Why is my account under review?

Accounts are routinely put under review by our automated customer care system to help protect the community. Accounts that are under review are regularly checked by the staff who will make a decision on whether to re-activate the account or remove them.

When an account is under review you will not be able to contact other members. Also there will be a warning on your profile to let other members know your account is currently under review.

There are a number of reasons an account may be put under review including excess complaints, use of proxy, bad email addresses and inconsistent details.

The staff can not discuss the specific reasons why your account or another account is under review or why the review has been lifted.

It is very important that your profile location is correct. If you select a country for your profile that you are not currently in, then it is likely your profile will go under review. To resolve this issue, simply select the correct country.

If you believe you have done nothing wrong, and your profile is under review for over 24 hours then please contact us to resolve the issue.

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