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Ideal Partner
After trying to find my ideal partner with no success, I decided to give Oasis a go recommended from a friend. I have met plenty of people through Oasis and became great friends to this day. After been on Oasis on and off, I decided to give it another go to see if I could find the partner of my dreams; and it didn't take long to connect with a match. From the first message there was an instant spark and after many phone calls, messages and a couple of dates; I can happily say that I have found my dream partner and looking forward to what the future holds. We were both about to give up on the search, but Oasis gave us an opportunity to meet and fill the voids that we had in our lives.
I have found my one, we have been together for almost four year and we are now engaged and we are so happy together! I love him so much! Thanks
Me and my Clark Kent
I had been on Oasis Dating for about 6 month's met a few guy's but didn't work out, I was about to give up when I thought to myself, what the hell, I’ll search one more time and there he was. This dark hired guy reminded me of Clark Kent! We got talking and soon after met. That was it a year later we got engaged, we have been together nearly 3 year’s!
Magnify the Lord together
I had been divorced for over 3 years and relocated to another state. As a committed Christian, I was taking time alone to heal and wait for God's direction in my life. About 6 months ago, I felt it was time to start praying about a man who would be my lifetime love. I began praying for a specific kind of man, also for another committed Christian and was not encountering that man in my everyday life so I took a chance and signed up for amorenlinea. With so many members, I was hopeful. After several unsuccessful communications, I spotted a very handsome man in another country who seemed to have much of what I was praying for so I sent him a hello. Little did I know that he was a new member and I was the first to contact him....and the last. We clicked very quickly, I have visited him in his country and we plan to marry close to the end of the year. Thank you amorenlinea for being the avenue that God used to bring me the love of my life!
True love
I met my husband on in 2010. I was just after friendship but we fell for each other and it has now been 6 years together and 4 year married. We have an amazing baby boy 10 months old, which is all thanks to this site.
The Love Of My Life!
I had been on 'Oasis' for over 6 years, had been on quite a few dates with women I met on here but nothing really eventuated. I felt like my disability was hindering my chance of finding that special someone. Doing one final scroll through who was online before deleting my account I saw her. Her profile picture wasn't anything fancy which gave me the impression of quite a genuine person. She was cute, tall, nerdy, shy and I needed to send her a request. She accepted and we chatted for a few hours. She didn't seemed phased by my spinal injury and the conversation flowed very naturally and without effort. I was smitten already! We spent 3 weeks chatting online before deciding we wanted to exchange numbers, 3 weeks after that we organised to have our first date. After hitting it off on the date neither of us wanted to leave, we were enticed by each other and slowly grew closer. Mid September 2014 I opened up to her and asked to be her 'boyfriend'! Being in our early 30's we giggled at the question as it felt very much like high school, and she very happily said yes. Fast forward to late June 2015, our wedding day! I couldn't believe I had finally met the woman of my dreams! She's quirky, sassy, cheeky, sweet, sincere, open, genuine, sexy, loyal, affectionate and still very cute. So here we are, early March 2016 and she keeps surprising me and making all my dreams come true. We just recently discovered that she is pregnant and I'm going to have my first child (her 2nd), I'm finally going to be a daddy! Thank you 'Oasis! Without you I would have never found the love of my life!