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He first sent me a request to be my friend, but along with the request was a personalised message. He basically told me to get off my high horse otherwise I will never find anyone decent with the attitude I got going on. I accepted him anyway and we started talking just for the laughs. Turns out, we actually have a lot in common. Like, A LOT. That was around May 2013, fast forward to over 2 years later, we have a beautiful 18-month-old daughter and we are happily engaged (recently actually, the same day we moved into our new home!!!) Yes, it all happened so fast, but we are both very much inlove and have never been happier. Our daughter is perfect. Our relationship is amazing. Our lives are perfectly right where we want it to be. And it all wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for his smart ass request to be my friend! Fairy tales do exist, sometimes you just find it from the most unexpected place.
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