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EnterAnyNumber, Male 61
About Me
Just for fun! I’m looking for someone like you - that I could say - Geezz yure a grouse lookin sheila...without having to duck – Chuckle – Well someone’s got to tell ya - It may as well be me! Of Me – well - I'm Tall 6’1” blue eyes now 82 kgs - Lost 20kgs since that photo was taken - wow - and Grey hair - now I look extinguished! - smile. I enjoy a good and a sometimes subtle sense of humour and enjoy sharing a laugh. I especially enjoy witty conversations and pondering the sometimes subtle quirkiness of life. I'm demonstrative, sensual affectionate and tactile. I love the light touch of a soft hand holding mine, a warm hug and the wonder and delight of an unexpected hug or a kiss. I was in the IT – computer industry for many years - now studying Aged Care –A big change. And now.- Well now - I’m looking for a romantic friendly lady to share some of life’s adventures fun romance and companionship. I enjoy interesting people, oh and delight in life - with all its shades of friendship and wonder. So much beauty and richness, adventure and fun to be had, and so I anticipate enjoying walking along with – you!! -while sightseeing, dinning out, concerts, galleries, picnics, visiting the markets, antique shops, book stores, - Gee that's quiet an itinerary! - smile - though not too keen walks on the beach - so crowded these days with female profile writers - chuckle. Love good food and a nice red with a steak or a cool white wine with a pleasant seafood platter on a warm summers eve or a wonderful cold beer on a hot day. I read quite a bit, enjoy listening to music - classical or 70s & 80s maybe some cool jazz and blues I'm really looking for someone who can share a laugh and can hold a good stimulating conversation a sense of adventure and is not too serious - but can be when required – A person who could become a friend, lover and happy companion – short term - a long-term, or committed relationship – We'll work on that !! An so a woman who is happy with her life and would be willing to let me have mine with a good dose of sharing, understanding, caring and lots of loving affection. Are you a woman who can share a laugh - a quirky irreverent sense of fun? A woman who will join with me to earn each other’s trust and respect and who's ready for some shared happiness. I'll find your wit, kindness intelligence, warmth and genuine friendship - an irresistible delight! – So over to you - oh, and me of course!! :D
Wine Women & Song, Ok! ok -So We'll, forget the song, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Movies, Music, Reading, Sports, Travel
Nowra, New South Wales, Australia