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Our Happy Ending

My partner and I first connected on the 24th of November 2013. I was on here for a while and had just broken up with someone from here, so had been reluctant to start again. Taking things slowly we met for coffee on the 12th December 2013.

Since then he spent months pursuing me. I was scared to get into another relationship and after 2 months of dates and friendship we officially started dating 24th February 2014.

We spent heaps of time together before I realised I had met my perfect match. We got engaged on 17th August 2014 and will be getting married September 2015. Thanks Oasis!


Found true Love

I came across a guy from Port Talbot, Wales, we started talking on Oasis and after a while progressed to Facebook. I knew he was the one when I first saw his picture, our chat flowed and we both wanted the same things for the future.

We met and it was amazing, I now cannot imagine my life without him! We get on great with each other’s families and after 10 months we are talking about moving in together.

I’m glad I came I joined Oasis, I met my true love and I don’t know what I would do without him so thank you Oasis, you helped me find my true love and my soulmate.


Never ending

I was over the whole meeting guys at a club basically wasting money and time. So I gave Oasis a try. My luck wasn’t turning around, one bad mistake after another. Until I accepted a request from this down to earth cutie.

We chatted for hours and days on end until we finally arranged to meet for the first time. It was scary. He picked me up and we went for a casual drive, just chatting as if we had known each other for years.

I never believed in love at first sight nor finding love on the internet but both hit me like a ton of bricks.

After that night we just got closer and closer until he finally asked me out. It was great. We have had our ups and downs but 3 years later we have never been happier!

Thank you Oasis. If it wasn’t for you. We would not have met!


Like a dream!

So I saw him on the site during February 2012 he was tall and so handsome he knocked me for six.

The first date was amazing we just went for a quiet drink and ended up talking for five hours straight it was the best date I had ever been on he was wonderful to talk to and made me laugh the whole evening.

Our second date two days later was a movie and something to eat this time we ended up sitting and talking until the early hours of the morning. We have been inseparable ever since.

We moved in together in 2013 and got engaged two weeks ago it's been the best three years of my life all because of him. I found the love of my life he is my best friend and soul mate all rolled into one I can't wait to marry him next year and become his wife!


The One!

Finally think I have met the one! I have never been so happy and we hit it off right from the start. Things are going so good and our feelings are getting stronger as the days go on.

We have been together for 2 months now and I have honestly never been happier so thank you Oasis for finding my perfect Mr right!

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