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crazydave62, Male 54
About Me
I am DTE with a great sence of humor well mannered and would like to think that i have a pretty good personality,Im a very active person, honest,loyal, my lifestyle is clean, enjoy gardening,camping,fishing,long drives,not much of a party person love the quiet,darts,8 ball, at home with some music, do not drink, smoke,or do drugs,I am trying to bake own bread,,I love my life my animals family and friends Im in it to win it I am not a looser and have a lot going for me and would love an extend my way of life, so thanks for checkin out me profile take care of your self and B kind to others,
Gardening :), Cookin aven a go anyway:), Stayin healthy :), Buildin things around property:), Looking after my animals :), plaing 8 ball :), plaing darts, Playin my music :), wochin VCRs DVDs, Hittin my drums, Thunderstorms ( magic ), Keeping my body movin:), Markets;), Walking in the rain ;), Long rides and big bikes, Love to get back into permaculture :), Fishing :), I love smilein and being happy, Do not like lies cheets or thives, Cars and Motoring, Cooking, Going Out, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music
North Yelta, South Australia, Australia