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OlyaAmicable, Female 36
About Me
I lived in England for a few years, in Russia in different parts - the best ones are Siberia and St Petersburg, visited more than 20 countries on two continents ... I have been strong and independent too long... I don't want to be single anymore... I love my family and have friends who will be always for me there but it is time to share the life with that special one whom I can trust and back up if he needs to... I always try to be the best in all I do all the time... I'm honest (a little too much at times) but I've always tried to be kind, polite and caring ... I'm considered an " INTJ " in the Meyers-Briggs universe of personality types. Don't really want to write too much here as if you want to know what I am like you can always message me and we can have a chat and get to know each other that way! If I don't reply, please don't be offended. Odds are you've misses a serious incompatibility in our profiles, but there are loads of other people out there, so happy hunting.
dancing, theater, sea, cats, cruises, Reading, Sports, Travel