelligent conversation about a wide range of subjects? Well, I certainly do, so if you think you can handle this footy-loving, mild-mannered right-leaning intellectual, then get in touch!
History, Astrology/New Age, Animals/Nature, Mixed Martial Arts, Aussie Rules (Port Adelaide), Meditation, Sailing Ships, Nationalism, Britcoms, Playing guitar, Gaming, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports
Yokine, Western Australia, Australia