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My heart skyped a beat

There's not a lot to this story we met on Oasis and she wasn't my usual type but when we started speaking that changed instantly.

I fell in love with her not just her looks but everything about her she gives me Goosebumps just talking and when she scrunches up her nose or pulls a funny face to me it sends my heart racing.

We have so much in common its quite scary to think that I may have just found my soul mate we are both huge fans of marvel our birthdays are a day apart we are both left handed and both enjoy archery as a hobby and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

I know right now you’re thinking so what they have things in common big deal but the fact that that they are uncommon commons is what's telling me I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman and here is the kicker we are going to meet for the first time tomorrow I’m travelling over 100 miles to meet my her after months of skyping.


My soulmate, best friend and lover

I received a contact request, this sounded like the guy I was looking for... but how many times had I thought that!

We met in November 2014 and we are so compatible in every way. Love each other to bits. May seem a bit quick but everything is just so perfect. If it wasn’t for Oasis I wouldn’t have met my soulmate, best friend and my lover. Just to say thank you.

There are serious people out there that want to find the ideal partner it just takes time to find the perfect one for you.


It finally happened...

After spending about 2 years on various internet dating sites and getting a real education on human behaviour, I gave up the idea of a serious relationship and was mainly looking for friendship when I started corresponding casually on Oasis with a nice man.

We first met on his birthday, 19 March 2011, exactly 4 years ago. As he says, I was his birthday present and he liked his present so much, he decided to keep it (me) for life.

Somehow everything was so natural, after 6 weeks we were living together. It seemed like we've known each other all our lives. It was like finding a missing piece.

We got married 4 months ago and we're looking forward to our happy future together, built on trust, friendship and love. We both very much appreciate this second chance in life.

So the lesson is boys and girls, never give up... it won't happen overnight, but it will happen!


Found my forever

After some rocky relationships that didn't work out I decided to take some time for myself and take a break in searching for 'the one''. After 12 months of the single life I decided to try Oasis.

Within 3 weeks I had contacted a fellow member as I was intrigued in what I read in his profile. Night after night for 4 weeks straight we were in constant contact, getting to know one another.

Eventually we decided to meet up. Even though we were so nervous and didn't know what to say to one another there was an instant connection. He expressed where he wanted the relationship to go and thankfully we both wanted the same things!

We have been going strong ever since and even though we've been together for little over 4 months it feels like a lifetime. Thank you oasis!! I have finally found 'the one' forever.


Bulmer66 meets Adventurine66 on Oasis

Chatting to Adventurine66 online I finally asked her if she would like to catch up for a coffee. To my delight she said yes and as the night was young met at a Hotel for coffee at 7pm.

Neither of us had had tea so I asked Adventurine66 if she would like dinner. After dinner we went to St Kilda and walked the streets which was buzzing with plenty of people and finally had our coffee.

Then we had a scenic bike ride, yep we were the passengers, which took in the sights of St Kilda along the beach through to Fitzroy St and back again. As the night was warm it was one to remember.

Then I took Adventurine66 back to her car which was parked in Epping and we talked and talked until morning then went and had pancakes and coffee for breakfast before going home. We have been seeing each other ever since.

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