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Audiophile, Male 40
About Me
A few things about me.. I am intelligent and work hard toward my goals I am responsible & have my own inner-city loft apartment I like good coffee & have a prosumer coffee machine in my kitchen I live a healthy lifestyle, am a non-smoker & am vegetarian As my profile name suggests, I am into high end audio & enjoy listening to music I enjoy getting out for walks, playing golf or tennis & getting in the gym now and then I believe in social justice and lean toward the left in politics I enjoy visiting wineries & exploring wines I like to get away on short trips and spoil myself I plan to do more o/s travel in the future and return to Uni
Cafes, Coffee, Going for walks through the Botanic Gardens, High End audio, Festivals & Markets, Forrests and bushwalks, Tennis, Golf, The Arts in it's many forms, Going Out
Chapel Street North, Victoria, Australia