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Found the one!
I've dabbled on Internet dating sites from time to time and had some good dates and some bad; but after all my searching I didn't find my girlfriend, she found me. It worked right from the start! We both sent so much in every msg and it was barely 5 days chatting online before I gave her my number and she called the very next day. We dated for two weeks before deciding we like each other so much we had to be a couple! We just celebrated our 1 month anniversary like kids do! We already have plans for Christmas and everything we want to do in the New Year together! We make each other very happy! Thanks Oasis for making it easy for us to meet! All our friends were already married so it was hard going out socializing and meeting people the traditional way!
My first day!
My first day was over whelming, I didn't really understand what I should be doing to find love. However on that very day I met the man I am meant to be with for the rest of my life. He was kind to me, different. In fact the first time I spoke to him he gave me advice on how to use the app successfully. He was so kind and like no other man I've ever met. I'm so happy now 2 years later and an engagement ring sitting on my finger. Thank you!
Write a good profile!
So luckily, she didn't read my profile before we struck up a conversation. We talked, and talked, and talked, we talked a lot! But we had a lot in common and lots to talk about. Even though we both thought we would never date somebody with specific traits, the chemistry was perfect. And it’s been a strength of our relationship. We are planning to move in soon and every time I find out something new about her, I love her even more. But about the title, she said my profile was terrible. So make sure you try and not put people off. But start the conversation, and you will meet somebody. Good luck and thanks to Oasis, I have met my true love.
Happy Together
It was long distance love, he was on the Sunshine coast, and I on the Gold coast, he dared me to meet half way a month ago, one Saturday morning, and we hit it off straight away! We spent 4 hours having lunch and a long walk, to enjoy the views of the bush. We are still together and very happy.
Something amazing
My partner and I met on Oasis last November. We caught up went out for lunch and hit it off from there. It didn't start off great he didn't reply to me until 11pm at night and then I wouldn't reply to him until the next day. We exchanged phone numbers which made it easier for us. So much has happened since we met but it would never have happened if oasis didn't exist. We are now going onto one year together and so many other exciting things ahead thankyou Oasis for letting this happen.
Our unexpected fairytale!
He first sent me a request to be my friend, but along with the request was a personalised message. He basically told me to get off my high horse otherwise I will never find anyone decent with the attitude I got going on. I accepted him anyway and we started talking just for the laughs. Turns out, we actually have a lot in common. Like, A LOT. That was around May 2013, fast forward to over 2 years later, we have a beautiful 18-month-old daughter and we are happily engaged (recently actually, the same day we moved into our new home!!!) Yes, it all happened so fast, but we are both very much inlove and have never been happier. Our daughter is perfect. Our relationship is amazing. Our lives are perfectly right where we want it to be. And it all wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for his smart ass request to be my friend! Fairy tales do exist, sometimes you just find it from the most unexpected place.