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LiloMan, Male 42
About Me
I am a big Leeds United fan and, whenever work permits, I try and get to the games. I love football, and if Leeds aren't playing then I will go elsewhere. I am happy to watch a football game at any level. I like to travel (UK and Europe), would really like to see the world but what will be will be. I like to get out and about on my bike, it's a great way of seeing the outdoors and keeping fit. I love music, in particular the likes of Oasis (.com), Stone Roses, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs etc. Pretty much any Britpop/Madchester artists but most genres. I love a good gig, and would go anywhere to see a good band. Live music is the best. I'm no snob by any means, but am a bit fussy when it comes to ale. I have my own car, I don't drink AND drive btw! I was trying to learn Polish as I have some in my blood, but gave it up as a bad job. Will try to return to it in the future, I'm a gluten for punishment and don't know when I'm beaten! Loves a bit of wordplay too!
Leeds United, Football, Cycling, Travelling, Paintball, Real ale, Learning the Polish language, Live music, Going Out, Movies
Leeds (West Yorkshire), England, United Kingdom