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JWAuthor, Male 55
About Me
Greetings ladies! If you are confident that you are interested in me, kindly, read my entire profile before contacting me thank you. I am a light-hearted God-fearing, committed to the one that I love, kind of guy. I am open to all races and I do not discriminate. I am prior service Air Force, an aviation professional and a published author. I love music and I am a musician. If you are curious about my personality type, I am an ENTJ (Hint: I may about yours). I am very dependable, and if you love to laugh, I am very funny. You will likely find me to be intelligent, well read, well traveled and, love having stimulating conversation. I enjoy intimacy; meaning the sharing of rich and deep emotions that bind people together. I love to cook. If you want children, I am sorry I CANNOT produce children. Even so, my partner will never have to wonder whether or not I love her. When you are sad, I will serenade you on my piano to lift your spirits or whatever else you need me to do cheer you up. We will travel, laugh, dine, relax, work on projects, be silly, be sensual, take a road trip or just do nothing together. My love is extraordinary and one of a kind. I am John, and it would be my pleasure, to belong to you.
Writing, Cooking, Health and Fitness, Movies, Music, Reading, Travel
Atlanta, Georgia, United States