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DaveOJones, Male 41
About Me
Animal Lover, VERY VERY DRY sense of humor, Full time employment, and as you may have guessed, not very good at writing "About Me" Profiles.... I take things as they come and try not to let the little things derail my day. Hope to chat and get to know a person rather than rely on a possibly fabricated script, as some of these passages surely are. Either way, thanks for checking out my profile and hopefully not passing judgement on my possible fabricated script {well if it is fabricated I sure didn't put much effort in.} Cheers! Told ya, not good at "About me" profiles. But is kinda funny. Dry funny. An Nufen. Come on. Not even a speculative grin? Yes I am NQR and loving it!
Motor bikes, Classic cars, fishing, Learning, Electronics, Computers, Cars and Motoring, Sports
Kings Park, Victoria, Australia