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LQM2802, Male 45
About Me
I really enjoy Mountain Bike and Mountaneering, because both extract and demand the best of you, not only from your body but specially from your spirit. No silly words, no excuses... just do it once and do it right... I like watching sports. Basketball, football, hockey, baseball... with a good beer and good company. I speak English, a little of French, Portuguese enough to pull my brazilian friends' legs, and of course Spanish. So, the answer is a big YEAH about success to communicate. Please, I would like to be able to see your face and know who you are... it´s just fair. I don't intend to be rude, but I have had to face many scam attempts in a short period of time... It is not a matter of good looking, it is just the way to show your commitment to the other person :.) Scammers stay away... I really learned how to unmask you, so don't waste my time nor yours.
Mountain Bike, Soccer, Mountaineering, Languages, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada