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skyblue005, Male 59
About Me
I’m currently living the BEST chapter of my life!!! The older I get, the better it gets! The more I flow with life the more JOY, CONTENTMENT & FULFILLMENT I experience! I love to laugh & laugh often! And I love making people LAUGH. I try my best to fully experiencing everything that happens embracing the good & sad times, & everything in between! People tell me that I’m a very REAL, genuine, SINCERE, down-to-earth & FUN-LOVING person... I can be FUNNY & GOOFY, but also, SERIOUS & PHILOSOPHICAL. I enjoy having HEART-to-HEART talks, but I also love JOKING around & being PLAYFUL. I have a STRONG but GENTLE spirit... I stand up for what I believe, but I’m also very COMPASSIONATE & EMPATHETIC... I love being out-&-about and TRAVELING, but also enjoy staying HOME! I enjoy expressing myself, but I love LISTENING. I’m OUTGOING, but also INTROSPECTIVE. I've been told that I am a MULTIDIMENSIONAL & MULTIFACETED individual who also has great amount of DEPTH & BREATH to my dimensions & facets. You’ll have to judge this one for yourself. Fortunately, many years ago, I realized WHAT matters most in life is NOT what happens to me~ but HOW I choose to deal with the unfortunate things that sometimes happen...
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States