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Missysylv, Female 21
About Me
Hey lovies :) This feels like I'm writing my own wikipedia page; kinda strange. When you first meet someone you fancy, you don't immediately tell them everything about you (I hope). The fun is in getting to know them so all I'll spill for now is: 1. I'm at university studying law - my grammar is awesome and I'm more than a pretty face 2. I work - I'm not a spoilt student cashing in at banque de mamman 3. I can cook a lot :) 4. Live at the Apollo is life. 5. I'll support whatever football team you support no questions asked. All I ask is that you don't touch the remote during NBA season. 6. Doritos 7. Cheesecake. Any kind of cake actually. 8. I give amazing hugs 9. The way to my heart is through Nandos. I should confess early on, I am that person who orders beef at Nandos. No one makes steak roll as good as they do! 10. I'm not a gym junkie but because of how much I love cake and ice cream, I do more squats than the average girl. I am FAR from skinny though.
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Leicester (Leicestershire), England, United Kingdom