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DanzierDefiant, Male 27
About Me
'We're all just stories in the end, just make it a good one' - 11th Doctor My life is made up of a series of choices and consequences. I spend a fair bit of time writing. A hope of a published author lives within me. What i write I do not know, for it is not dreams of grandur and delusions of a life i wish to lead. It is purely fictitious. I spend alot of times watching films, with over 400 dvds in my collection i still think of it as being to small, I'm an avid film fanatic. I can think of nothing better then curling up and watching a film with a takeaway. There can't be any denial in the fact that I am what you would call a geek. Not only an avid film fan but also a constant gamer. From this you can make of me what you will, it is hard to judge a person from a few paragraph, I've always found that to judge someone you have to speak to them to know what they are truly about.
Cooking, Gaming, Going Out, Movies, Music
Kidderminster (Worcestershire), England, United Kingdom