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iamdannib, Male 32
About Me
Hi, My name is Daniel, I study at the University of Derby and I am from Northamptonshire. I love to play sports, play video games, go out and drink with friends. Just generally a normal guys life. I am very laid back, so much so that I often get into trouble at Uni for not getting things done on time. I really do believe that there are few things worth getting stressed about, though there are obviously some things you have to take serious. I recently spent a few weeks helping out in one of the poorest parts of Kenya, something I would do again in a heart beat. I really want to travel before I am 30 (time's getting short). My friends would basically describe me as a (slightly) more intelligent Karl Pilkington (thats the guy from an idiot abroad if you dont know who he is). I have random opinions on random things, my thoughts on the paralympic games seem to get a few laughs? Anyway, I am very open minded none the less. I am at University now because I decided 5 years ago i needed to get a good job to raise a family (im getting old).
Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Sports, Travel
Derby (Derbyshire), England, United Kingdom