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Eureka-Moment, Male 35
About Me
Rocket surgeon in shining armour, seeks damsel for enlightened conversation, great sex and ever-lasting happiness. My unicorn is tied outside. Press the "Yes" button and let's disappear into the sunset! Or if you like a boring old profile, here's one I made earlier: I must be the most non-judgemental, open-minded person I know. As Marie Curie once said, "Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood." I've also figured out the source of most unhappiness. Ironically, it's the stubborn search for some ultimate satisfaction. People simply don't know how to enjoy anything. There is such a thing, as a proper way to enjoy a glass of water. You just need find out how... As Sheryl Crow put it in that song: "Stop having what you want Start wanting what you've got." In politics, I support Theresa May and Ed Miliband for Duke and Duchess of Scunthorpe, respectively. (That's her as the Duke and ]him as the Duchess!) Yes, I do have a weakness for sarcasm, irony and dry humour. There's also a group in my phone called "Jehovah's Witnesses". It's where I put people who try to recover PPI I never took, try to sell home insurance or "family jewels" insurance. (ahem...) It happens that I went to one of those posh colleges, with strict discipline, where you get to study Latin and astronomy among other things. However, I have never mingled in that sort of environment. Around then, when I was 16 I've started working. I've worked my way trough Uni and came out with some savings at the end of it. Hurraaay! I have no worries. Absolutely none. I can't remember when I had the last nightmare, or what was it about. There are irritations, YES, but no worries of any kind. I could almost die happy tomorrow. I'm also independent and free by nature. Drop me on a deserted island and I will do pretty well! What else... There's a trail of perfume following me. Confident in character, but discreet. It's not floral as most of them are. It smells of exotic wood and reminds me of the unbeaten path trough the forest. And sometimes, I see the magic in words. Like these for example: "Was it a huntsman or a player, That made you pay the cost That now assumes relaxed positions, And prostitutes your loss? Were you tortured by your own thirst, In those pleasures that you seek, That made you Tom the curious, That makes you James the weak?" There's something so deep and honest about them, as if coming from one soul to another, with no prejudice and no reason to hide. Get in touch! I always reply. :-)
Photography, Museums, Hiking, Cathedrals, Castles, Car Mending, Baking Pizza, Classical Music, 80's Music, Cooking, Music
Kidderminster (Worcestershire), England, United Kingdom