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Found him at last
After four years of being on my own my daughter told me to go on a dating site, at first I thought that it wasn’t for me but she said it was easy to join so I tried it. At first I wasn't successful has a few dates but nothing special then I lost my dad in Jan 2015. I was heartbroken and the next 6 months went by and to be honest I did give up although I was still on Oasis I would look now and again to pass the time away. My best friend took me away for a week and when I came back I thought that I would sort myself out and find someone. I met a nice man and while I was messaging each other he had to excuse himself for half hour so I clicked on to Oasis and a photo popped up of a man that I quite liked so I liked his photo and in seconds he liked me back and we started texting 4th Dec 2015. We met at the dickens festival in Rochester on the 5th. We hit it of straight away we had tea and talked for hours. By the end of the day it felt like I had known him for years we spent nearly every day together since. And people that we meet think we have been together for years. We have plans for the whole year and I’m so looking forward now and I can say that I have found the man that I’m going to spend my life with so a big thank you Oasis for being there when I truly needed you!
Happiness found, Thanks Oasis
2 and half years ago, me and my partner found ourselves logging in to Oasis dating, after having long term relationships failing, we were both back on the market. Neither of us really liked the pub/club scene and were worried about how we would find love. It was actually my mum that told me to try online dating, I'm so glad she advise me to do this (never would of thought of it myself). We spoke online for a few weeks using your amazing services, we decided to meet up, then I was diagnosed with appendicitis and the date was put on hold, after being in hospital for a few days and having an Op, my partner decided to meet me the evening I was sent home.. I looked terrible in my pjs and feeling very sorry for myself. He was very sweet and kind (even though I looked awful) from then on we was pretty much inseparable. 2 and half years later, we live together and have 2 kitty cats and extremely happy, we have become better people because of we have each other. We are planning on having a forever relationship, Thanks to Oasis dating! I have now got my best friend on Oasis, to find love as I was so successful. You can find the one ONLINE!
My hunny and I
My lovely man and I have been together almost a year and we are perfect for each other. I went on several dates from Oasis before I met him on here and no one was quite right. I almost gave up hope and then met the love of my life. I have never been treated like such a princess or been in so much love. Don't give up hope ladies/gentlemen, your hunny is out there too!
Thank you
I was a single Dad, working every day of the week and I did not enjoy the pub/club scene.” It was my family that asked if I'd tried online dating, and I hadn't even thought of it. After a few conversations with a few different people, I accepted a request from another and began chatting. This one was different. We just seemed to click. We agreed to go on a date. I was thinking coffee, she was thinking dinner and a movie! We did dinner and a movie, and I'm so glad we did. Long story short, we have relived the same date a few times over the 4 years we've been together. We live together and we got married in October. We are so very happy, and my kids love her. We cannot thank Oasis enough for providing the service that brought us together.
Love at first sight
We fell in love on the spot. She is the love of my life and I am the love of her life. We plan to marry soon. She makes me so happy and just gets me. We do everything together and plan to spend the rest of our life's together. Oasis works guys give it a go. Thank you so much Oasis I have never been so happy.
I've found my soulmate
I was on and off Oasis, as I didn’t seem to be meeting the right people. I never thought in a million years I would meet the one online. This gorgeous guy seemed too good to be true, as he also wanted what I did, a serious relationship. We progressed from chatting online to Skype, he showered me in complements and we both decided to meet. It was love at first sight. We have spent a bit of time together and it’s an official relationship, he is very kind and respectful of me and I am so happy to have met him!